Survey Rocket - Mobile App

survey rocket mobile application
survey rocket mobile application

SuiteCRM Survey Rocket Mobile Application

Survey Rocket Mobile App is an add-on for SuiteCRM Survey plugin, Survey Rocket and works only along with it. This online survey mobile app makes surveys created through Survey Rocket available in the mobile device of your SuiteCRM users, who can take feedback directly from customers through the best mobile survey app.

Why Use Survey Rocket Mobile App?

Conduct One-to-One Surveys

Your sales or customers service representatives can open any of the surveys available in the survey mobile app and ask customers to take those surveys directly. This makes it easy to conduct one-to-one surveys for your customers.

Instant Feedback Analysis

Since the survey responses are directly fed in Survey Rocket app, your representatives don’t need to collate the data and feed them again in the system, a common problem with paper based offline surveys.

Conduct Offline Surveys

With customer survey mobile application you can ask customers to take surveys even if the app is not connected to internet. All the surveys conducted offline, can be easily synced with the CRM system once you are online again.

Survey Rocket Mobile App – Feature Highlights

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  • customer survey mobile app
  • survey rocket mobile application

View All Existing Surveys

  • Once you have logged into your account you can view the complete list of all the available surveys along with their details directly from the customer satisfaction survey mobile app.
  • Customize your surveys using the vast range of question types available in survey rocket and conduct as many surveys as you want with an intuitive interface of a single question per screen.

Conduct Surveys Offline

  • Easily conduct surveys even when you are offline directly from the survey mobile application. Along with this you can also view the total number of surveys conducted offline from the survey list. And you can synchronize them individually as well as well as together in just one click.
  • customer survey mobile application
  • online survey mobile app

Quick Search Option

  • Once you are logged into your account you don’t have to scroll through all the available surveys to get your desired survey. You can use the quick search bar and using keywords quickly get the survey you want.

Survey Mobile Reports

  • View multiple survey reports based on the responses using charts and tables. This includes Status report, question wise report and individual report for the survey responses collected through mobile application from your SuiteCRM.

Survey App Use Cases

customer feedback mobile app

On-Site Customer Feedback

Use an Android devices to get feedback from customers in person and get the data recorded in central database immediately, without any additional manual effort. Useful for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, multiplexes, banks or any establishment where direct customer interaction happens.

customer satisfaction survey mobile app

Capture Leads at Trade Shows & Events

Use any Android based smart phone or tablet to get people interested in your products or services to share their contact details and requirements. No paper based forms, no need for data entry from thousands of forms. Transfer leads generated immediately to your CRM!

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Conduct Primary Research

Conduct primary market research easily by giving participants a smart phone or tablet equipped with Survey Rocket App and recording their responses directly in the app. Useful for conducting face-to-face interviews, focus group research, etc. No need for any additional research tools.

healthcare survey mobile app

Healthcare Surveys

Healthcare institutions and professionals can conduct a multitude of surveys using Survey Rocket App - from patient visit surveys to patient satisfaction surveys to surveys for acquiring patient’s health information. Just provide your patients a compatible devise and get real time feedback.

education survey mobile app

Education Surveys

Survey Rocket app can be extremely beneficial for education professionals and can be a great teaching aid apart from a feedback mechanism. Teachers can conduct quizzes through the app. Administrators can get direct feedback from the teaching staff and from the parents during parent-teacher meets.

event survey mobile app

Event Surveys

Organizers of entertainment events, product launches or trade shows can get direct feedback from visitors in real time as they are experiencing the event and interacting with participants. Save valuable time on feedback organization and analysis required in paper based surveys.

employee survey mobile app

Employee Surveys

It can be a great tool for HR department of organizations for getting employee feedback regardless of whether they are in office or field. HR managers can also use an app enabled device to get secret feedback from employees on sensitive organizational issues.

customer survey mobile application

Conduct Polls

Survey Rocket Mobile App enabled devices can be provided in polling booths where users can come and cast their vote. Useful in any establishment or setting where a a single question needs to be answered by a fairly large number of people to make a decision.

Ways Of Data Collection

  • Inventory

    There is no need to waste time and effort over managing inventory with paperwork, clipboards and forms. Survey Rocket App will make it easy for you to take care of the entire inventory management process.

  • Managing Assets

    Having precise and systematized data is very important if you want to lessen the number of inspection and field visits for checking inventory. Through the Survey Rocket App, you will be able to manage your asset data effortlessly.

  • Field Data Collection

    Survey Rocket App enables you to collect data from anywhere at any time. You will also be able to quickly create a data collection survey/form which can be used by your team directly from the field.

  • Checklists

    Checklists help you keep a track of what tasks are done and when. Survey Rocket App makes sure that you undertake all the steps systematically every time and keeps your team informed about it.

  • Mobile Forms

    Using Survey Rocket App, you can create mobile forms easily. And you don’t need any programming knowledge for the same. You can also collect information from different places and execute it for your company.

  • Inspections

    Physical inspection becomes faster and easy with Survey Rocket App. You team members can conduct inspection of your facilities or warehouse anytime, anywhere and give their feedback through the app.

  • Field Service & Maintenance

    Survey Rocket App will make field service and maintenance easy. You service personnel can provide the service at the designated location and provide service delivery and customers confirmation directly from the field.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0 : June 28, 2017
  • SuiteCRM Survey Rocket Mobile App is Released.
  • Easy to Sync

    Using the app, you can directly ask your customer to take the survey even when your device is offline and later sync it with your CRM. I am totally loving this app.

    Martin Reed (Posted on February 19, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Easy to Sync

    Using the app, you can directly ask your customer to take the survey even when your device is offline and later sync it with your CRM. I am totally loving this app.

    Martin Reed (Posted on February 19, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Face to Face Surveys

    Face-to-face surveys have got easier with the app as any of my executives or I can take surveys directly from the app without having to work out manual paper work or emails. The process is really easy.

    Anthony Gleffe (Posted on December 14, 2017)
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  • Eases My Job

    Conducting surveys and getting feedbacks used to be a cumbersome process back then but this app has totally changed by attitude towards it. It’s super easy and convenient and you can prepare your surveys in your free time!

    Jessica Collin (Posted on October 10, 2017)
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  • Handy Product

    An app is always an easier option given that you can use it anytime, anywhere. The survey rocket app lets you create surveys from your mobile devices and get feedback from your customers directly through the app. A great product indeed.

    Debra Tully (Posted on August 4, 2017)
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