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suitecrm survey rocket plugin
suitecrm survey rocket plugin

An Intuitive Survey Plugin for SuiteCRM!

Entrepreneurs willing to enhance their current business or start with a new venture, need know about customer demands through surveys. Survey Rocket is a perfect solution for business owners who want to conduct online surveys through their SuiteCRM system. It is one of the best online survey tools that help you to create smart surveys in no time! With the facility of creating multiple surveys and provision of abundant functionalities, SuiteCRM Survey Plugin is sure to make a significant contribution to your business!

Why Should You Use Survey Rocket?


Data Piping

Move the CRM data easily and without any hassle to the surveys and pre-fill different survey fields. Also, update the CRM data based on the survey responses. Maximize the reply rate of your surveys by providing convenience with our SuiteCRM survey plugin.


Skip Logic

Change the course of your surveys depending on the answers of your responders making your surveys more applicable to the particular responder. Upgrade your surveys and make them intuitive with our CRM survey tool.


Net Promoter Score

Send out customer satisfaction surveys from Survey Rocket containing rating question type, scales, etc and calculate net promoter score to understand your customers and their views about your products.


Automated Surveys

Automate your process of conducting surveys by setting up a customized survey workflow using conditions and actions. The workflow will be set in motion as soon as the set condition gets fulfilled which will trigger a defined action.


Shareable Surveys

Don’t limit your targeted audience to a particular area or just to your CRM customer data. With our SuiteCRM survey model, you can create shareable surveys and open polls and share it across your defined customer demographics.


Advanced Statistical Reports

Unleash the power of data collected from the surveys with advanced statistical reports helping you make the sense out of your data. Now make swift and accurate decisions by properly interpreting the data from our reports.

Key Features











  •  Create Survey Templates
  •  Variety of Surveys
  •  GDPR Friendly Forms
  •  Multiple Question Types
  •  Enable Score Calculation
  •  Create Polls

Create an array of survey templates using SuiteCRM Survey Module. As soon as you create survey templates, you can make use of those templates to create surveys of different kinds as per your business requirements.

Create Survey Templates

It is possible to create different types of surveys – right from simple to complex, branched surveys as well as surveys with MCQs. Our Customer Survey Module for SuiteCRM comes with a user-friendly interface which enables you to create the survey of your choice with ease.

Variety of Surveys

You can make use of ready to send survey forms based on GDPR policy for your leads, contacts, and target modules. The fields of Survey forms available in SuiteCRM Survey Plugin are mapped to the Suite Modules. Hence, it is possible to get the consent of your customers through their responses and make changes in the records.

suitecrm customer survey

Survey Rocket provides the CRM owners with wide-ranging choice in question types. This comes of great help when they want to create surveys for understanding different prospects and their choices.

survey plugin for suitecrm

SuiteCRM Survey Module helps you to enable the scoring in your survey so that you can compute the scores and decide the course of action based on the results. You can use scoring for conducting tests or online quiz so that you can put a value to customer satisfaction.
You also get the feature to set the value of scores based on the choice of answer. Also, you can get the average score for every respondent for every question they have answered.

customer survey tool

Survey Rocket SuiteCRM Survey Plugin enables you to provide multiple answer types (checkboxes for multiple options, radio buttons for single options. Along with text options, you can also add images as options. In the instances wherein the respondents can respond multiple times, you can also allow multiple submissions.

customer survey software

  •  Branding
  •  Set Email Template
  •  Pre-built Questionnaires
  •  Choose an Attractive Themes
  •  Fully Customizable Welcome Page
  •  Fully Customizable Thank You Page
  •  Preview Survey before sending out
  •  Survey Background Image

Set the title of the survey, company logo and the description about your company based on your requirements.

suitecrm survey plugin

With the help of Customer Survey Module for SuiteCRM, you can create multiple email templates for a particular survey. It is also possible to customize the email template with the help of HTML editor support and define different elements of it.

suitecrm customer survey plugin

Our SuiteCRM Survey Module comes with industry specific questionnaire so that you can share the surveys based on your requirements and get reliable results that save your time.
Take the benefit of our completely customizable question templates. Edit questions as per your need or add new ones.

customer survey plugin

Make your surveys look professional by integrating the look and feel of your brand into your surveys. Our SuiteCRM Survey Plugin provides you with industry-based themes.

suitecrm survey builder

Our SuiteCRM Survey Module enables you to make a Welcome Page along with the survey in which you can write the description about the survey and provide instructions for the respondents. It is also possible for you to customize the page content with the help of in-built HTML Editor.

suitecrm survey module

Create a Thank You Page for every survey so that you can convey the survey respondents that the survey has ended. Feel free to add the content you want using the HTML Editor that the plugin comes with.

suitecrm questionnaire module

As soon as you have added questions, SuiteCRM Survey Module will provide you with a preview of the survey so that you can get an idea as to how the survey will look when your customer answers them.

survey tools for business

Make your surveys look attractive. You can put a dynamic background image on your survey based on your business theme. This remains as a background for your survey form.

Survey Background Image

  •  Pipe Data into Surveys
  • Pipe Data from Surveys
  •  Apply Skip Logic
  •  Use Custom SMTP to send Surveys
  •  Schedule Automated Surveys
  •  Easy Survey Translation

SuiteCRM Survey Module enables you to pre-fill survey fields with the CRM data you have. Not just that, you can also let your respondents make the necessary updates to the data. It is possible to pre-fill data into Survey from contacts, leads, accounts and targets module.

best online survey tools

This is contradictory to piping data into the survey. As a part of it, the responses that the survey takers get recorded and updated in the CRM database. You can use the collected responses to update your CRM data of leads, accounts, target, contacts. You can also create a new record in these modules with the responses.

customer satisfaction survey software

Customer Survey Module for SuiteCRM comes with the Skip Logic feature. It enables you to customize the survey depending on the respondent by applying the logic. Depending on the answer that your respondent gives, you can create branching logic and define the conditions of it.
When you apply skip logic, you can redirect a respondent to the page you want or to an external page. Moreover, you can also show and hide questions based on the response of your users.

employee satisfaction survey software

Using Custom SMTP, it is possible to send survey invitations through your SMTP email account. It enhances the deliverability of your survey invitations by keeping spam issues, email bounces and IP Blocks at bay.
Also, it is possible to send survey invitations in bulk and keep your IP address safe with the custom SMTP functionality.

crm survey software

Set up a workflow using different actions/conditions and send surveys automatically. The survey event will get triggered based on the conditions you set and the action you define will decide which survey gets sent to whom. Once the conditions meet, SuiteCRM Survey Plugin automatically sends surveys to chosen respondents.

crm survey module

Translate your surveys into the languages as defined in your CRM. The default survey languages becomes the default CRM language. The survey submission form comes with language dropdown so that you can select the language of your choice for the survey.

survey plugins for suitecrm

  •  Send Survey Anytime
  •  Resend Survey
  •  Attempt Survey through a quick email link
  •  Create Shareable Surveys
  •  Open Shareable Polls
  •  Send Automated Reminder Emails
  •  Export Survey Form as PDF / Word

Set the time and date of the survey with the help of SuiteCRM Survey Module. You can also send it based on your schedule – later or immediately. Go through the survey before you send it to your contacts.

best survey plugins

You can resend the survey to the selected respondents if/whenever you want. The survey givers can also request you to resend the survey.

crm survey tools

The survey will have an email including survey link and a request to submit the response. Also, you may allow respondents to unsubscribe from survey which will give you an idea about which respondents to approach for what.

suitecrm survey plugin

Make your surveys publicly shareable by generating a link through SuiteCRM Survey Module. When you share the link with others, it will also allow the person who is not your CRM user to answer the survey. When you open this shareable link, it will display the survey submission page.

best survey tools for business

Similar to surveys, it is possible to create shareable polls using SuiteCRM Survey Plugin which can be shared publicly by generating a link. When you share the link with others, it will enable the people who are not a part of your CRM to answer the poll. Once you open the shareable link it will directly show the page of poll submission.

suitecrm customer feedback

If you respondents do not fill the survey or provide the response to you in the provided time frame, you would be able to send the automated survey reminder email. Not just that, you would also be able to set the number of times you would like to send the reminder.

Send Automated Reminder Emails

Survey Rocket Customer Survey Module for SuiteCRM enables you to create smart survey forms and export them as word or PDF document. In case you want to conduct the conventional paper and pen surveys, you can also get printouts or send the soft copy via email.

Export Survey Form as PDF / Word

  •  Get Summary of Surveys
  •  View all survey transactions
  •  Status Report
  •  Question-wise Report
  •  Individual Report
  •  Search Survey Reports

Once you have sent a survey using SuiteCRM Survey Module, you can get an overview about the number of surveys you have sent including the list of customers to whom you sent the surveys and how many out of them responded.

crm survey plugin

Go through all the survey transactions in one place through Customer Survey Module for SuiteCRM. These transactions show the list of the surveys you have sent along with the score details, delivery status and parameters related to different modules.

suitecrm survey module

Know about the number of respondents that viewed your survey, the number that responded and the number of respondents that viewed but didn’t respond through the status report.

online survey solution

Through the question-wise report, you would be able to understand the mindset of your respondents behind a particular answer. You can know this by analyzing and understanding the answers they have given. Also NPS question response helps you to know the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

suitecrm survey plugin

Get an overview of all the survey responses given by a particular person through our SuiteCRM Survey Plugin. Also you get to track time spent on survey by each individual. This individualistic information will enable you to understand the psyche of a particular contact. You can sort the individual report by different fields including name, module, submission type as well as the date on which the survey was sent and submitted.

best online survey tools

Find reports using different parameters like status, name, or module type using our SuiteCRM Survey Module. Using filtered search, you can save a lot of your time and efforts and get precise reports. You can also export the reports in Grid and CSV formats.
Our survey reports are divided into 3 sections based on the type of submission. This includes public surveys (shareable link based), email surveys (shareable link based) as well as combined surveys (both shareable link and email)

crm survey software

How to install


Purchase the Plugin and Upload the Zip File

Login into your Suite Admin Panel and upload the zip file using Module Loader


Install the Plugin in your CRM

Install Survey Rocket in Your SuiteCRM


Configure the Plugin

Go to your Suite Admin Panel and Validate your License and other module configurations

Points to Note

  • Users have to create separate Email-template for each targeted modules (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Prospects and Users) to send email Survey to the targeted customers.
  • Few minutes delay is possible during the Immediate Send survey feature.
  • After sending the survey, users can not edit the survey pages.
  • SuiteCRM Compatibility

    7.4.* to 7.11.1

Secure & Stable



Lifetime Updates


Lifetime Support


Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial Available
Starts at $1899/ Year
Customer Reviews
  • Extremely functional!

    This has changed everythinng. I get insights that I need at regular intervals and it is simple to use!

    Graeme (Posted on March 6, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great Plugin

    We have been using the SuiteCRM Survey Rocket Plugin for over a year now, and the product works well, but more importantly, support is always quick, competent and courteous. This is a great plugin supported by a great team, definitely recommended.

    Muhammad Ali Abbasi (Posted on February 22, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Happy Customer

    I am happy with the product. It has nice features which helps you setup excellent surveys to know about your customer demands. No malfunctioning detected in the past 6 months that I've been using it.

    Mark Morgan (Posted on February 19, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Important Tool

    It’s an important tool for your CRM as customer surveys hold a very important role in deciding business processes and choices. Moreover, the product has all the features that requires it to be an efficient tool for the job.

    Paul Matthews (Posted on December 15, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Best Tool

    One of the best tools available to hold customer surveys though your SuiteCRM system. I am using it for quite some time now and will recommend it to fellow users.

    Duncan Strike (Posted on October 10, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • A perfect survey solution

    If you are looking for a survey solution for Suitecrm, there’s nothing like survey rocket. It made extremely easy for me to create surveys and polls. Everything looks must systematized now. Thank you AppJetty!

    Thomas Tucker (Posted on August 17, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Saves money

    In my opinion, survey Rocket is one of the best online survey tools based on SuiteCRM. And thanks to its compatibility with SuiteCRM, I didn’t have to spend on any 3rd party integration. I really like it.

    Austin Washington (Posted on June 2, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Glad I invested in Survey Rocket

    Survey Rocket is truly one of a kind. It is a perfect suitecrm survey builder when you want to send surveys to the right people at the right time. Also you get real time feedback for the surveys that are filled.

    Parker Webb (Posted on March 30, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Simple and effortless

    Before I bought suitecrm customer survey plugin, the procedure of conducting surveys and collecting data was very lengthy and cumbersome. Thanks to this extension, I can streamline all the survey related tasks in the most effortless way.

    Adam Olson (Posted on January 31, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Cost-effective

    Surveys if done manually through phone calls and other mediums are not only expensive but extracting information from them and creating a report is much more cumbersome and prone to errors. SuiteCRM survey rocket like the name suggests, does everything from creating to analyzing with a rocket speed!

    Charlie Castillo (Posted on November 18, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Thumbs up!

    It helps your business get first hand information from your customers which helps you improve and create better shopping experience for your customers. SuiteCRM with survey rocket in simple terms can be understood as an icing on the cake.

    Tyler Mendoza (Posted on September 9, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Creative

    It helped my store immensely by creatively letting us create surveys for repeat customers. After SuiteCRM, the relationship of my store with its customers has grown significantly and by adding on Survey Rocket, the distance has further reduced.

    Aaron Woods (Posted on July 27, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Building Surveys Rapidly

    A powerful online survey solution on SuiteCRM, helped me design custom surveys for my widest customer reach. It has resulted in a better customer response. Indeed a worth trying solution.

    John Graham (Posted on May 14, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This

    This plugin has lot of cool features and you can send all types of surveys with this. I would highly recommend it.

    Mason Williams (Posted on March 28, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This

    I wasn't sure if making an investment for a survey tool was worth it, specially when lot of free options are available. But after going through the live demo I was convinced I should buy it.

    Liam Johnson (Posted on February 16, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This

    If you are in search of an online survey tool then I would totally recommend this plugin! The developers helped me install it and now it's working smoothly.

    Noah Smith (Posted on January 4, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • GOOD Survey Tool

    Nice plugin with good performance. It offered me very good user experience.

    Eva Kramer (Posted on October 23, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This

    This plugin has been a very useful addition to my SuiteCRM installation. I send surveys regularly and get rich feedback from my contacts.

    Vince Janssen (Posted on October 15, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Very nice

    Nice plugin with seamless performance. Love the way it functions! Every store owner must install it for triggering their sales!

    John Scott (Posted on October 7, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Helpful

    This is a good and helpful plugin that helped me to reduce the gap between my business and my customers. Very helpful, I must say!

    Greg Elkin (Posted on October 1, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Now, I know my customers better

    This plugin helped me know my customers through the questionnaire I sent them. I made some changes in my store and found it beneficial for generating revenue. Great plugin, go for it!

    Aisling Breen (Posted on September 27, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great solution!

    With the help of this plugin I can now know my customers better. Nice concept that helped me increase my sales.

    karl Byrne (Posted on September 20, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Nice and advantageous

    Liked the idea of knowing the customers by asking them question through the survey. Amazing solution for reducing the buyer seller gap.

    Adam Masterson (Posted on September 5, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Helpful in sales enhancement

    This plugin is the best solution for knowing customers closely. It is simple and useful plugin tool with extraordinary performance.

    Jesse Johnson (Posted on August 23, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Best way to know customers

    This plugin has increased my sales tremendously. With the surveys created by this plugin, I can know my customers better with their responses. I offer the services and products they expects and thus they get to avail the best shopping experience.

    Bill Gross (Posted on August 17, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Perfect for Generating Desired ROI

    Knowing customers has becoming very easy since I implemented this plugin. Prior to introducing any new strategy, I now take the suggestions and feedbacks from my customers. Offering them what they exactly want, makes them feel valuable. Thus ROI also increases notably.

    Matt Perrin (Posted on August 5, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Fabulous

    I didn’t know this plugin would be so helpful. I created the survey to know my customers and I received the exact result I expected. Now I know my customers better, as this plugin has helped me understanding their requirements and serving the products they desire.

    Margaret Kinskey (Posted on July 30, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Perfect

    It is the perfect plugin for reducing the buyer seller gap and helped me generate desired revenue and avail popularity.

    Seamus Sheridan (Posted on July 9, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Quite Satisfied

    I would like to recommend this CRM plugin not just because I have received success, but there are many other benefits like you got to know your customers well, know what they like and what they dislike, what they expect etc. To reduce the buyer-seller gap, you should surely try this once.

    Damon Frain (Posted on June 2, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Very Effective

    I made a simple questionnaire just to get a clear idea about my customers’ likes and dislikes, and you won’t believe, I received tremendous response through the survey I conducted. I implemented the changes demanded by my customers and received desired profit.

    JD Pepper (Posted on May 26, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend This

General FAQs

  • Is Survey Rocket like other online survey tools?

    We would not want to compare Survey Rocket with any other online survey solution, simply because only Survey Rocket is built for SuiteCRM and others are not. If you have to use any general online survey tool with SuiteCRM you will not only have to purchase that tool's subscription but also another third-party integration solution, just to integrate the survey tool with SuiteCRM. As you can understand, this is not only costly and messy, but also exposes your customer database to security risks. Even though the features are comparable to any good survey tool, Survey Rocket is unique in its own way.

  • I want to use the plugin on more than one domain. How can I do so?

    With our single domain purchase license, we allow 2 domains: One for test domain and another for live. If you want to enable our plugin on more than one live sites, then please purchase the plugin for additional domains. You can review the pricing on our plugin page under section "I Have One CRM Installation With".

  • Do you provide demo?

    Yes, demo is worth a thousand words. You can view the demo details and video on our store page.

  • Do I get the upgraded version as and when released?

    Yes, as it is a subscription based plan, you can have the upgraded version as and when released.

  • Do you provide installation service?

    Yes, the subscription cost includes the installation service.

  • Can you customize the plugin as per my need?

    Yes, we can surely customize the plugin as per your need. You can email you customization request to to receive the quote.

  • Is it possible to opt for a monthly subscription plan and then update to yearly plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan from monthly to yearly once your current subscription is over.

  • Do you provide sample data?

    Yes, the plugin will include several survey templates for immediate use.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can go through our refund policy at We stand behind the quality of our plugins with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Technical FAQs

  • I entered the correct license key but it still says "License validation failed...". What to do?

    Our license key works on the site URL entered in the config.php file (this file is available in the root directory). So, if the URL provided to us and the site URL does not match, then the license key validation fails. You can contact us on live chat or generate a ticket to change the URL if required.

  • Can I create multiple surveys using the same survey template?

    Yes, you can create multiple surveys using the same template. When you create, a survey using a template it gets saved as a separate survey in the survey module.

  • Can I resend a survey to a respondent?

    Yes, you can resend the survey to a respondent from the Individual Report, where you will find a resend button against all survey submissions. A respondent can also request to attempt the survey again.

  • Can I make a question compulsory?

    Yes, you can make a question compulsory by marking it as “Is required” from the Advanced Options tab.

  • Can the respondents be redirected to any web page?

    Yes, there is an option to enter the "Redirection URL" in the Advance options of survey. So once the respondent submits the survey, they will be redirected to the given URL.

  • Can I attend survey on behalf of my prospects?

    Yes, in the survey submissions subpanel, an option to Attend Survey is provided using which you can attend the survey on behalf of your prospects.

  • What is survey resubmission count?

    This count can be provided for each survey. The survey recipient can re-submit the same survey as per the count.

  • What is the difference between survey template and actual survey?

    A Survey Template is a set of questions, also known as a survey questionnaire. You can create multiple survey templates depending on the nature of the survey. It is a faster way to create surveys as you have the pattern ready. The actual survey has its own configuration along with the questionnaire.

  • What kind of questions does it support?

    The survey can have scaling, date/time, matrix grid, checkbox, radio button, textbox, comment box, rating, contact information, embed image/video, drop down and multi-select question types.

  • Do you provide themes for survey?

    Yes, we have included themes for every business type.

  • I have created a survey but am unable to send. Any clue?

    Make sure that an email template is created for the survey to be send and the survey link is inserted in the email template. Also, check your SMTP settings.

  • Is this plugin capable of displaying questions based on previous answer?

    Yes, Survey Rocket is very much capable of fulfilling this requirement.

  • Will it allow to associate a value to the options?

    Yes, the score calculation feature allows to associate both positive and negative values to the options of checkbox, radio button, drop down and multi-select question types.

  • I want to send surveys automatically based on a particular event to specific users. Can your plugin do this?

    Yes, the Survey Automation feature can automatically send survey based on the defined survey execution flow. When the conditions are met, the survey will be automatically sent to the chosen respondents.

  • Is there a way to see the entire history of surveys sent at one place?

    Yes, the Survey Transaction allows to view all the surveys sent at one place along with their mail delivery status, score details and module related parameters.

Change Log

Version: 4.0 : March 16, 2019


    Survey Rocket Ultimate

  • Allow user to restrict attachment file size and file extension in attachment question.
  • Now users will see the Report structure differently in Question Wise Report i.e. the charts and the data table will be in max length view.
  • User can see the data in different charts as well in Question Wise Report.
  • User can filter the data by Global Filter in Question Wise and Individual Report.
  • User can see the trend report of the submissions in Status and Question Wise Report.
  • User can see statistics of the submitted data in Question Wise Report.
  • Users can see shortcut buttons for Analyse Report and Preview of survey in Survey module Listview.
  • Survey Rocket Pro & Basic

  • Now users will see the Report structure differently i.e. the charts and the data table will be in max length view.
  • Users can see shortcut buttons for Analyse Report and Preview of survey in Survey module Listview.
Version: 3.3 : November 28, 2018


    Survey Rocket Ultimate

  • Addition of NPS and Emoji Question types
  • Allow user to upload images as options in radio button and checkbox question type.
  • Users can track time spent by an individual on survey.
  • Survey Rocket Pro & Basic

  • Addition of Emoji question type.
  • Allow user to upload images as options in radio button and checkbox question type.
Version: 3.2 : September 25, 2018


  • Fix design related issues in mobile and web.
  • Fix Datetime question type validation issue from Survey Form.
  • SMTP Setting UI changes.
  • Fix Numeric and Decimal Text field validation issue from Survey Form.
  • Fix Datetime timezone issue on survey form submission.
Version: 3.1 : April 19, 2018


  • GDPR based surveys templates
  • Privacy consent checkbox
  • Automated survey reminder for pending submissions
  • Survey automation enhancements
  • Option to download survey Form as PDF / Word
  • Option to automate survey based on Date Trigger
  • New Question Component: Boolean, Attachment, Rich Textbox and other advanced component
  • Survey theme background image support
  • Survey footer with dynamic content
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.1
  • Bugfixes
Version: 3.0 : March 1, 2017


  • Data-Piping
  • Poll within survey module
  • Multi Language Support for Survey
  • Open ended survey
  • Some value added features
Version: 2.1 : September 19, 2016


  • Added scoring feature in surveys.
  • Added skip logic functionality.
  • Added “Survey Automation” module.
Version: 2.0 :July 4, 2016


  • Added attractive themes for survey.
  • Added pre-defined survey templates.
  • Added new question types: Matrix, Date & time, Scale, Video and Picture.
  • Added “Advance settings” for configuring questions while building the Survey.
  • Added charts for question-wise report.
  • Added daily trend chart for survey submissions in status report.
Version: 1.4 : May 11,2016


  • Resolve issue for big data
  • Bug fixing in reporting.
  • Fixing Survey with Special issue.
Version: 1.3.2 : April 5,2016


  • Resolve issue of mutiple rating type question in one Survey
Version: 1.3.1 : April 1,2016


  • Send Survey using Scheduler
  • Compatible with 7.5.* and above
  • Minor Bug Fix
Version: 1.2.1 : July 27, 2015


  • Removed custom .htaccess file.
  • Resolve Admin module files overwrite issue.
  • Moved the scheduler to Ext to prevent file overwrite of _AddJobsHere.php.
Version: 1.2.0 : July 7, 2015


  • Added Rating datatype.
  • Add Thanks mail.
  • Design change in Individual Report and add Search functionality.
Version: 1.0 : May 16, 2015


  • SuiteCRM Survey Rocket is Release.