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Skip Logic in Surveys

Create a personalized survey experience for your customers.

What is Advanced Skip Logic?

Make your surveys short, crisp, and engaging with Skip logic, also known as ”branching logic”, “conditional survey questions”. Take your customers to a certain path, depending on the answer they give to a previous question. You can even go deeper and add multiple tiers using skip logic branching. Define rules for the survey and easily create a custom skip pattern.

How Skip Logic Survey Makes Surveys Interesting

Suppose, the first question of the survey is “Have you purchased from our summer collection?”. This question can go either of two ways: “Yes” or “No”. And the skip logic comes in action. If the customer responds with a “Yes”, then only he’ll be shown the next question which is “What did you purchase?”. And for the customers who respond with a “No”, will be asked question “Will you like to browse our Summer Collection?”. You can also create a survey pattern with skip logic. This way your surveys get a better response rate and the customers get delighted as well.

Benefits of Skip Logic

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Make surveys interesting to customers with less, to the point, and specific questions of their interest.

Increased Response Rate

Increased Response Rate

The shorter the survey, the better the response rate. Increase the survey completion rates by Applying Skip Logic.

Accurate Analysis

Accurate Analysis

With relevant questions and higher response rates, you get precise data to drive your analysis in the right direction.

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