Support Policy

You are requested to go through our Support Policy before initiating any complaint.

It can be difficult to work around extensions of different technologies. So if you have a difficulty related to a particular technology, we would advise not to come up with a support ticket. You can visit the official website of that specific technology and find all your answers related to that technology.

  1. General Guidelines

    1. 1.1 Issues Due To Version Change

      We understand that there can be issues due to the version change of a particular technology. It is often observed that whenever there are such upgrades, its structure goes through drastic changes and can lead to destroying your extension. During such times, we will try our best to help you at the earliest. However, it takes longer than expected sometimes. So we would request you to be patient and wait until we get to the bottom of the problem and fix the issue.

    2. 1.2 Secure Credential Management

      AppJetty Support team might ask for FTP and Admin Panel details from you. We ask for these details as we need to go through your product (extensions/add-ons) to understand, identify and find a solution to your problem. During such times, we would want you to trust us as we have been working with the customer service industries for over a decade and maintain good records. Your data remains absolutely confidential and we never share your details with anyone at any point of time.

      Once we close your request, we completely delete the records of your credential from our database.

    3. 1.3 Chargeable Support Services

      For any further support, you can refer to our support page from here. There’s no free support for customizing our product to make it compatible to your business needs. So for a support of such nature would be chargeable.

      When there is a bug, error, flaw or failure in your live system and it leads you to get an unexpected result, we consider it as the error of AppJetty. We resolve it free within our standard support. However, if the bug is not because of AppJetty and is a technology bug or the standard support period has expired; then we would charge a fee to fix that error, failure, mistake or bug.

    4. 1.4 Issues Faced During The Purchase

      Payments made on could sometimes fail or remain in a pending stage.

      Payments Could Fail Due To The Following Reasons:
        1. You accidentally entered incorrect credit/debit card details like name on the card, card number, CVV, 3D secure PIN and expiry date. In case of an American Express card, your transaction could fail if your billing address pincode is incorrect.
        2. The card details you provided are no longer valid or need to be updated.
        3. Your bank is going through an outage.
        4. You accidentally closed/refreshed the page or pressed backspace while the transaction was being processed by your bank.
        5. The connection between and your Bank failed due to some technical issues and the transaction couldn't be completed.
    5. Your card may be blocked for online transactions.
        1. You might be using a card that is not accepted on currently.
    6. In any of the above cases, you may get in touch with our Support team for the reversal of your Payment. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with your bank or payment provider and request for the reversal.
    7. Note: If your payment is still processing, you will see a "We haven't received payment confirmation from your bank or credit card yet". In such cases, do not attempt paying a second time unless you're sure that your payment failed. If you accidentally pay twice, we'll refund your extra payment within a few days.

      AppJetty Support team will ensure that your money is not withheld at our end and will provide support in getting your withheld money back into your account. In case you wish to proceed with your purchase, you may require to initiate the transaction again in most such occurrences.

      If you want support from us or need to report bugs, feel free to email us at [email protected], and we will help you resolve the problem at the earliest. AppJetty processes weekend emails on the next Monday (GMT+5:30) at the beginning of the week. We get back to the emails with our replies within 48 hours. However, it might take longer than that if we are backlogged. So we request you to have patience and we’ll definitely get back to you.

    8. 1.5 Before Reporting A Bug Or A Query

      We might not be able to answer "How Do I…?" extension/addon/plugin customization question. So (extensions/modules) customization questions. If you need help with customizing and modifying your product, we would request you to visit the Developers’ community or Community Forum of that particular technology wherein other customers offer help and feedbacks.

      We request you to read the ‘User Manual’ of each of our extensions and plugins and also find the link to the documentation and video tutorial for each one of them. (if available) For more questions, you can visit the FAQs page related to each product and it is sure to help you.

  2. Support for Magento Products

    1. Our Magento products are fully compatible with Magento Community edition for Magento 1 & Magento 2 specifically and latest publicly launched versions.
    2. Our Magento 2 products can be installed using the composer as per the Magento 2 Standards and approved by the Marketplace as well.
    3. Our products will work on default Magento structure and default theme perfectly. We do provide installation services for our extension(s) at an additional fixed cost. While carrying out the installation of our extension on your store and add compatibility with the default Magento theme. If there is any third-party extension or custom theme installed on your store which conflicts with our product then we do provide service to make them compatible at an additional cost.
    4. If you want to upgrade the products after any new release and you have done any specific customization or changes in old version already then you can ask us to upgrade the product with the new release and transfer the previous customization with some additional cost. We would strictly recommend to get in touch with us prior to updating our extensions if you have made any customization whatsoever.
  3. Support for WordPress Products

    1. Our plugins are fully compatible with Community and WooCommerce community.
    2. Our CRM Portals are not compatible with platform.
    3. Our plugins will work default WordPress structure and any default theme perfectly. We do provide installation services for our extension/plugin at an additional cost in which we will make the extension/plugin compatible with the default WordPress theme. If there is any third-party plugin or custom theme installed on your website, which conflicts with our plugin then we do provide service to make them compatible at an additional cost.
    4. If a third-party services updates their version/API and it affects the existing features of the plugin, we will:
      1. Provide a free update (depending on the release schedule)
      2. Provide paid support if you need it on urgent basis
    5. If our plugin does not work for the latest version of WordPress/Woocommerce, we will make the plugin compatible at no additional cost.
    6. In the event of any customization present in your existing plugin, we would strictly recommend you to get in touch with us prior to installing the automated updates. We would need to manually configure these updates due to the customization present at an additional cost.
  4. Support for Odoo Products

    1. Our Odoo Apps are fully compatible with Odoo Community & Odoo Enterprise (on-premise).
    2. Our Odoo Apps are compatible with Odoo.SH, however, if the SH platform imposes any restrictions on our apps that affects the functioning of our app, we are not liable to provide free support for such issues.
    3. Our Odoo Apps are not compatible with Odoo Online (SaaS) as the Odoo Online platform does not allow installation of third-party applications.
    4. If you use any of our app/theme that connects to a third-party service/app (marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, payment gateways etc.) and you face an issue that results due to the third-party service/app, we will attempt to fix such issues only if feasible and under our paid support services.
    5. If a third-party services updates their version/API and it affects the existing features of the app, we will:
      1. Provide a free update but a time of our choice
      2. Provide paid support if you need it on urgent basis
    6. If our app does not work for the latest sub-version of Odoo (e.g., 11.X), we will make the app compatible at no additional cost.
    7. If you want to upgrade the app to a newer Odoo version (e.g., Odoo 12, 13), you can request us to do that. If and when we decide to upgrade the app for all customers, you will get a free upgrade.
  5. Our Free Support Services do not include the following:

    1. Installation of the purchased extension (Chargeable)
    2. Compatibility check between the technology and other software packages
    3. Integration of the purchased products
    4. Error correction caused during buyer installation
    5. Error correction caused during buyer software upgrade
    6. Modules/themes customization
    7. Product integration troubleshooting
    8. Performance optimization and tuning
    9. Third-party developer’s consultation
    10. Product version update with different module or theme
  6. Before You Submit A Ticket, Always Remember To:

    1. Share your order ID
    2. Share your website URL
    3. Mention the name of the product
    4. Share details about the Product Version
    5. Provide as much information as possible about your issue
    6. Provide screenshots of the error(s)
    7. If you have installed other extensions, mention about them
  7. Customization Terms & Conditions

    1. Customization will remain the same as discussed, excluding any further changes or additional changes. Any such changes will be considered as a new project and will be quoted separately.
    2. All types of customization support will be available for one month only, which starts from the date of delivery of the project. For further support you must extend the support period, which will attract additional cost.
    3. Customization cost will not include any existing extension installation or exchange of the extension (if it’s not quoted in the project cost).
    4. During project customization, it is suggested not to edit or change any of the files and keep the backup with you in case you make any changes in the files/folder/database/setting and do inform us (if we’re working on the project or if your support period has not lapsed).
    5. If during/after the customization you change the template and if things go wrong we will not be responsible for this.
    6. All the communication will take place through email. We can discuss on skype once in week or month (we don’t encourage screen sharing and remote desktop) if need be.
    7. Customization cost will not include any free consulting outside the scope of the project.
    8. In case you make any changes by yourself or by your team and it goes then we will not be responsible for that even during support period of the module or project.

Kindly note that we are unable to provide support through remote desktop or screen sharing means. In order for us to resolve your queries, we would kindly request you to share the required login details to provide access. You may choose to create a temporary password to provide this access.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime during the live chat. If you have any issue pertaining to the module or any technical query, feel free to write to us - [email protected]. In case of a detailed query pertaining to the cost of customization or any other sales related inquiry, get in touch with us anytime - [email protected].

You can initiate live chat with us during the below given hours:

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (GMT + 5:30)

In case we do not respond promptly on the chat, please leave us a message or email us and we’ll get back to you.

We have the rights to bring changes to the above-given Support Policy without any prior notice.

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