Develop Custom Dynamics 365 Plugins

Develop Custom Dynamics 365 Plugins

Help businesses utilize Dynamics 365 effectively with custom Dynamics 365 plugins. Leverage our 7+ years of experience in Dynamics 365 plugin development and transform businesses into successful enterprises.

Dynamics 365 Plugin Development

Upscale the efficiency and performance of organizations with our custom Dynamics 365 plugin development. Our custom plugins are known for boosting the performance of software solutions as well as the productivity of business operations. Take advantage of our years of experience of plugin development in Dynamics 365 to develop top-notch custom plugin solutions. We have a pool of skilled developers who are adept in handling all the complex requirements for custom Dynamics 365 plugin development and integration with Dynamics 365.

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create various segments of your business. It works as both a CRM and ERP cloud-based solution that assists you to strengthen different verticals in your organization such as marketing, sales, logistics, customer relationship, etc. Microsoft Dynamics development enables you to customize the CRM as per your business requirements. This empowers you to meet specific needs of different business segments and offer highly personalized services.

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Our Dynamics 365 Plugin Development Services

Assist businesses to use Dynamics 365 plugins effectively by leveraging our top-notch custom Dynamics 365 plugin development services.

Custom Plugin Development

Get a custom plugin developed that fulfills all your complex business needs. Our years of experience in Dynamics 365 plugin development make us the perfect fit for custom plugin development in Dynamics 365.

Plugin Maintenance Services

We offer comprehensive plugin maintenance services that include version maintenance, feature upgrades, compatibility management, yearly & quarterly health checks of the plugin, etc.

Compatible with Online and On-premise

We provide support for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 plugins that are compatible with both online and on-premise versions. We also help to get your plugins migrated from on-premise to online or vice-versa.

White Label Solutions

We offer plugin development services with white-labeled versions of solutions for your business. Here, you will have complete ownership of the IP and copyrights of the plugin.

Data Integration Services

Securely integrate third-party data with our plugins and get it managed within the plugin with our data integration services for any API-driven data, accounting, etc.

Hear it From Our Customers

February 25, 2022

Mark Humphreys

We were able to customize the calendar to suite our needs. The Visual color coded system works well for our multiple team structure. This has simplified our teams travel and activity tracking.

May 22, 2019


Amazing plugin to manage all the day-to-day activities. The best thing is that you can have an overview of the activities of all your team members.

February 15, 2018

Mark Allen

The plugin in an efficient tool to integrate with your Microsoft CRM as the features let you manage your store functions in a much organized way and most importantly in a timely fashion.

We Offer More than a Custom Solution

Choose from our pre-existing Dynamics 365 Plugins. We have built it considering the business requirements and market trends. Our plugins are rich in features and compatible with online and on-premise versions. Developed by certified Microsoft plugin development partners, our plugins are super flexible. Our Dynamics 365 plugins help you streamline business processes and contribute to business success.

We offer many paid Microsoft 365 plugins. You can obtain Dynamics 365 extensions, apps, add-ons, and plugins that cater your business needs.

Here’s the list of our most popular Dynamics 365 plugins.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Requirement Gathering

    After the signup, we meet with our clients, discuss their requirements and identify what we can do for them/offer them.

  • Cross-Checking With Our Existing Solution

    We cross-check the clients' requirements with our existing solution and analyze the customizations required.

  • Designing and Development

    We create prototypes and wireframes of the store. Once finalized, we start with the development process, focusing on the complexity of the functionalities.

  • Give Iterative Updates

    During the development process, we keep clients informed about the progress.

  • Test Limitations

    After the extension is developed, we test it rigorously to ensure it’s bug and error-free.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We provide round-the-clock support along with migration, maintenance, and regular updates.

Why is AppJetty the Right Dynamics 365 Plugin Development Partner?

We combine your needs with our industry and market expertise of 16+ years to develop a custom solution tailored to your business.

We understand your requirements, analyze the solution, put together a team, and build a robust solution that aligns with your business goals. You also get:

  • Certified Microsoft plugin development partners
  • In-Depth Analysis of Requirements
  • Quality Solution
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Post Delivery Support
  • Timely Updates

Still Have Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Still Have Doubts?

We know that every project is different. But, we have tried our best to answer the most commonly asked questions here. Check it out. If you can’t find the answer to your query, shoot us an email or contact us.

Why choose us for Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugin development?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for custom Dynamics 365 plugin development such as:

  • - 7+ years of experience in custom Dynamics 365 plugin development
  • - We are Certified Microsoft plugin development partners
  • - We deliver top-notch custom plugins to businesses hailing from diverse industries
  • - You get the complete ownership of copyrights and IP of the plugin
Can you help me with custom Microsoft Dynamics plugin development?

Yes, we have a pool of experts that can offer you custom Dynamics 365 plugins. Our team will be there to help you out at every stage of Dynamics 365 plugin development. Just share your requirements with us to get started.

Will I need to sign NDAs and SLAs with your company?

We comply with all the rules and regulations of the market. We sign NDAs and SLAs with our clients which offers complete transparency and confidentiality.

What will be the cost of Dynamics 365 plugin development?

The cost of Dynamic 365 plugin development entirely depends on your requirements. Our team will first understand your requirements and then come up with a detailed plan including the overall cost.

How much time will it take to develop a custom Dynamics 365 plugin according to my needs?

This totally depends on plugin requirements. First, we understand the requirements and then provide you with an estimated delivery time. However, this estimated time can vary subject to changes in business requirements.

Which software development model do you use for plugin development?

Our choice for the software development model depends on your project requirements. We follow various software development models like Agile, Rapid prototyping, Iterative, Waterfall, etc.

Which industries do you have experience working with?

In the span of 16 years, we have delivered custom Dynamics 365 plugins for various industries. Following are some of industries we have worked with:

  • - Retail and eCommerce
  • - Healthcare
  • - Logistics
  • - Travel and Hospitality
  • - Human Resources
  • - Education
Will you provide me with maintenance and support?

Yes, we will offer periodic support and maintenance, ensuring that all the custom Dynamics 365 plugins work seamlessly, are bug-free, and are devoid of any technical issues.