Advanced Data Piping in Surveys

Advanced Data Piping in

Conduct surveys smartly with precise data for increased response rates.

What is Advanced Data Piping?

Send surveys with pre-filled CRM data in your surveys with Data Piping. It also lets you map other CRM fields into the survey. Send surveys consisting of CRM data to provide better survey experience.

It works in two ways:

  • Forward Piping:

    You can fetch data from your CRM to the surveys and send them to responders. Best when conducting surveys where users have to fill in their details including email id, customer number, address, and so on.

  • Backward Piping:

    Here, any changes made in the existing survey data by responders during the survey gets piped back into your CRM customer data. Along with that, it also helps in adding the new customer data to the CRM.

Advanced Data Piping in Surveys

Benefits of Data Piping

Contract Based Rates

Saves Time

It shortens your survey as your customers fill only required fields/questions. Provides you insightful information to streamline your services in lesser time.

More Options

Ready-to-use Information

Data piping works with CRM survey tools. This means, once the survey is completed, you can easily pipe back the received data into your CRM for further use.

Fully Customizable

Enhanced Customer Experience

By providing them with the ease of updating their data, you add points for yourself. Get seen as someone who cares & where customers keep coming back.

Ready to Send Your Survey?

Survey Rocket is a ready-to-integrate CRM Survey extension. A must-have powerful extension for Sugar & Suite CRM. Its Data Piping feature would fetch your CRM data into the survey which you can send to your customers. It has all the required features you would need to put your curiosity about your customers at rest. A CRM survey tool that helps you to connect and engage intelligently with your customers.

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