Field Level Access Control For SuiteCRM


Field Level Access Control For SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Field Level Access control is an excellent way to display the relevant fields data for different users to whom you want to assign different roles. Through this plugin, you can keep your data discreet by hiding certain fields for specific users.


  • Assign Roles
  • Limit User Access
  • Access Rights for Groups
  • Hide Selected Files
  • Manage Access Rights
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SuiteCRM Field Level Access Control Plugin


You can now make the most out of user level field access in SuiteCRM. As an Admin, you can restrict the vital data of your system that the selected users view and access. Apply these restrictions on list views, detail views, edit views, pop ups and dashlets.

SuiteCRM user role management becomes easier with this tool as the admin can manage the access rights of the users for all the fields under default as well as custom modules depending upon the assigned roles. Field Level Access Control also provides you the facility of managing the access rights for groups containing multiple users under specific roles.

Product Features


Access Restrictions

SuiteCRM Field Access control enables the admin to maintain confidentiality of the business data by implying some access restrictions to specific users as per the assigned roles. Restrictions can also be applied on custom as well as default modules of SuiteCRM.


Access Rights

With SuiteCRM User Access Control Plugin, you can manage access rights for specific groups containing multiple users. The end users can be more focused and productive by avoiding access to the fields that are irrelevant to them.

Restrictions Configurations

Restrictions can be changed/removed and edited anytime. The nature of restriction can be read/write, owner read/owner write, owner read/owner write, not set, none and read only.


Points to Note


  • SuiteCRM Version Compatibility: 7.7.x to 7.12.8

Change Log

Version: 1.3.18 : December 05, 2022
  • Provided Compatibility to SuiteCRM 7.12.8
  • Bug Fix: Detail view CSS issue resolved.
Version: 1.2.4 : April 20, 2020
  • No Access label added for fields has None access
  • Bug Fix: Restrict to access field value in Export.
  • Bug Fix: Edit and Detail Layout Tab/Panel Issue Resolve.
  • Version Compatibility: Up to 7.11.13
Version: 1.2.3 : March 12, 2020
  • Bug Fix: Resolve Url data length issue in case if configuring too many fields in module.
Version: 1.2.2 : December 27, 2019
  • Enhance Field Configuration View: Display tick mark for stored settings.
  • Version Compatibility: Up to 7.11.10
Version: 1.2.1 : August 30, 2019
  • Added Support in View Change Log Pop-up
  • Version Compatibility: Up to 7.11.7.
Version: 1.2 : April 04, 2019
  • Added Support in mass update view and Report module
  • Version Compatibility: Up to 7.11.3.
Version: 1.1 : June 30, 2018
  • Bug Fixes from previous release
Version: 1.0 : May 8, 2018
  • SuiteCRM Field Level Access Control is Released.

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