Survey Templates

Not finding enough time to craft your surveys? Not sure which questions should be included in your survey? Don’t worry, Survey Rocket, a SuiteCRM and SugarCRM survey module, offers ready-to-use survey questionnaire templates to help you create your survey in minutes.

Get actionable data by using our fully customizable survey design templates. You can add/delete questions and send surveys to meet your research goals.

Browse Most Popular Survey Templates

  • Transparent communication leads towards a productive and satisfying work environment. Know what your staff thinks and get an overview of your organization’s eco-system.

    Employee Feedback Template
  • Make sure you meet the data regulations for your EU based customers while sending a survey. Use these templates to send a GDPR compliant survey to your contacts, leads, or targets.

    GDPR Compiled Templates
  • Thinking of launching a new product or trying to grab a larger market share for your product? This survey helps you understand your customers to reach your goals.

    Product Market Research Template
  • Ask attendees to share their experience of the event. Measure attendee satisfaction with this post-event feedback survey to perform better at your next event.

    Event Feedback Template
  • To satisfy your customers with your services, it is important to hear out their point of view first. Know how customers see your business and services with this survey questionnaire templates.

    Customer Service Satisfaction Template
  • Collect feedback from parents to ensure your education system is serving well to students and you are meeting your educational goals.

    Parent Feedback Survey Template
  • Evaluate your medical services and experience by sending this survey to your patients. Know what’s working and what’s not to improve the system.

    Patient Feedback Survey Template
  • Discover key findings of your product demo and know what your customers’ expectations are. Apply these insights to improve your demo and gather actionable results.

    Product Demo Feedback Survey
  • Find out the basic health challenges of your patients to serve them well with effective and precise treatments.

    Healthcare - Stress Survey Template
  • Find out if your users love the performance of your app. Apply the received feedback to enhance it and scale it up to users’ expectations.

    Mobile App Feedback Survey
  • Increase your team’s productivity by knowing the things they like or dislike the most at work to improve their engagement and interaction.

    Employee Motivation Survey Template
  • Find out if the onboarding process your organization follows with a new project is fulfilling all the requirements or not.

    Business - Onboarding Survey Template
  • Gain insights on everything related to your product and services. Gather feedback from your users and develop successful marketing strategies.

    Sales - Product Testing Survey Template
  • Keep up with your donors time to time with survey design templates. Prepared by experts these questions give you event feedback from those who matter the most to your organization.

    Non Profit - Donor Feedback Survey Template
  • Check out our 360-Degree Employee Evaluation survey template written by experts. From sample questions to powerful analytics, we make it easy to gather feedback and conduct powerful actions.

    360 Degree Employee Evaluation Survey Template

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