Magento 2 Extensions

AppJetty features some of the best magento 2 extensions for your ecommerce website. We aim to build solutions for your ecommerce store that provides tangible and quick fixes. We have vast experience in the domain of ecommerce. Therefore since the split, our prime focus has been on magento 2 extensions development. And with June 2020 coming closer, we recommend you migrate to Magento 2 before the support gets over for Magento 1.

Magento 2 with its improved dashboard experience and many new functionalities is fast and becoming the choice of most new Magento stores. If you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors, try integrating AppJetty’s range of magento 2 modules. Our magento 2 extensions will take care of several functionalities like site maintenance, tracking orders, language translations, order shipping etc. Our extensions will provide your customers with a seamless online shopping experience and lessen the number of cart abandonments. Take a look at some of our best magento 2 extensions below.


We manage and drive our product lifecycle based on what our customers have to say. We strongly believe that’s the best market analysis we can rely upon. Therefore, our magento 2 modules are ready-to-integrate magento 2 plugins with enhanced features. And still, if there are any additional features you require, we can customize our magento 2 extensions specific to your requirements.

We offer a wide range of products under the category of magento 2 extensions. Whether you require backend tools or frontend tools, we will definitely be able to manage your requirements. With respect to industry reach in the gamut of ecommerce, we provide magento 2 modules for shipping & logistics and more. Our magento 2 plugins are an ideal fit for 1) Catalog Management, 2) Order Management, 3) Admin Tools, 4) User Experience, 5) Marketing & Promotions and, 6) Shipping.

We are the official partner of Australia Post Shipping and we have a portfolio of AusPost Shipping extensions, Australia Post eParcel and others for Delivery Date Scheduling. Our MageMob series features magento 2 extensions as MageMob Inventory and MageMob Admin. Some of the other best magento 2 plugins developed by us are Language Translator and Easy Site Maintenance.

With every purchase of magento 2 extensions on AppJetty, you have up to 90 days of free support. Therefore, any support you may require during the initial period of settling the magento 2 plugin, our team will ensure that the required magento 2 module is installed resolving any possible issues you may face. Additionally, we offer free lifetime updates too.

Most importantly, we ensure that every piece of code written by us is tested and verified by experts. We assure that our magento 2 extensions are highly stable and secure. Therefore, you do not require to worry about any harm they may cause to your website as rogue software, virus or malware.