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Build a robust and flexible Magento 2 extension that aligns with your store and business needs. Have an idea in mind? Share it with us. We have extensive experience in Magento extension development.

Custom Magento 2 Extension Development

Magento offers out-of-box features. However, every business looks for an effective solution to increase customer satisfaction, improve UI/UX, boost sales, and enhance website performance. The reason is the increasing demand for Magento extensions. Besides, Magento allows extending native functionalities. You can customize the extensions and make the solution as flexible as possible. Other reasons to go for custom module development are automated processes, customizable store interface, improved search engine visibility, and increased sales.

We are a custom Magento extension development company. With our extensive knowledge of the Magento platform and extension development, we aim to help businesses with a custom solution that boosts their business productivity and efficiency. Our motto is to deliver solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline business workflow. We can help you overcome manual challenges and feature limitations with a custom Magento extension development.

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Our Magento Extension Development Services

Whether you want to streamline the process or boost sales, we help you with a custom solution that helps you achieve your desired goals.

Custom Magento Plugin Development

Create a robust, feature-rich custom Magento eCommerce solution that offers an omnichannel experience and contributes to business growth.

Magento Extension Integration

Collaborate with us to create a unified experience for your customers. We help you accelerate your business process by customizing your plugins with third-party integrations, including PoS, payment methods, ERPs, etc.

Magento Extension Upgrade

Want to upgrade your extension from Magento 1 to Magento 2? We have got you covered. We have 16+ years of experience in helping businesses migrate their existing applications or entire platform to the latest versions with minimal disruptions.

Magento Extension Compatibility Check

We help reduce the upgrade costs by identifying the compatibility of the customizations with the required Magento Commerce version. By identifying the incompatible customization, we make the upgrading process more streamlined, predictable, and transparent.

Magento Extension Troubleshooting

We offer 360-degree extension troubleshooting, including bug fixes, components fixing, correcting codes and scripts, protection from SQL injections, and code rectification.

Our On-Demand Module Development Success Stories

  • Take One Step Ahead in Payments With Crypto Currency

    Take One Step Ahead in Payments With Crypto Currency

    Our team has developed a payment solution in Magento which is integrated with their website. Customers can pay directly using crypto currency. Customers can enjoy cashless, secure, and smart transactions via our custom developed module.

Looking for an Instant Solution?

Choose from our pre-existing Magento extensions. We have built it considering the business requirements and market trends. Our extensions are rich in features and compatible with all the Magento versions. Developed by certified Magento developers, our extensions are super flexible. You can manage them without any coding experience. Try our tried and tested Magento extensions without worrying about updates. We are particular about updates.

Our Magento extensions help you streamline business processes and contribute to business success. Here’s the list of our most popular Magento extensions.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Requirement Gathering

    After the signup, we meet with our clients, discuss their requirements and identify what we can do for them/offer them.

  • Cross-Checking with Our Existing Solution

    We cross-check the clients' requirements with our existing solution and analyze the customizations required.

  • Designing and Development

    We create prototypes and wireframes of the store. Once finalized, we start with the development process, focusing on the complexity of the functionalities.

  • Give Iterative Updates

    During the development process, we keep clients informed about the progress.

  • Test Limitations

    After the extension is developed, we test it rigorously to ensure it’s bug and error-free.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We provide round-the-clock support along with migration, maintenance, and regular updates.

Why AppJetty is the Right Magento Extension Development Partner?

We combine your needs with our industry and market expertise of 16+ years to develop a custom solution tailored for your business.

We understand your requirements, analyze the solution, make the team, and build a robust solution that aligns with your business goals. You also get:

  • Certified Magento Developers
  • In-Depth Analysis of Requirements
  • Quality Solution
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Post Delivery Support
  • Timely Updates

Still Have Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know that every project is different. But, we have tried our best to answer the most commonly asked questions here. Check it out. If you can’t find the answer to your query, shoot us an email or contact us.

Why should I go for custom Magento extension development?

Magento offers extensive features. However, businesses have unique requirements that out-of-the-box solutions can’t deliver. Hence, go for custom development. They are also flexible, which means you can customize it with your business expansion.

What would be the estimated development cost?

The final cost of the Magento extension development depends on the complexities, features, and third-party extensions to be integrated. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide a detailed quote.

How can I track the development progress?

We follow agile development methodology. You will be part of all the sprints - starting from planning to reviewing before the final delivery.

What control will I have over the extension?

You will be the sole owner of the extension. We will share the code after completing the development process.

How long will it take to develop a custom extension?

The actual time depends on the functionalities and complexities of the extension. We will try to deliver it at the earliest. However, it might get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Are there any hidden costs associated with the custom development?

No, there are no hidden charges. Everything will be discussed and shared with you in the written agreement. However, there will be extra charges for any additional requirement or change request added after the agreement's finalization.