Survey Automation

Integrate surveys with your CRM to create an Automated Survey experience.

Survey Automation

What is an Automated Survey?

A survey getting triggered after the completion of a certain event sums up the definition of Automated Surveys. The admin gets to set the event, condition and the survey for an automated flow.

Easily craft a survey workflow with conditions and actions with your CRM survey tool to align your survey process and CRM together. Optimize operations based on the gathered survey results. Surveys perform best when sent after a purchase or exchange, post-sales service, after providing a solution, etc. which can be automated using the right survey tool.

Survey Automation

How Survey Automation Software Works?

For a full-proof automated survey workflow, make sure to set survey campaigns based on the specific events. Select events after which customers are most likely to respond. For example, post-sales, deliveries, customer service calls, etc. To apply survey automation there are two types of survey tools available.

  1. Online Survey Tools:

    Not all CRM independent survey tools provide Survey Automation. So, you have to choose the one which lets you set a workflow. And to implement a full-fledged workflow, it is important to set up the integration between the tool and the CRM.

  2. CRM Survey Tools:

    For survey automation, CRM survey tools give you options to add conditions from CRM. In Survey Rocket, you can choose conditions for the Sugar/Suite CRM Survey Modules. Based on these conditions, specific actions (like sending an automated survey) gets triggered. Set a hassle-free survey conducting the process in your CRM without elongating the process with integration.

Benefits of Automated Surveys

Drives the Growth

Reduced Costs

Reduce your baseline costs with Survey Automation. No need for those extra resources to send single follow-ups.

Improved Customer Retention

Streamlined Operations

Set custom flow using CRM events and triggers for survey campaigns to organize business operations.

Increased Promoters

Increased Response Rates

Send your surveys at the right time with automated surveys and achieve higher response rates.

Implement Survey Automation with Us

Survey Rocket is a CRM Survey Tool for Sugar and Suite CRM equipped with survey automation. It lets the user define a clear workflow by setting conditions based on specified events which will then trigger an action i.e sending a survey to a particular customer. Now you can connect and engage with your customers smartly and at the same time get a deeper understanding of their behavior.

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