SugarCRM Plugins

SugarCRM is trusted by over 2M users across the globe. AppJetty is a host of several SugarCRM plugins to enhance the functionality of this powerful engagement software. Our SugarCRM Plugins are easy to integrate and have been widely appreciated by the developers community. Our SugarCRM modules offer wide range of tools to email & marketing automation and mobile CRM application.

AppJetty promises you some of the best SugarCRM plugins at value for money cost. Our teams of brilliant developers have developed ready-to-integrate SugarCRM plugins to be integrated with leading CMS systems. Our SugarCRM community edition plugins provide the much needed edge over the power of Sugar software to achieve your desired functionality with ease. And, our solutions are not only limited to the community edition. Explore our solutions and find out more.


In order to utilize the full capacity of the Sugar software as backend and empower the frontend using your website’s CMS platform - our SugarCRM add-ons are vital pieces.

One of our best SugarCRM plugins is TapCRM - Mobile CRM App for Sugar. Using this plugin, you can build a mobile app for your SugarCRM to have on the go access to real time data for your business operations. The Sugar mobile app can virtually manage everything your business demands. One of the best features of this Sugar mobile app is the custom layouts to provide a personalized view for every individual. Start now, take the free 30 days trial and experience the best.

Survey Rocket is our flagship SugarCRM extension. It is a complete email marketing and marketing automation tool. Just like so many other businesses, your business too requires a perfect marketing tool to fetch new site visitors and effectively manage the external communication. Survey Rocket was initially developed to trigger automated surveys, however, it is now fully equipped to manage all types of email marketing campaigns and even more.

We ensure that every piece of code written by us is tested and verified by experts. We assure that our SugarCRM Plugins and SugarCRM Extensions are highly stable and secure. Therefore, you do not require to worry about any harm they may cause to your website as rogue software, virus or malware.