Why You Should Choose Magento Mobile Apps Over Website

Why You Should Choose Magento Mobile Apps Over Website

Nikita Rohira

August 5th, 2021

58% of millennials prefer apps over websites to streamline calendars, shop groceries, catch entertainment snippets, and make instant transactions.

From a business point of view, many e-stores have seen a spike in engagement and conversions after bringing in a Magento 2 mobile application. This is happening because mobile apps are faster than websites. They make the browsing process convenient while enhancing the user experience.

Various factors such as business goals, target audience, budget, required features, etc., help you decide whether you should go for an app or not. However, if you’re wondering if Magento 2 mobile applications will be beneficial for your business or not, here’s the answer:

10 Reasons to Choose Mobile Apps for Magento 2

1. Better Personalization

Mobile apps are personal for every individual. They allow users to set preferences and choices as soon as they are downloaded. With apps, you can send tailored communication to your customers based on their interests, locations, user behavior, etc. For example, by tracking their location, you can offer them the deals available in their region. With their past purchase data, you can recommend products they might be interested in. You can personalize their shopping experience in real-time.

The tracking feature makes it easy to understand your customers’ preferences and their interests. You can offer suggestions to regular customers and even send customized notifications and alerts to improve conversion rates.

2. Push Notifications

One of the major reasons for switching websites in Magento 2 to mobile apps is the ease of sending notifications. Magento 2 offers two types of notifications: push notifications and in-app notifications. It means you can send in-app notifications to users when they are using the apps and push notifications to everyone regardless of their device or whether they are using the app or not.

With push notifications, you can frequently send updates, promotional offers, and deals to all the customers and stay updated on the latest trends. The regular notifications also ensure that customers don’t miss out on anything. If there’s a sale coming up, you can notify and prompt customers to take action. The main purpose of these notifications is that customers don’t have to check their emails for updates and offers.

They can take quick action directly from their phones.

3. Ability to Work Offline

We think you should go for Magento 2 mobile application because it allows your customers to access it from anywhere with a single tap, which websites fail to do. Many websites rely on internet connection and caching and fail to work in no-internet zones. Magento mobile apps, on the contrary, can offer basic content and access in an offline mode. Though critical steps like checkout and payment require an internet connection, at least your customers can carry out basic activities like browsing, viewing stores, checking previous purchases, calculating cost, shortlisting products, and loading them on the cart.

With offline advantage, your customers can even engage with your business while on an airplane. It does make a difference.

4. Instant Results

Users want instant solutions. A mobile app can provide results 1.5 times faster than websites. So, if you want your customers to speed up their shopping, a mobile app for Magento 2 is the solution.

As apps store the data on the devices’ local storage, loading it barely takes a few seconds. Websites have to fetch the data from the server, and its speed relies heavily on the internet connection. This is why customers prefer apps and why you should invest in mobile apps over websites.

5. Design Freedom

Magento gives developers the freedom to design an eye-catching and straightforward UI. You can change banners, styles, layouts, and content with a few clicks. Besides, if you’re using a Magento 2 app builder for your app, you can design your layout and update it your way with an easy drag and drop option. This kind of ease of changing the store layout is not possible on websites. So, that’s the advantage you get with a mobile app.

With changing seasons and trends, you can customize your app store layout. The website remains the same unless you plan to revamp it.

6. Premium Features

You can leverage device capabilities and add several features to your mobile app to provide users with a fun experience. It may include GPS, camera, contact list, gallery access, and more, which you can use to enhance customer experience. For instance, users can scan barcodes and coupon codes on mobile apps. With access to a contact list, they can share the details or make instant payments using payment apps. By accessing the gallery, they can add photos in the review section effortlessly. Auto-location can ease navigation.

These features reduce the efforts and shorten the time required to accomplish a task. For inspiration, check out these 5 best eCommerce apps.

7. Security Options

According to Bankrate.com, online banking is less secure than mobile apps. The primary reason is two-factor authentication. Many businesses provide authentication on apps but not on websites. Besides, mobile apps are secured with biometric features like facial scans, eye scans, fingerprints, etc. They allow everyone to use secure payment gateways for transactions, promoting customer loyalty and reliability between customers and brands.

8. Productivity Improvements

You can save more time and costs with a mobile app. If you have a website, you need to log into your store backend and manage all the activities. Customers have to browse through the website, and if they are using it for the first time, they have to bookmark it or remember the site. But suppose you have a mobile app for the Magento 2 store. In that case, your customers can easily use it to place orders with a few clicks, employees can carry out their activities, and you can manage the entire business operations from anywhere. You can access the e-store from your mobile phones too, but logging and all are not productive. With apps, you can utilize that time to view the sales reports in real-time.

Mobile apps provide direct communication between your business and customers and thereby reduces the marketing and advertising cost.

9. Interactive Engagement

Mobile apps allow users to immerse themselves in two-way experiences. With features like chatbots, customer support calls, and in-app chats, they make communication smoother and faster.

For instance, if the ordered food is not delivered, customers can contact customer support through in-app chat or call feature and ask about the order delivery. If they have any queries, they can talk to the support instead of abandoning the purchase.

Not only this, mobile apps encourage users to engage more in various ways. Singing apps, for example, enable users to record a song and share it with their friends and audience. E-learning apps encourage users to share their certificates on social media platforms. All these features help brands boost awareness and increase their customer base.

10. Better Conversions

If your goal is to increase the conversion rate, you should switch to a mobile app for Magento 2. The reason is that users spend more time on mobile apps and less on browsing the internet. So, the chances of visibility are more with a mobile app, which will likely increase the customer base and then the conversions.

Here’s how you can draw the top of the funnel users with a Magento 2 mobile application. First, draw users to install the app. Once it’s done, offer in-app purchases, personalized services, and shopping convenience to convert the prospects into buyers.

The golden rule is to provide customers an intuitive interface and fewer checkout steps. If a mobile app saves them even a tiny amount of time, they will return.

You can also use Magento 2 mobile apps to increase your brand presence. Cost reduction, increased sales, and better visibility is a few reasons why businesses should switch their websites in Magento 2 to mobile apps.

Wrapping Up

Customers and businesses prefer mobile apps because they provide better features and user experience. The advantages of Magento 2 mobile applications are infinite. So, if you want to build a profitable business, bring in a mobile app.

Building a custom mobile app will take a long time. If you want to beat your competitors, you need to have the app today. Hence, use Magento 2 Mobile App Builder and make your presence felt worldwide. It’s a predefined framework with all the app features. All you need to do is integrate it with your store, sync the data, design the layout, and launch the app.

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