Rocket Fuel for SugarCRM Survey Integration

Parth Pandya
Dec 24,2018

Montgomery Scott enhanced transporter beam’s capability to transport matter while both or either of the objects is in the warp. Even he needed to know the experience of the transported people using his prototype. In a similar fashion, we have moved past the point that needs a discussion on whether businesses require surveys more often than they actually do. Period.

The debacle is about the best method to integrate surveys into your CRM. Old days were romantic. The Market Research team would carry a bunch of forms and go across places. Asking random people fitting the buyer’s persona to fill the form. They would even give away free samples for filling these forms. It was fun?! Talking to those strangers and manually adding all the data into a two-tier CRM.

You did not move to Sugar to continue this manual labor, did you?

There are web-based Survey plugins. They offer almost everything you can think of to manage your surveys. Except for the fact that you would need to integrate the data bridge between Sugar and whichever mammal named Survey tool you opted for. You are in fact sharing your data with them, so does your competitor, and many others. Besides that, fetching your CRM data to these tools is another roadblock.

An ideal integration is the CRM extension. One that does not aim for your data. And still, miraculously makes almost all of CRM data available for personalization and segmentation. AppJetty’s Survey Rocket is a SugarCRM Survey Plugin. You do not require any integration to use our SugarCRM Survey Module with Sugar. You can avoid sharing your data with the survey plugin developers and extend the abilities of your CRM to handle a gamut of operations around surveys.

This Article includes:

Survey Automation

Survey Automation is not a luxury. For the surveys to be effective, a degree of automation is mandatory.

Sugar provides a Survey Module. It is encouraging that besides a self-service portal, they also provide a survey module. It is ideal for a business that targets surveys as an ad-hoc requirement. Soon, you would need automated triggers and would have to look outside for more comprehensive features.

Let’s explore why!

When is the ideal time to send an email or text message to have the maximum probability of response? The answer would vary for different set of businesses. However, sending a bulk email to all on Friday morning is not the answer. You need a logical flow to set up rules, evaluate the performance and alter the flow. The only way to do so is with advanced logic and triggering mechanism based on specific events.

survey automation

These events could be a sale, or a closed support ticket, an end of the cashback period, and so on. Advance logic helps you differentiate why certain businesses have a lower ratio of responses to feedback forms and some have higher. You close the sale when the lead is hot. And, you seek the feedback when the memory of the event is fresh. The timing matters!

In another aspect, having Sugar is a luxury. It is one of the finest CRMs you could have opted for. And, that luxury came at a cost. Once deployed, it is up to your overall strategy and your marketing resources to manage various routine activities using Sugar. Managing manual surveys without a proper tool, could not only be a tedious activity but the results could also be meaningless.

How the Automation Works?

You can see the end to end working of our SugarCRM survey tool using the 30-days free trial. It is easy. You install Survey Rocket on Sugar and find out what all you can do for next 30 days. Although, here in this post, we will aim to highlight some of the best features of Survey Rocket.

While we walk into the assembly area, we see a bunch of actions going on simultaneously. And the result of these collective actions is Automation. In a similar way, automation is not an action, it is a collective output of various actions in the play. Survey Rocket provides an easy to use UI to set up the software to execute the actions. You may get a developer to do it for you. Or, can do it yourself - no development skills needed.

Data Piping

Ideally, for businesses that depend on the complete KYC details can manage their tasks to acquire the remainder of customer details with ease using this feature. For a business that needs a comprehensive buyer’s persona to manage segmentation for email marketing and various other activities can also be merry using Survey Rocket’s Data Piping feature.

Survey - data piping

Data Piping makes it possible to fetch data into the Survey Form and once there is a response, feeds new data back to the assigned module of the CRM. No human effort needed from start till the end. If you are using a web-based survey tool, you would be exporting the data from the tool and then importing it back to the CRM. Alternatively, you would need an API based survey tool which can pull & push the data from the CRM.

Survey Rocket does that with ease.

Skip Logic

An intelligent survey form is one where the presenter can choose to show a set of questions based on pre-selected answers.


Survey - skip logic

Above shown is one of the survey forms without skip logic. Question 1 is the qualifier question as the survey form is clearly for the married couples only. The survey needs to end. Or, the presenter needs to show questions that are relevant to the unmarried or currently not married individuals. In the offline world, it was not possible. Because we used the printed forms.

The technology today permits the implementation that you can skip certain questions for the respondents. You can even go deeper and add skip logic to multiple tiers. Opt for the 30-days trial of our SugarCRM survey module and try for yourself. It is so easy :)

Advance Logic

This is where Survey Rocket beats the competition. To achieve automation, the real crux is to trigger survey campaigns based on specific events. Or, to specific segments at regular intervals. Ideally, by using any Marketing Automation software, you would be looking at workflows to set up automation. Our SugarCRM Survey plugin does this a little differently.

Survey Rocket gives you the option to add conditions from the SugarCRM Survey Module. Based on these conditions, you can set specific rules that trigger automated surveys. Although it seems quite simple, this is where the magic really happens. Because, while setting up the conditions, you would be able to fetch a lot of conditional values directly from your CRM without needing to develop any functionality.

In a CRM-Independent Survey Tool, it is possible to set up event-based triggers only if you set up the integration between the tool and the CRM. There could be workflows available which could be multi-level deeper. Based on the actions of the user, these workflows can trigger multiple events. The entire workflow operation is crucial to having a fully integrated marketing communication.

However, Survey is a basic form of communication. And, it requires automation from the data or the event-based triggers. The primary requirement is to send a feedback form after a specific period of order fulfillment, or closing the support ticket, or any similar event. Using Survey Rocket, you can set up conditions (such as) to define total spend by the customer and configure a specific survey template to those set of customers.

Survey Scoring

To be able to rate the customers based on the responses is indeed a luxury. For an organization running open polls or market research surveys, it is critical to rate the respondents based on their responses. For analytical value, to judge the response ratio against the overall responses gives the perfect understanding of the effectiveness of survey.

SugarCRM Survey Plugin provides survey scoring functionality. You can assign values against your choice of responses to the survey answers. When user submits the survey response, Survey Rocket automatically gives the total score for that customer for the given survey based on the pre-assigned response scores. Survey scores helps you understand the effectiveness of your survey, product, or services. Also, it is in our pipeline to add Survey Scores as segment.

Survey Creation

In my experience as a Marketer, creating a survey template is one of the most challenging tasks I had to manage. Designing is often not a strong trait for the marketing professionals. Marketers do not always have the patience or the time until the designer provides a Survey template. Once the design is ready, an HTML developer comes in the loop. And it is a fantastic loop to find oneself lost into.

Therefore, any survey or email automation plugin you would look for comes with pre-installed templates. And, if they do not solve your purpose, the marketers should be able to create one using drag & drop functionality. An ideal eco-system is where a user-friendly SugarCRM Survey Tool lets the user add list of questions, present them in a beautiful design, and converts it into an HTML.

Survey Rocket comes loaded with a number of Survey Templates. We aim to create and add templates for specific use-cases (such as GDPR Questionnaire) from time to time. Therefore, while choosing Survey Rocket, you are not going to invest in the current lot of the features. You would be part of the community led by dedicated developers to make the experience of Survey creation and survey delivery better.

Powerful Analytics

Any product for the marketing & sales domain must meet one of the key requirements: Hunger for Data. For any investment that directly contributes to revenue growth must provide visible metrics that leads to understanding the ROI. Our SugarCRM Survey Tool is capable to meet a number of complex data requirements through the Analytics features. Some of the primary reports Survey Rocket features are:

  • Get Survey Summaries
    It is a summary of the Survey. This post-delivery report focuses on presenting the highlights of total number of surveys sent, responses, and yet to respond lists.
  • View Survey Transactions
    This is where you will see the first bite of comparisons. This report shows the delivery status and survey scores (if integrated) along with the other module details of the contact(s).
  • Status Report
    This is an analytical report projecting the details for a given survey with data of views, responses, and yet to respond.
  • Question-wise Report and Individual Report
    These reports let the Survey Rocket users take a deeper dive into the data. These micro-analytical reports help users understand the responses by each question and each customer. You can access these reports from Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We – the developers of Survey Rocket, believe that scoring of the surveys is a very primary tool. And, the enhanced users could make better use of data. One of the key applications of NPS score is that it helps conduct trend analysis. NPS is the overall scoring mechanism of the Survey responses and rating the survey responses on the scale of 1 to 10.

To implement NPS using Survey Rocket, all you need to do is drag and drop the NPS button to your survey template. And, that is all. The output email generates the NPS scale from 1 to 10 for the user to rate against your survey question. Based on all the responses and total number of respondents, you will get an analytical meter projecting your NPS score in the reports.

Choose the Best Fit

Survey Rocket is available for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. Moreover, we offer 3 plans and bifurcated features for each one of these. So, no matter how smaller or comprehensive your survey requirements are, be sure that you will find a plan that gets the job done.

Rocket Fuel! When we choose a tool that supports sales & marketing activities, we expect results. The purpose for that piece of software is not just to work, but it is to make processes better - more effective. Survey Rocket is one of the featuring products on Sugar Outfitter since a very long time. Since April 2018, we are on continuous development mode and we aim to keep it that way. As we remain committed to make the product better, we welcome to try the product and share your experience with us. Look forward to speaking you soon.

Survey Rocket 4.0: In the Making

Our SugarCRM Survey Tool has undergone three major releases this year. In January 2019, we are releasing Survey Rocket 4.0. You can expect some of the out of box features in this release. Also, the releases will continue for the better part of the year 2019. For more details, stay tuned and if you still have not opted for the trial, go for it now!

AppJetty has an all-inclusive and no investment partnership program for our tool, Survey Rocket. Affiliate with us through this program and expand your business. Interested? Learn more about the program from here.

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