Importance of Data Piping in Creating Surveys

Maulik Shah
Jul 04,2017

For any business to run smoothly, it is important to conduct research and garner information from potential customers, regulars and consumers. Some of this information is collected before introducing products in the market and some after the products are launched. In any of these scenarios, customer feedback stands of major significance.

Surveys are one of the well-accepted methods when it comes to gathering customer feedback. But creating surveys can come with a lot of complications as one has to collect details individually and feed the data in different fields incessantly until the survey results are achieved. And thereafter, even if you get the feedbacks, it is difficult to use the data as it isn’t automatically available in your CRM. To help you get over such hassles, we created Survey Rocket which is the perfect survey solution for Sugar CRM. And the best part about it is, when it is integrated to your CRM, you do not need a third party integration solution to work with your Sugar system.

How Does Survey Rocket Help with Data Piping?

Data piping involves moving the existing information from the CRM to survey. It ensures that one makes the most out of a survey built dedicatedly for SugarCRM. Using Survey rocket, one can pre-fill different survey fields from the existing CRM data. This process is best known as Forward Data Piping. It saves all the time and efforts of the sales executives spent behind filling each module.

Now, there are also times when the survey is given to the respondents and they edit or make changes to the pre-filled information. Survey Rocket directly updates and records this information in the CRM database. This is known as backward data piping.

It is not possible for all survey forms to be generic and have a ‘one size fits all design’. Survey Rocket can help you to pipe CRM data into specific survey modules or questions. This creates a better personalization experience.

Who all can benefit out of Data piping?

Every industry needs to make sure that they engage in a quality customer satisfaction process. And when it comes to customer centric businesses, there often arises a need to collect information through surveys. Data piping can be very helpful while creating surveys for the industries given below:

Banks: Banking surveys should be very easy to create, brand and take care of all the research needs. Using the CRM, banking professionals can also create KYC (know your customers) kind of forms for updating customer data easily. The data gets automatically filled to the respective survey fields by fetching data from the CRM. As these surveys are run regularly and changes have to be tracked each time, data piping feature comes of great help. Be it particular questions related to banking operations or generic ones, all the information can be fetched/updated in your CRM through Survey Rocket.

Hospitals: Traditional marketing methods are not working for hospitals anymore. After the term ‘patient-centered healthcare’ has been introduced, there is a dire need to integrate additional customer information so that the demands of patients can be taken care of. Data piping will help you to have more of evaluated information by offering convenience and save a lot of time.

Insurance companies: Insurance agents need to adjust to customer needs from time to time. Survey Rocket’s data piping feature helps insurers to gain data in a more comprehensive way and helps them to retain loyal customers by providing substantial results. By fetching customer data from the gained survey results, insurers can make significant enhancements in service and sales, and take care of client expectations as well as priorities.

How often you use the data piping feature of Survey Rocket totally depends on the kind of industry you belong to and the type and requirements you have.

Things to remember

In order to enable the data piping feature while creating the survey, the CRM admin has to choose particular modules from Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Targets. If there are changes made to the data piping module while creating the survey, all map fields will be reset.

A step by step insight

Given below is the basic flow of creating surveys using the data piping feature.

  • CRM admin can create survey forms by using data piping.
  • As a part of data piping, CRM fields are mapped along with questions included in the survey form.
  • You can send the link of the survey via email.
  • Customers click on the survey and update their information.
  • Customers can see all the information in the survey which is pre-filled and is mapped by CRM admin from the records.
  • Customers can fill the survey, make the necessary changes and submit the survey.
  • New information provided by customers gets automatically updated in different CRM modules.
  • Admin of CRM can view survey reports and get all the new information and data entered by customers.
  • Thereafter, they can resend survey to a particular customer and request him/her to fill the survey again if the need be.

Survey Rocket is a robust solution which empowers your CRM and provides valuable data through the surveys you conduct. By using it, you will be able to know the preferences of your customers and obtain feedback to build successful business strategies. Data piping is just one of its features. Check out all the features of Survey Rocket and let your CRM data help you in your feedback mechanism.

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