The Ramifications of Poorly Designed Surveys and How to Overcome Them?

Maulik Shah
Apr 17,2018

    Surveys drive business decisions. And we have been hearing this for long. But the question here is, how many of these surveys are genuine? How many of them have the potential to influence business decisions? The answer is – very few. If you think that you can create random surveys on different platforms and present it to customers, it is hardly going to help. In fact, it will end up giving you wrong information and data.

    Perhaps, we need to understand that market research is a scientific method. And surveys being a part of it should be standardized, detailed and articulate. Also, it just does not matter what your survey is like. It also matters how you conduct them. An ideal, accepted and the most standardized way of conducting survey is by creating it from within your CRM. If you have a Sugar/SuiteCRM system, you can configure a SuiteCRM survey extension which helps you create surveys from within your Sugar system.

    Before we talk about the extensions and their usefulness, let us understand the consequences of badly designed surveys:

    Lesser response rates

    As keen you are to conduct the survey, the current and potential customers are reluctant to answer them. They feel that it is not a productive usage of their time. So, if your survey looks mediocre and comes from an unknown resource, it will keep lying in the inbox of your customers for days and months together. And more the number of unanswered surveys, the lesser will be your overall response rate. To keep the delayed responses at bay, you must make sure that your survey does not show up in the spam folder or look like virus.

    Misunderstanding Questions

    If you have not systematized your questionnaire, the questions will be haywire and all over the place. And during such times, the chances for the questions to be misunderstood are high. So, if your Survey has inter-related questions and questions that you need to categorize, SugarCRM extensions can come of huge help. Using a SugarCRM survey module of the extension, you can create multiple question types and put them under different categories. This gives more clarity and understanding to the customers about your questions.

    Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there are other problems like questions being skipped, unanswered and surveys left incomplete.

    Now, let us understand as to how you can get over these issues and how can ensure that each sent survey turns out to be a success:

    Make the Most Out of Skip Logic

    Well, this might not sound like a huge deal to you. But when you ask your respondents to choose one response wherein they might have more than one answers, things can get confusing for them. In psychological terms, this is known as cognitive dissonance – a term coined by the social psychologist Leon Festinger. As a result of this, respondents often leave the survey or provide irrelevant answers.

    To help your respondents get over these issues, you can use the skip logic feature of your Sugar or SuiteCRM plugin. When you apply it, your respondents do not need to see the questions that are not relevant to them. By doing so, you will be able to save the time of your respondents and the quality and volume of your data.

    Do not bias/influence your respondents

    If your survey is biased, it can affect your results in a huge way. And this bias is often reflected in the way you frame your questions. This mostly happens with rating kind of questions. To ensure that this attitude does not reflect in your questions, make sure that you provide both ends of the scale when you phrase the question. By doing so, you will be able to give your respondents the freedom to choose the answer of their choice and your Survey will remain unbiased.

    Use a Good Quality Extension

    Search for “CRM plugins” online and you will come across several companies that claim themselves to be the best survey extension. Well, there is a drawback with some of these plugins. Most of these survey plugins ask for you to install a third-party plugin/extension so that they can work smoothly. Which means, you will end up spending not on one, but two plugins. The only solution to this problem is to find a plugin that is exclusive for Suite/Sugar systems.

    Sugar/Suite CRM Survey Rocket

    What is Survey Rocket and Why Use It?

    Survey Rocket is an online survey tool and the best solution for entrepreneurs wanting to conduct online surveys right from within their SugarCRM system. It enables you to create and send automated surveys and get updates through your customers in real time. There are no 3rd party integrations required as it works seamlessly with your Sugar/Suite systems.

    Survey Rocket offers you with a summary of surveys, individual status reports and provides you with the list of customers to whom you sent the survey and the individuals who did not respond to your survey. You can also use the mobile app of the plugin for multiple purposes like conducting polls, conducting research at events, getting customer feedbacks at trade shows, taking healthcare surveys and more.

    The responses that you obtain with the help of customer feedback application are fast and genuine. And these results will help you take better business decisions. Why not get a demo of Survey Rocket from us and find out more? Write to us on [email protected] now!

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