Survey Automation: The Most Significant Feature in Survey Tools!


Survey Automation: The Most Significant Feature in Survey Tools!

Sulabh Chauhan

September 2nd, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated and republished with the updated information to add more value.

As per a study, 17% of customers in the US will stop interacting with a company after just one bad experience. While in Latin America, the percentage is even more – a whopping 32%!

I bet you won’t want to lose up to 32 of your customers out of 100 on any business day, will you?

I am sure you won’t.

So, what do these figures/stats indicate?

That a good customer experience is a must to retain the existing customer base – and expand it further. Now the question arises – how?

While there are a number of methods for this, a customer survey is an indispensable one – especially for online businesses. But creating CRM surveys manually and sending them to a large customer base can be ‘really’ challenging and time-consuming. Here comes into picture the concept of ‘automation of surveys’.

Before we start how survey automation helps streamline creation and sending of surveys, let’s discuss what survey automation actually is and how it works.

What is Survey Automation?

“In survey automation, questions, conditions as well as triggers are pre-decided for a particular survey beforehand and CRM auto-sends as per predefined conditions to the right persons at the right time.”

In a more elaborate version,

Survey Automation is the automation of surveys through a pre-defined survey workflow. The surveyor defines several conditions for survey sending. Any of these conditions when fulfilled, auto-triggers the sending of the survey. This condition can be anything – a purchase, an order placement, a return, visit to site, etc. By automating this survey-sending process, you no longer need to manually keep track of all such events and create and send suitable surveys every time after their fulfillment.

Let’s understand this better with an example.

Suppose a person has bought a product from your site. What next? The person will use that. What would they want after using the product? To share their experience about what they bought for which you can send a survey or you can also cross/upsell other related products that they might be interested in. However, if you fail to ask for it, you will fail to assess the degree of satisfaction of that customer or increase your sales.

How Survey Automation Benefits You

Now that you know survey automation is the automation of the process of survey creation and sending, let’s discuss the benefits it offers.

⌛Seamless and Timely Collection of Relevant Information and Feedback

While you can always send an email to every contact in your list individually, it becomes harder and more time-consuming as the business grows. With automated surveys, you can get rid of such difficulties as you can define conditions for the automated triggering of surveys.

For instance, a new lead shows up in your CRM. If you have set the generation of a new lead as a condition for triggering a survey, your CRM will send the survey to that lead automatically. This survey can help you find out more about the lead’s persona, preferences, or needs. Hence, you can decide on how to serve this lead better to turn it into a customer.

Similarly, you can trigger an automated survey to collect a new customer’s experience after 7 or 15 days of purchase.

Thus, the automation of surveys helps you get information and feedback seamlessly.

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❌ No Redundant Manual Work

It’s never easy to create a survey on the spot every time after an event. However, if you have noticed some events always requiring a survey, you can define such events as conditions. This will automate the triggering of a survey after such events. Also, you are no more bound to manually overlook every single event. You can set conditions for a variety of events of your choice based on the type of your business. The more use cases you create automated surveys for, the more you can benefit.

✔️ Enhanced Personalization and Engagement

Personalization of a survey means making it as relevant as possible for a customer. You can also call personalized surveys ‘tailored’ surveys. These surveys are built keeping in mind the behavioral pattern and preferences of customers.

The more personalization you add to surveys, the better the completion rate.

An example? Sure!

Let’s say, a customer has bought a pair of shoes from your e-commerce store. After a month or two, you hold a sale on ‘FOOTWEAR’. Sending an automated survey to this customer can help you get the best out of this sale. How? You can send an automated survey reminding them of their last purchase and ask them a question or two. These questions will help know the types of shoes they prefer.

At the end of this short survey, you can suggest some ‘shoes’ items on sale according to their preferences. This will help that customer connect with you more due to the personalization. Next time onwards, that customer will look forward to getting such emails, surveys, and offers on products making them a regular customer.

Ready to Welcome Survey Automation?

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