Your Complete Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your Complete Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Hiral Thaker

October 9th, 2020

Customer satisfaction is an essential thing for which businesses work day and night to achieve. Understanding your customers, solving their problems, fulfilling their expectations all put together lead to satisfied customers. Let’s say you are doing everything to satisfy your customers, understand their needs, but how to figure out the current satisfaction rate of your customers? How are you going to evaluate if sales and marketing strategies or product strategies are working or not?

This is when customer satisfaction surveys come in.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction survey is a set of questions businesses design to understand their customers’ needs from their products and services and if they are getting fulfilled or not. These surveys also help businesses to grow, strategize, and provide better customer experiences.

There are various types of customer satisfaction surveys and each of them has a different purpose and value to add to your strategies.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Net Promoter Survey
Customer Effort Survey
Milestone Survey

Let’s see understand each of them in brief:


CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is useful to measure the key performance indicators of your products. They are usually made up of easy yes & no answers or ratings. Based on the feedback, evaluate the amount of attention you need to give to particular products or services.

Formula to calculate CSAT:
(Number of satisfied customers / Number of survey responses) x 100 = % of satisfied customers

Net Promoter Survey

Net promoter score formula for network marketing. Premium Vector

Net Promoter Survey shows how likely your customers are to recommend your company’s products to their colleagues, friends, and family. This survey usually contains a question with a scale between 0 to 10. These ratings help you understand where your products stand in the market. Additionally, it helps categorize your audience into detractors, passives, and promoters — and accordingly, you can segment and target your customers.

How to Calculate NPS:
NPS = % Promoters (rating more than 6) – % Detractors (rating equal to or lower than 6)

→ Customer Effort Survey

Customer Effort Surveys are useful to know how much effort your customers have to make to solve issues within your products. This survey includes questions like: how easy was it to solve your problem? With options like satisfied, very satisfied, difficult, very difficult, etc. They are sent once the support ticket is closed after solving an issue.

→ Milestone Surveys

They are useful to know your customers better. Milestone surveys are carried out after a certain time period like once they sign up for your services, upon the end of the trial, or once the onboarding finishes basically after a milestone. These help you understand the effectiveness of your milestones and your customers’ interaction with your company which then empowers you with insights that can help you grow drastically.

Types of Questions to include in Customer Satisfaction Surveys

They are six types of questions you can include in these types of surveys. Let’s discuss each of them:

→ Multiple choice questions

Multiple uncompleted election questionnaires Free Photo

Multiple choice questions have a limited and predefined number of answers and the respondents need to select from the available options only. It becomes easy to get a response from your users as it takes fewer efforts to answer them. Multiple choice questions include questions like rating, binary scale, or nominal questions.

→ Binary scale questions

Binary scale questions provide two possible answers either yes or no or thumbs up or thumbs down. It can be used to ask some of the common questions like:
Did customer support help you find the solution you were looking for today? (yes/no)

→ Rating Scale questions

Hand of businessman touching five star symbol to increase rating of company concept Premium Photo

Rating scale questions provide a range of options for respondents to select. Your customers can rate your support staff or your products using the scale They are likely to come under the NPS survey type.

→ Nominal questions

Nominal questions usually have categorized answers. The categories don’t overlap and you also can’t apply a numerical value to them.

Example: Which of the following describe you?
→ Male
→ Female
→ Prefer not to answer

→ Likert scale questions

The likert questionnaires have five pointer or seven pointer scales and are useful to evaluate how customers feel about your business, services, products or anything. The least number i.e. 1 represents extreme view and highest number represents the opposite extreme view. Whereas, the middle number represents a moderate view.


To what extent do you agree with the following statement?
[Product name]’s onboarding process was simple, straightforward, and painless.

1 – Strongly disagree
2 – Somewhat disagree
3 – Neither agree nor disagree
4 – Somewhat agree
5 – Strongly agree

→ Semantic differential questions

They are similar to likert scale questions but are descriptive compared to likert.

They are:

How helpful do you find our video tutorials?

1 – Not helpful at all
2 – Barely helpful
3 – Neither helpful nor unhelpful
4 – Somewhat helpful
5 – Very helpful

In the name of the surveys,

Having happy customers is the true measure of success for any business. And to understand their experience with you, it’s important to engage with your customers, understand them, and keep improving and surveys play a major role.

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