How to Get the Best out of Customer Experience Feedback

How to Get the Best out of Customer Experience Feedback

Hiral Thaker

December 7th, 2020

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates.”

This is one of the unspoken truths for any business. Knowing what your customers want, their understanding of products, and feedback are essential.

And to know your happy and unhappy customers is crucial. However, the question is; how to know them, bifurcate, understand their feedback, and try to get insights from it?

This is when taking product/service surveys come in. But, the job is not to only take surveys but understand and rework on your product based on it. And to carry out effective surveys, there are various CRM survey tools like Survey Rocket.

One of the plethora of tasks for your employees is the endless scrolling in the spreadsheet to understand feedback and get the needed information out of it.

Here, we will see the three major things you can do using SugarCRM survey module for your customer experience survey. And understand your happy and unhappy customers.

Categorizing the survey feedback:

You might be providing multiple services or products to your customers, and this brings lots of surveys your way. So, categorizing and dividing them makes the work easy for your team members.

Are you thinking: How to categorize them?

Here it is:

You can use the following three techniques to do so:

Programming:Using different coding strategies and defining algorithms, you can filter qualitative content out of quantitative. You define it based on price, service, products, quality, etc. Alternatively, you may also define it based on positive, negative, or neutral values. More simplistically, use the numbering scale and represent them on a scale of 1 to 10.

AI: It is magic! Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and interpret whether the feedback is positive, negative, or neutral. You can also make tweaks in the AI algorithm based on different languages and contexts.

Sentiment AI: This is a new and emerging field. You can use it to read the feedback of customers, tag the phrases, define positive or negative feedback, and more. It will provide you with quantitative data and will help you define and know your customers’ feedback.

You can use any of the three ways to categorize your data or a combination of any two. The method you use solely depends on your company.
Once you are done deciding the method and categorizing your customers’ feedback, you can analyze it in detail.

Now, analyzing data becomes easier for your team members. It will provide them with in-depth knowledge about your customers’ point of view of your product.

Analyzing Feedback:

Get the segregated data in a spreadsheet or other visual format. Using it, your team can start the analysis. With analysis, you understand:

  • Precise ratings of your products or services
  • Understand where selling of your products or services is more based on the exact specified area
  • Based on age and gender, you can define what your user base is, how people define your product and use it.
  • You can even get to know what expectations your customers have from the product/services.
  • Once you get the data and perceive your customer expectations, reasons behind using or not using your product, etc., you can make changes. Additionally, based on this data, you can also define your marketing campaigns, define product strategies, and more. All of these together will help you provide your customers with a better experience.

    Know the root causes:

    After analyzing your data, you can go much deeper into facts and know what issues your customers are facing. It will help you get more clarity on ways you can improve your customer experience.

    For example: if your customers are complaining about particular features or they don’t have any idea about ways to use your product. Then you can straightway contact them and help them via calls, video calls, etc.
    This will show that you care for your customers and are on your toes to provide better service.
    Check out this Twitter thread:

    I got an immediate response, and we had a call about using their tool appropriately. This shows that they understand their customers’ issues and are available to solve them. This whole thing leaves a lasting impression of the company on me, and I am very likely to be their customer in the future.

    Surveys and customer feedback are vital. You can use it to its full potential and know how your products are doing. It will even help you in decision making when and where needed.

    Creating the right products to make your customers’ life easy and serve them better is the aim of any business. And various CRM survey software helps to complete this task easily. There are various tools available in the market, which makes your task easy to carry out surveys.

    But, have you ever thought about using a survey that integrates with your CRM easily?

    Oh yes! You heard it right. Our SugarCRM Survey Rocket integrates with your CRM and helps you make your business more customer-centric. It will help you create interactive surveys using different survey templates, automation features, net promoter scores and more.

    Using all the above mentioned tools you can create detailed, creative, impactful surveys for your customers. This type of detailed surveys help to understand your customers’ feedback better, their expectations from your product, and your team can improve your product with this insight.

    Get different types of survey templates, survey automation features, net promoter scores, and more. The only and perfect solution for your business.

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