Dynamics CRM Plugins

AppJetty’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugins development embeds the value of CRM brilliance in your business processes. Our efficient and comprehensive microsoft crm plugins are capable enough to save a lot of time for your sales and customer support agents as well as streamline your purchases and inventory management. Some of our offerings include Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugins based Inventory Manager, Smart Alerts, Purchasing Assistant etc.

We provide with a number of free and paid MS CRM plugins. You can also obtain MS Dynamics CRM Apps, Extensions and Add-ons tailored to your needs. Just get in touch with us and we will develop the apps based on your requirements. View demo, check out the features and benefits you can get by integrating these plugins to your CRM system.


MS CRM plugins by AppJetty are extremely effective and easy to integrate solutions for your business requirements. We offer a wide range of free and premium Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugins. Our developers have strong portfolio in the ecommerce domain and building custom solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. We have been serving to the enterprise clientele since 11+ years and therefore, our solutions are apt to meet 360-degree requirements for your business.

One of the most popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugins of ours is the Stock Management for Dynamics CRM. It is a powerful MS Dynamics CRM App for all your needs to manage your stock related tasks using the CRM. Starting from stock booking to invoicing, warehouse management, auto-generate low stock POs, manage returns, and more. Our solutions are value for money products. Therefore, start your 30-days free trial now and experience them before you make the purchase.

If you wish to streamline the templates for your internal and standard external communications, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plugin - Calendar 365 is tailor-made for your requirements. You can manage all types of communications such as Phone Calls, Letters, Fax, and Emails using this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plugin. Additionally, it is built with the Calendar functionality included. Therefore, you can manage various activities, tasks and schedule the communications as per your requirements.

We often find it hard to believe that how the Microsoft CRM Software does not include enough functionalities in-built for auto-numbering. Especially for invoicing purposes, you often require custom “Prefix” and “Suffix”. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugin “Custom Auto Numbering” is just the right product for your requirement.

Microsoft CRM software is one of the most powerful enterprise-grade CRM platform there is available. In order to utilize the full range of its capabilities, using the CRM itself as backend tool and build customer app or employee app . A selfcare app or the employee app could be an interactive and effective tool to provide on the go access to your stakeholders.

Most importantly, we ensure that every piece of code written by us is tested and verified by experts. We assure that our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plugins are highly stable and secure. Therefore, you do not require to worry about any harm they may cause to your website as rogue software, virus or malware.