5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Surveys in Your CRM

Maulik Shah
May 23,2016

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is the cornerstone of modern business. At a time when customers are almost always spoilt for choice, the most effective way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is by managing your relationship with your customers in a way that delights them every time they interact with you. This is the reason why companies which are serious about customer satisfaction have a robust CRM system in place.

    A very potent way of enhancing customer satisfaction is by knowing what they want from you as a business. Customer surveys can help you get all the relevant information about your customers that you can use to give them a better service experience. But conducting standalone surveys can't utilize the existing customer data as efficiently as CRM integrated surveys can. There are other benefits that one can derive from a survey tool integrated within CRM.

    Let us have a closer look at five such benefits.

    1. Make the Best Use of Your CRM Customer Data

    Whether you are using any enterprise level software from biggies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc or a popular open source alternative like SugarCRM/SuiteCRM you will have a treasure trove of potential leads and customer contact data that you can use to send your surveys instantly to the people who matter most to you. You don't have to duplicate efforts trying to create a customer database to send the survey to.

    2. Get Real Time Feedback

    You have a list of opportunities whom you want to convert into your customers but don't know how? Asking them about their specific requirements (in other words, conducting a survey) is the right way to go about converting these opportunities into customers. Once all the feedback is collected, further qualifying the opportunities based on their responses can get you a step closer to your desired goal. But all this would be possible in a seamless way only if you have a survey tool deeply integrated into your CRM software.

    3. Solve Customer Complaints Before They get Escalated

    With an integrated survey option within your CRM system, you can easily reach out to customers with complaints and get feedback from them within minutes, and if possible, solve them instantly. This ensures that any negative experience your customers may have faced gets mitigated through instant action and relevant solution.

    4. Let the the Right Team Member Act in Time

    If your CRM has an in-built survey tool and you conduct surveys smartly, you can provide all your team members handling opportunities and customers a roadmap for future action to convert more sales. Let’s say you conduct a survey to find out the pain points of your prospective customers. With an integrated survey, all the team members handing such prospects can get intimated about the customer requirements and they can immediately act on them to close more sales.

    5. Reach The Right People

    If you conduct a standalone survey you run the risk of the survey being filled out by people who are not decision makers in their organization. But with a Crm integrated survey, even if the wrong person fills out the survey and gives feedback, you know who the real decision maker in that organization is and reach out to them with your solution.

    Whichever type of survey you conduct, if it gets integrated with your CRM software, you can make your CRM data work to conduct better quality surveys. Conversely, the data from your surveys can be used to service your customers better if it's part of your CRM system. CRM and feedback surveys share a symbiotic relationship that can benefit the organization as a whole and keep their customers more satisfied.

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