3 Key Traits of Mobile CRM Solutions That Can Drive Business Growth

Maulik Shah
May 08,2018

    In any business world, time is the most precious aspect. For every second saved, you coin up more money, you optimize resources. This can be done best with an optimized business process. When you drive your workforce in an organized method, it becomes easy to operate. To make your business processing proper and organize your workforce, you shouldn’t think twice about embracing Mobile CRM Solutions for business.

    One of the biggest reasons to do crm mobile app is; the world is migrating from the desktops to mobiles. Scenario of “Between the office hours” doesn’t work anymore. And these outdating scenarios are changing the way you do business. Such mega migration of internet users is bringing in a new trend for both businesses and customers. And it leads both to expect information available in real time and on the go.

    So, to satisfy the needs of these changes, you should also change the way you use technology. It is the time to upgrade your CRM application to a mobile CRM solution. Mobile CRM for Business helps your sales team with immediate access of their customer database. This immediate access enables them to share their latest requests, queries and issues with their colleagues. Such kind of business processing not only makes your operations smooth and fast, but also readers a great customer experience.

    Key 1: Business Growth by Mobile CRM Strategy

    If you are thinking how mobile CRM helps; the answer is pretty simple, it gears you up with a good mobile strategy. It will always be the ultimate truth that CRM is a strategy not a tactic. So, you must use it as a strategy. The core benefit of such solutions is less to provide mobile access and more to give the direction to your mobile strategy.

    Mobile CRM for Business provides a platform for businesses. With this platform, they can create their entire mobile strategy. Whether there is a need of customer app or distribution assisting app, a CRM strategy will always enrich it. It gives a direction for information synchronization and updation it in real time to your entire enterprise. Also, you can get a better idea on day to day processing with its instant request updation.

    Key 2: How Mobile CRM Helps with Its Basic Features?

    With instant request updates received through Mobile CRM, your salesperson with their smartphone or tablet and can operate these tasks,

    • Plan the Hours: When they receive requests in quick time, they can schedule their day in hours. It accelerates the work processing faster.
    • Plan Calendar: A sales representative can go through the calendar on the go and fix appointment in calendar. Calendar integration simplifies daily plan and workload distribution.
    • Click to Call: Click to call options on with app help customers to fix their appointment without visiting offices. They can also dial-in and have a meeting.
    • Quick Access to Leads and Contacts: Its all about saving time! Empowering your salesperson with on the go access of leads and contacts expedites their work actions.
    • Sharable Files: Mobile CRM Solutions for Business step over the hassles of maintaining hard copies and big files. Mobile CRM app has everything available for you. Just share it with clicks.
    • Dashboarding: Choose the features that you want and features that you don’t want to manage your customers. It makes your CRM app more interactive and drive business growth by mobile CRM.

    Key 3: Advancing Your CRM with an Advance App

    Confining your app with conventional features is injustice. Advancement always works! For your app too. Power up your app with cloud storage. Cloud based Mobile CRM Solutions help you to get rid of local copies. You can manage all your data on cloud in a centralized system. Just choose the teams, allow the access and watch, how your enterprise processing go self-revolutionization. Authorized users will access the data, share the information and update their cases in the system.

    This cohesive mechanism betters your relationships with customers. You can develop custom apps for your customers and employees, which will add data directly to the CRM Backend. Mobile CRM Solutions also help in rolling out new app releases. So, empower your sales team to spend more time on working sales as well as customer services and less time on managing the admin work.

    Mobile CRM Solutions for Business Works 360 Degree

    A CRM app not just helps you manage your customers but also manages various aspects of your business. It supervises multiple fronts of your business and proffer them a guidance as well. Operating throughout the organization, some of the major department it helps out with are,

    • Marketing: Strategies your marketing in sync with social media and other online platforms. CRM Analytics works as a roadmap for your marketing strategy.
    • Sales: Minimize the administrative overload and maximize the service efficiency. Data sharing makes things quick and apt.
    • Customer Support: Let your customers help themselves. Ticking system accelerate the support system and make the work delivery error free.
    • Service Strength: Know what is your capacity, how many customers you are operating and what they actually want? Real time customer data helps you to know your service strength.

    Advanced App to Manage Your Customers

    AppJetty, provides one of the best Mobile CRM for businesses with above mentioned capabilities. It is a CRM Mobile App available on SuiteCRM and SugarCRM platforms. It is a ready to use mobile app for businesses that enables them to manage their customers relationships round the clock on the go. This app comes with call logs, file attachments, e-signatures, voice notes, business card and QR code scanners, nearby search and many customer friendly features.

    TapCRM has the analytics feature. This feature adds the intelligence to your customers relationship management. Analytics reports assist sales team to understand their customer demands, choices and purchase nature. It also provides a bright idea about market scenario and your business position in that market. So, drive your business growth by Mobile CRM through TapCRM.


    Mobile apps are changing the world and so should you also change the way you do business. CRM solutions on mobile help you to the excel your business processing. It not only saves time and resources, but also delivers a happy customer experience. AppJetty offered TapCRM is also an option that can make your CRM operations better than great.

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