Mobile CRM App: Reasons Why It is Crucial for Your Business!

Maulik Shah
Jan 10,2018

    Consider a scenario. Your sales teams are out in the field to reach prospects and customers. What connects them with the customers and your company at once? The answer is Mobile CRM or Mobile Customer Relationship Management. It is an excellent tool for mobile devices. Not just that, it enables your sales team to access customer data either through a Mobile CRM App or a web-based browser.

    Different CRM platforms have come up with customized mobile apps. Suite and Sugar CRM systems are an ideal example of that. For operating these CRMs on the move, SuiteCRM Mobile App and Sugar CRM mobile app established their foothold in the market. They are compatible with Suite/Sugar platforms and work seamlessly.

    Why Mobile CRM?

    Maximizing ROI is one of the major goals of any company. Your sales team can help you greatly in achieving this goal. But, your team needs updates and real-time data. An uninterrupted access to useful company data provides real time support to the salespersons.

    The solution is: Mobile CRM! It assists you to get the most from thriving mobile technology. A Gartner study showed that a well-developed CRM application can assist you to get a whopping 41% increase in revenue per salesperson.

    The Mobile CRM App eases the sales process with improved team collaboration and 24/7 access to important information. You can get instant updates on the move. Apart from this major benefit Mobile CRM offers the following business benefits to your company:

    Increases Productivity

    A well-implemented mobile CRM app like SuiteCRM mobile app has a potential to be one of the biggest productivity boosters. It can save valuable time of sales team members in managing leads and following up on them. Your sales team can offer services in a more personalized manner.

    As per a report, different sales teams witnessed a 15% increase in productivity with the help of a mobile CRM app.

    Strengthens Relationship

    The growth of your business quite linearly depends on the relationships you maintain. You can grab business opportunities simply based on how you nurture relations. A robust Sugar CRM app can help you meet the objectives of rapport management. Customized Mobile CRM apps can manage your business contacts and sales leads.

    You can maintain customer details and customer communication in real time using CRM apps. Based on similar real- time updates for required communication triggers, you can drive your business seamlessly.

    Offers Actionable Insights

    The Mobile CRM is highly scalable. It allows you enables you to streamline sales processes and gain actionable insights. Using these insights, you can offer services with one-on-one approach. You can go through your customer’s history and their interactions with your company on the move.

    In a way, the Mobile CRM assists you to make informed decisions. This makes your business processes more customer-centric.

    Improves Sales Process Efficiency

    Every company strives for improving efficiency of sales process. But, only a few business persons have an idea about the elements necessary for this purpose. It is better to have an application that possesses all these elements. Some of these elements include process automation, improved reporting, and CRM integration, etc. You can manage sales and leads in a better way through such features.

    Typically, the Mobile CRM applications have these characteristics. Mobile CRM apps like SuiteCRM app/Sugar CRM mobile app can lead you to improve the sales process once you integrate them into the sales cycle.

    Provides Result-oriented Experience

    The Mobile CRM app is easy to install and customize as per your business demands. You can use it as per your changing sales requirement and see its impact on your company’s YoY revenue. It gradually leads you to get tangible results.

    A report said that a CRM mobile app could increase the cash flow by 10 percent. It clearly shows that how the mobile app can increase both productivity and profitability.

    To Conclude...

    These are just a few reasons why CRM mobile apps have drawn the attention of business persons globally. In other words, the mobile CRM is a handy tool that helps address inefficiency. You can use CRP application for:

    • Sales Process Optimization
    • Manage Operational Deadlines
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Reduce Organizational Cost

    Take an example of TapCRM, an intuitive and inventive SuiteCRM/Sugar CRM Mobile app by AppJetty. It enables sales reps and admins to manage the CRM system from remote places, and that too, using smartphones. Our all-in-one CRM manager offers a real-time data availability. With TapCRM, you can expect efficient CRM operations from your mobile!

    TapCRM is a robust Sugar CRM or SuiteCRM mobile app. It has many enterprise-grade features. Some of them are customizable modules, flexible layouts, Filters, Calendar, and communication-related features. The app comes with a user-friendly interface and a sophisticated Dashboard.

    You can also get a few exclusive functionalities in this Sugar/SuiteCRM mobile application. Some of the noteworthy CRM characteristics include importing contacts, mass update or deletion of records, single-click viewing or downloading, and activity stream for the real-time updates. You can keep eye on all the recent updates with these functions.

    It is fair to mention that TapCRM empowers your sales and marketing teams to serve customers in a better way. Your sales executives can resolve the customer’s issues quicker with enhanced accessibility to CRM system. What would you get as a result? Obviously, satisfied customers and cost reduction on support system!

    Have you ever utilized the mobile CRM at your workplace? Write to us and take 15 days free trial of one of our CRM mobile app - TapCRM. You will see a difference!

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