5 Ingredients that Make a Perfect SuiteCRM Mobile App!

Aditya Bhavsar
Aug 07,2018

With increasing competition, businesses are constantly figuring out new ways to serve their customers better than their competitors. Traditionally, the only way businesses knew to maximize their revenues was by providing tremendous value to their customers. However, in today’s rapidly disrupting economy, this is not enough! Along with good products, you must also deliver great customer service to keep up with the competition.

CRM is the tool using which giant businesses are dominating the markets. With the help of a CRM, you can deliver great customer service and a seamless user experience. Today, all the giant businesses already have a well-managed CRM to serve their customers – better than ever before!

The problem then is, for most of the businesses, the ideal means of managing their CRM systems is through personal computers. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! However, managing CRMs solely via personal computer systems limits businesses to reach their customers more often than not.

There are some drawbacks to working on desktops and office spaces. It enables you to be in reach with your customers only when a PC is accessible to you. What about the time when you are on a planned vacation or a weekly off? You cannot let your business slide while you are enjoying your weekends and holidays.

Understanding the severity of this problem, businesses have started adopting mobile CRM apps to reach their customers when they need them. Although giant companies have adopted the use of apps globally, there are many companies that are reluctant to accept the usefulness of a mobile CRM apps.

The perfect SuiteCRM mobile app targeted toward business professionals can help increase access to collateral, keep you more organized, better track performance and allow you to respond to customer issues more quickly.

It’s okay to say, that we are attached to our smartphones and mobile devices. The rise of mobile in all its various mutations means we have access to more information than ever before. And it’s accessible from our pockets, at the mere touch of a button.

"Mobile is the future. And there is no such thing as information overload." -Eric Schmidt, Google

While all the giant businesses are leveraging mobile CRM apps to build relationships with their customers, here are the ingredients that make a profitable, professional business CRM app:

Elegant & Smooth UI:

People love the quote, “Simple is beautiful!” Reason? No one likes to feel stupid by dealing with complicated stuff! As the matter of fact, people love user interface which is easy to understand and use. This principle applies to everything.

Your website, your new mobile phone as well as your mobile CRM app. With a rich and seamless UI, you can engage your customers better. This will help you increase customer interactions and maximize your business.

Timely Reminders

Have you ever missed an important follow up email that costed you a good deal? Well, being a business owner – you have many things to take care of. While juggling with a lot of business goals, it is likely to miss on important follow ups. This is when we need a CRM app which never misses any follow ups and keeps us posted about the upcoming follow ups and the pending tasks.

If you want to make the most out of your business, you should never miss important follow ups. Who better than a CRM app can remind you about your pending follow ups? Hence, while choosing a CRM for your business, it is essential to make sure it does not miss out any reminders for the follow ups that can potentially help you grow your business!

Scan QR Code/Business Cards:

Business card scanner comes to your rescue when you are seeking to store business card information in your CRM. With the help of a business card scanner, you can store business information in a matter of moments. You can also review the information before storing it – just to make sure it is free from any discrepancies!

Your SuiteCRM mobile app must have a business card/QR code scanner to help you be more productive and accomplish more.

A Relief from Making Notes

Taking notes and organizing them is a hassle to deal with. It takes a good deal of time while preparing the notes and then again when you need them, you have to go through a bunch of notes to find the one that you are seeking for. There should be a better way to save inputs from recent meetings and collect points which are easily retrievable and one can capture them much easily!

There actually is! Voice Notes is the answer. Record the important bits of information while driving or walking around the street. Link these audio files to your records and you can download them whenever you want to revisit the details.

Just as your smartphone, make sure your CRM is smart enough to record and store voice notes that are important in a well-organized manner.


We live in the world of immediacy. People want it now! With higher expectations and increasing demands of your customers, it is essential for you to match their expectations. The question is, does your CRM app allow you to sign the document electronically right from your smartphone?

It is important for your CRM app to allow you sign documents electronically. Make sure your business CRM app allows you to exchange docs and files instantly that needs your sign.

Here’s the good news! Won’t it be a tricky job to find a SuiteCRM mobile app that entails all the features at once? Well, it was, until we realized the problem giant companies were facing and decided to solve it for the good!

We worked day in and day out. We toiled, pushed harder every single day, consumed all the caffeine that we possibly could, to create a rich solution which suffices business needs of giants across the globe. Our efforts were remarkable and resulted in a robust solution that we are proud to be the creators of. We call it “TapCRM”.

TapCRM is everything that you will ever need to manage your SuiteCRM from your mobile devices. With the help of TapCRM, you can accomplish everything that you can possibly do from a personal computer.

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