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Experience MappyField 365: Visualize. Plan. Monitor. Succeed

Experience MappyField 365: Visualize. Plan. Monitor. Succeed.

Mappyfield for Dynamics 365 can be a game changer for businesses for whom location intelligence is the heart for scaling their reach in the modern era. Mappyfield 365 can especially help businesses with:

  • Data loading speed for huge data
  • Productivity enhancer automation tools
  • Better deals, support, customer service
  • Seamless, intuitive & interactive UI
  • Connect instantly with onfield team via Live Chat

Accelerate your Business With Mappyfield 365 + Dynamics CRM

Your field business needs next-generation productivity tools to manage multiple aspects of your business. Mappyfield is the right choice for you.

Accelerate your Business With Mappyfield 365 + Dynamics CRM
  • Live Chat for Instant Connectivity

    Live Chat for Instant Connectivity Exclusive

    Bridge the gap between onfield teams and managers with Live Chat. Instantly connect with onfield team for quick decision-making and sharing valuable insights.

    Import and Plot External Data (CSV)

    Import and Plot External Data (CSV) (Upcoming)

    Import external data from a CSV file into the map and plot it. Also, import the data into Dynamics CRM.

  • Build More Pipelines and Drive Revenue

    Build More Pipelines and Drive Revenue

    With custom territory management and proximity search, build segmented pipelines for your marketing, sales, or field service teams.

    Plot Related Records

    Plot Related Records (Upcoming)

    Plot and view an individual entity's details and related records on the map.

  • Appointments Automation

    Appointments Automation

    Automate visit scheduling of reps with Direct Appointment Booking, Proximity based Auto Check-ins, Meeting Notes, and activity planning seamlessly!

    Create Activity While Saving and Updating a Route

    Create Activity While Saving and Updating a Route (Upcoming)

    Add an activity like "appointment" when saving or updating a route in Dynamics 365 Map.

  • Data Visualization on Maps

    Data Visualization on Maps

    Visualize, Filter, and Geocode your CRM Data on Maps and create heatmaps with a lot of different junction possibilities for easy and better business decisions.

    Smart Routing: Save Time & Materials

    Smart Routing: Save Time & Materials

    Create, optimize, manage and share routes for field reps, watch their progress and locations through map. Save more with less fuel and time consumption!

Make your on-field and off-field teams more productive

Be it creating productive routes for reps or completing all the appointments without missing any, Mappyfield 365 can serve these better!

  • Sales Teams

    Equip your field sales team with better tools, reduce their operational overheads and allow them to focus more on conversions.

  • Marketing Teams

    With Mappyfield, your marketing team can plan niche campaigns with localizations and generate fruitful pipelines for sales teams.

  • Field Service Teams

    Extend your door-to-door services, be it cleaning, repairing, collections, and deliveries, more effectively with Mappyfield 365.

Make your on-field and off-field teams more productive
  • Delivery Teams

    Enable your delivery team with optimized routes of delivery, reduce order-to-delivery turnaround and serve customers faster!

  • Managers from Office

    Enable your managerial level to visualize operations progress, make better decisions with analytics, and monitor teams effectively.

  • Partners, Suppliers & Distributors

    Make your distribution channels faster by identifying nearby suppliers and partners within the territories to grow your business.

Mappyfield 365 and Industries



Healthcare & Pharma

Professional Services

Professional Services



Scheduling and Tracking

Scheduling and Tracking

Mobile App for Field Reps

MappyField has a fully functional mobile version. Employee's work and transit hours are noted (Proof of Work). Boost productivity by reducing time wasted in understanding location.

Live Tracking

With live location tracking, managers can know if executives were actually where they say they were at specific times. Eliminate scope of miscommunication or time theft.

Visit Planner

Managers can design daily schedules of their on-field teams to assign each agent with client details and a route that shows the sequence of meeting clients.

Automatic Check-In and Check-Out

Auto check-in and check-out when sales reps enter and leave the radius of the client locations, respectively.

Optimized Route Plotting

Optimized Route Plotting

Point of Interest (POI)

Find restaurants, cafes, banquets, medical stores, gas stations, etc., along the way to save time and fuel consumption.

Open Route in Google or Apple Maps

Sales reps can access the route links using Google Maps or Apple Maps to view the route designed by managers.

Share Route via Email

Send optimized routes to sales reps over email that connects all client locations. Sales reps can use these links to find the shortest route on Maps.

Proximity Search

Proximity Search

Through Location

Search client locations around your current location for a quick view of customers in nearby proximity.

With Distance

Add upto three proximity levels to find nearby records based on added proximity (based on Kilometers and Miles).

By Time

Find clients in your proximity by using time as a filter to see how many clients are nearby.

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Territory Management

Improve visualization of records, assign sales reps, prioritize and manage a group of customers and prospects, who are typically organized by segments such as geography, industry, etc.

Heat Maps

Visualize entities based on region (city, state, country) or choose no boundary where different colors are used based on the density of records.

Geo-Analytical Dashboards

Choose from multiple dashboards to refine marketing strategy, analyze risks, improve customer experience, monitor business performance, and more.

Map CRM Data with

Map CRM Data with ….

Filters like Region, Drawing, Territory, or by User

View data on the desired proportion of the map by using different filters like region, drawings, territory, or user.

DataGrid and Summary Card

Access all the records from the map screen with the data grid. Get summarized statistical information on the records in the given area.

Geocode any Record(s)

Geocode all the records in bulk or automate the process to save time.



Global & User Level Configurations

Define global configurations for all the resources as well as allow user-level configuration to satisfy different requirements.

Security Templates

Give access to configure quick actions like change owner, create new activity, delete records, etc., and filters like by region, drawing, territory, proximity, user/team on the map at the user level.


View MappyField in your preferred language to make the best use of it.

Quick Actions Directly From the Map

Quick Actions Directly From the Map

Follow-Up Activities

Define the next course of action items, add follow-up appointments, tasks, and more within the map interface.

Add to Marketing List

Quickly add records to your current marketing list or create one right there.

Save your preferences

Save frequently used filters to avoid entering details every time you want to see the desired records.

Mappyfield and its compatibilities

Mappyfield and its compatibilities

Any Device, Any Language

Mappyfield 365, our Dynamics 365 map solution, is fully compatible with multiple languages and devices, from mobile to large desktops.

Dynamics CRM and its versions

Supports Dynamics CRM version 8.2 and onwards, Online & On-Premise.

Support with Dataverse

Mappyfield is compatible with PowerApps and Dataverse.

Points to Note

  • AppJetty License authentication is required for our product MappyField 365 from configuration from web access.
  • Supports Bing Maps extensively and Google Maps for plotting, routing, and geocoding.
  • The user needs to generate the Bing Maps API Key from https://www.bingmapsportal.com/
  • Pop-ups should not be blocked in a web browser.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powerapps
  • Responsive (Mobile Browser Support)
  • App Support (Unified User Interface) is available for Dynamics 365.
  • PowerApps (CDS) Support

MappyField 365 Pricing

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Documents & FAQs

MappyField 365: Installation Configuration

Explore how to install and configure the MappyField 365 plugin.

MappyField 365: Map View Functionalities

Learn how to make the best use of the MappyField 365 functionalities.

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General FAQs

What versions of Dynamics CRM does the plugin support?

The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powerapps.

Can you customize the plugin as per my requirement?

Definitely. You can share your customization request at [email protected] .

Do you provide demo?

Yes, we do. You can view the demo by clicking on "Request Demo".

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You can refer to our refund policy by clicking on the following URL
refund policy.

Is the plugin supported on all browsers?

This plugin provides support for Edge (v12 and above), Firefox (v29 and above), Chrome (v33 and above), Safari (v7.1 and above) and Opera (v20 and above).


Technical FAQs

Does it provide the facility to get geocode(latitude and longitude) from the address?

Yes, you need to click on 'Get Geocode' button in particular records.

Who can set default configuration settings?

Only System Administrator can set default configuration settings.

Can I view entity records based on their views from the MappyField?

Yes, you can view all the records as per their view.

Does it provide a way to generate geocode automatically for new records of a particular entity?

Yes, it does. You need to mark the checkbox in Entity To Map dialog box.

Does it provide a way to generate geocode for all records?

Yes, it does. You can set cron and days. Cron will run and generate geocode for all mapped entities.

Is the plugin supported for PowerApps(CDS)?

Yes, Our Plugin is supported for PowerApps(CDS).

Can I as a Sales Manager schedule my team's weekly or monthly schedule?

Yes, you can do the same with the help of your Autoschedule feature. You can checkout this Blog to understand the functionality of the same.

Can I track my on-field team?

Yes, we have just added the feature of live tracking that allows you to live track your resources, their activities, and their location history.

Does Mappyfield support custom fields created to store the address in the CRM entity?

Yes, Mappyfield 365 supports custom fields created to store addresses in the CRM. The created address fields should be a single line of text fields.

Is there a cap on how many points of interest (POIs) I can retrieve using Bing Maps?

Yes, there’s a cap on the number of POIs that you can retrieve! With a basic key, you can search for POIs up to 25 times. However, you get unlimited POI queries if you have an Enterprise key.

What is the geocoding process in MappyField 365?

MappyField 365 uses the same geocoding process as Bing Maps. It relies on Bing Maps' algorithms and data sources to convert addresses and locations into map coordinates. Put simply, all the geocodes are retrieved from Bing Maps.

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Change Log

Version 6.2 : February 15, 2022

  • Google Map integration for plotting, routing and geocoding
  • Ability to use free hand tool as a drawing tool
  • Visualize activities on the map and calendar on the same page
  • Addition of approval flow for late check-in/check-out
  • Ability to edit auto schedule as per users’/customers’ availability and recreate route and schedule.
  • Speed improvements : Now plot bulk data on the map quickly!

Version 6.1 : December 7, 2021

  • Apply user configuration
  • Added hierarchical territory
  • Added dynamic record map
  • Defining geographies from CRM
  • Added draft territory
  • Added asset and truck configuration
  • Approve/reject pending check-in/check-out
  • Added quick create activity feature
  • Added plot by county option in map
  • Route email configuration

Version 6.0.0 : May 19, 2021

  • Added territory management and heat map in map page
  • Open map in full screen
  • Added territory plotting from map
  • Apply filter and plot data
  • Added auto territory assignment for accounts and leads
  • Feature to send reminder to the record owner for check-in/checkout
  • Show record statistics related to territory being created
  • Added street side map view
  • Added functionality to show measures for shape drawn
  • Added functionality to Import bulk territories using CSV file
  • Added functionality to directly create task and appointment from map
  • Added functionality to set default template in map
  • Added functionality to save template and set default template in heatmap

Version 5.0 : October 28, 2020

  • Upgraded UI and UX
  • Added Live User Tracking using Firebase
  • Added MappyField 365 Dynamic Dashboard feature
  • Added Create Record on selected POI feature
  • Added Customize pin support
  • Added Shape operation on drawing search
  • Added User guided tour
  • Added Edit activities feature from map

Version 4.2.1 : March 19, 2020

  • Apple Map Integration
  • Rebranding - Quick Maps is now MappyField 365

Version 4.2 : February 19, 2020

  • Auto Scheduling
  • Live User Tracking

Version 4.1 : January 20, 2020

  • Added autozoom on drawn shape feature
  • Visualize along the route data in data grid
  • Added cluster support in dashboards
  • Find shortest route using SPF algorithm
  • Navigate Routes via Waze or Google Map
  • Plot multiple regions using region filter
  • Added reporting dashboard
  • Custom activity entity support for check in / Check Out
  • Added add notes and add attachment feature in checkout
  • UI/UX changes
  • Minor Bug fixes

Version 4.0 : October 10, 2019

  • Added Territory management
  • Added Advanced Heat Map
  • Added Advanced Options in Entity to map configurations
  • Added User Wise configuration
  • Added Security Template Configuration
  • Added Contextual menu from map
  • Added Non geocoded Records Report
  • Added Advanced Individual Record Map
  • Added Email Template selection while sending email
  • Added Check In Check out from activities feature
  • Added More Default CRM functionalities from map for case, invoice, and quote
  • Added Search records by the user (Owner) in Map functionality
  • Added ‘Along the route’ option
  • Added MappyField 365 Service Activity Dashboard
  • Added View Travel Distance on proximity search

Version 3.1 : April 26, 2019

  • Record redirection from dashboards
  • Clustered Maps
  • Save map as template feature
  • Updated direction module
  • Added Button selection for entities to display in the infobox
  • Added Map download feature
  • Assign routes to users feature
  • Added map view in the entity list
  • UI Enhancements

Version 3.0 : January 30, 2019

  • Added Analytical Dashboard
  • Added Customer related entities support
  • Added Heat Map configurations
  • Added Concentric Proximity
  • Added Advanced Summary card
  • Added Category selection
  • Added View and Delete options
  • Functionality to Qualify, Disqualify and Reactivate Lead from map
  • Functionality to Activate and Deactivate Account/Contact from map
  • Added more POI options
  • Added Individual record map
  • Added user access definition option
  • Added custom view support for plot records
  • Added Auto-suggest with business search suggestion
  • UI Enhancements
  • Multi Language Support
  • Added Mobile Support using Unified User Interface
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 2.2 : November 27, 2018

  • Upgrade code standard as per Microsoft guidelines
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements

Version 2.1 : August 02, 2018

  • Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

Version: 2.0 : May 02, 2018

  • Added record filtration
  • Added data grid
  • Added data export options
  • Added summary card
  • Added option to find Point of Interests
  • Functionality to share locations
  • Functionality to create tasks and appointments from map
  • Functionality to save, view locations
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements

Version 1.0 : February 23, 2018

  • Quick Maps is Released.