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Calendar 365: A powerful alternative

Calendar 365: A powerful alternative to Calendly for Dynamics 365

Calendar 365 is a tailor-made scheduling platform and end-to-end activity management solution with progress monitoring. It is a plugin within Dynamics 365, so you can be worry-free about your data and from managing multiple 3rd party integrations. You just need to enable your business hours and event types, and Calendar 365 will manage the slots dynamically. Save more time, avoid delays and perform better!

Extend the Usefulness of Dynamics 365 With Calendar 365

Better collaboration within teams reduces delays and internal costs. Leverage better outcomes at the end of each day with effective scheduling and better communication.

Extend the Usefulness of Dynamics 365 With Calendar 365
  • Appointment Scheduling

    Collision-Free Appointment Scheduling (Exclusive)

    Automate appointment scheduling by sharing your availability with prospects. Let them book appointments at their convenience.

    Enhance User Flexibility

    Enhance User Flexibility (New)

    Global, Group, and Round-robin event features offer users the flexibility they need to schedule meetings according to their preferences without any fuss

  • Availability of Resources

    Availability of Resources

    Keep an eye on the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of your resources and assign new activities for effective use of their time.

    For any Device, any Language

    Customize for the Best Viewing Experience (New)

    Access the information quickly and efficiently by customizing multiple fields from customer and entity calendars

  • Easy Event Booking

    Easy Event Booking

    Our Calendar 365 best serves for booking conferences for meetings or rooms for learning or fun activities.

    Flawless Meeting Scheduling

    Flawless Meeting Scheduling (New)

    Seamless integration with popular platforms such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Zoom for effortless meeting scheduling

  • Activity Progress

    Activity Progress Monitoring

    Plot activity schedules with advanced filters to the calendar view and ensure timely completion with on-time follow-ups and transparent engagement.

    For any Device, any Language

    For any Device, any Language

    Operate Calendar 365 on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, and experience the best UI to do your activities uninterrupted.

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization of any Entity

    Be it any entity with a time-box usage, you can plot it over a calendar and track it through the entire lifecycle.

Teams that need seamless collaboration for greater outcomes

With Calendar 365, you not only schedule appointments faster but can track the entire activity cycle of teams and connect with people effectively within Dynamics 365.

  • Customer Success

    Allow customers to schedule meetings with you at their convenience and get faster resolutions. Improve customer retention and satisfaction rates.

  • Marketing

    Build your marketing pipeline with instant prospect catch-ups, reduce lead engagement cycles, and visualize further lead progress.

  • Sales

    Be easily approachable to customers and track the entire sales cycle with a set of planned activities. Avoid delays, and drive more conversions and revenue.

Teams that need seamless collaboration for greater outcomes
  • Software & IT

    Visualize your Project or IT service request progress through the calendar interface and plan the next follow-ups and activities accordingly.

  • Field Service

    Manage your field sales & services effectively by enabling your on-field reps with a better scheduling and activity monitoring plug-in. Create work orders easily for your field service team to always have the right information on the field.

  • Recruitment

    Hire more candidates by engaging with flexible appointment scheduling and tracking the entire recruiting process with Calendar 365.

Scheduling made Easy With Calendar 365

Scheduling made Easy With Calendar 365

Add Working Hours & Set Custom Services

Users can add available working hours and get a unique link. Using this link, any CRM or non-CRM prospects can book appointments with you. To sort different calls, create custom calls like intro calls for 15 mins, discussion calls for 30 mins, demo calls for 60 mins, and so on.

Set Meeting Preference & Get Personalized Link

Pre-defined availability preferences save you from over-promising more than your schedule. Add some buffer time before and after your meetings for smooth schedules every day.

Appointment Reschedule & Cancellation

Set a time frame for prospects to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Priorly know about the status of meetings to use time wisely.

Integration With Google and Outlook Calendar

Our Calendar 365 is integrable with Google and Outlook Calendars and allows direct sync with these apps.

All-in-One Calendar to Manage Resources and their Activities

All-in-One Calendar to Manage Resources and their Activities

Availability Management

Clear visualization of resources and their availability. See the activities they are indulged in for a better perspective of their work.

Multiple Calendar Views

Calendar 365 offers different types of views like Top Down, Gantt, Timeline, and Agenda views. Different views give more visualization power and a better context to data.

Activity Management

Create activities and manage all the CRM activities within calendar 365.

Conflict Management

Get a warning message when you book an appointment with someone already occupied.

Manage Customer Sales Journey With our Customer Calendar

Manage Customer Sales Journey With our Customer Calendar

Complete Sales Lifecycle

View how interactions with customers are going on and which resources are assigned for all those activities. Have a complete sales lifecycle of a customer and activities integrated with it within Calendar 365.

Activity Management

Manage all the tasks and appointments and such others of all the customer accounts with Calendar 365.

Access all your Dynamics 365 Entity With Entity Calendar

Access all your Dynamics 365 Entity With Entity Calendar

View Multiple Default and Custom Entities

Apart from Resource Calendar and Customer Calendar, Calendar 365 allows entity customization as well. Choose custom entities and activities for more specific use cases.

Customizable Entity Form

Customize entity form with different entities as per its use case. Hover over the entity records on Calendar 365 to see customized details about them. All the fields in the form are customizable.

Filtered View for all CRM Entities

Color code different entities for better visualization and choose the layout preference as per your requirements.



Global and User-Level Configuration

Don’t let static views hamper your productivity. Our Calendar 365 gives the flexibility to personalize the view as you like.

Personalized Activity Configuration

Configure different types of activities with different colors to improve visualization.

Layout Customization

Configure the layout as you like to boost productivity and have a clear visualization of resource availability.

User Level Restriction

Have complete control over configurations. Customize the configuration you want to share with your resources.

Advanced Filter to Improve Productivity

Advanced Filter to Improve Productivity

Team and Business Units

Visualize team activities for a better understanding of the ongoing work. Helps in improving team productivity and faster deliveries.

Activity Status and Priority Filters

Filter activities based on status like open, completed, and in progress; priorities like high, low, and normal for a more specific view.

Predefined Holidays and Custom Holidays

Add or upload a list of custom holidays to view along with Google Calendar holidays.

Save and Share Filtered View

Save the filters you use frequently and use Calendar 365 worry-free. No saved filter data will be lost on auto-reload.

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Manage your time and all tasks, activities, and appointments seamlessly from anywhere and everywhere with our mobile-compatible Dynamics Calendar 365 plugin. You can access our plugin in model-driven apps, unified user interface, web, mobile, and tablet.

Points to Note

  • While creating the activity in Calendar 365, the user should enter the Activity's subject along with the activity's start date and End Date.
  • Calendar 365 will synchronize activities directly with the ‘Activities Module’ in CRM.
  • Enable popups from the CRM side.
  • Users must have rights to the activity entity.
  • Clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button from Calendar 365 will refresh all activities in the calendar.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powerapps.

Calendar 365 Pricing

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Documents & FAQs

Calendar 365: Calendar Views & Functionalities

Explore how and when to use different functionalities and views of Calendar 365.

Calendar 365: Installation & Configuration

A step-by-step guide to install and configure Calendar 365.

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General FAQs

What versions of Dynamics CRM are supported?

The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powerapps.

Can you customize the plugin as per my requirement?

Definitely. You can share your customization request at [email protected] .

Do you provide demo?

Yes, we do. You can view the demo by clicking on "Request Demo".

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You can refer to our refund policy by clicking on the following URL
refund policy.

Is the plugin supported on all browsers?

This plugin provides support for Edge (v12 and above), Firefox (v29 and above), Chrome (v33 and above), Safari (v7.1 and above) and Opera (v20 and above).

Is the plugin supported for PowerApps(CDS)?

Yes, Our Plugin is supported for PowerApps(CDS).


Technical FAQs

Who can set default configuration settings?

Only System Administrator can set default configuration settings.

Does it allow printing multiple views of the Calendar?

Yes, the plugin has the feature of “Print Calendar” by which you can print the calendar in the multiple views.

Does it allow creating an activity event from the Calendar?

Yes, the user can click or select timeline to create an event of any activity on the calendar.

Can I update an event from the Calendar?

Yes, you can update the event by dragging and dropping it in the calendar. It also allows resizing event time. A user can also edit an activity in Calendar 365 by clicking on the event in the calendar.

Can I view activities based on their status from the Calendar?

Yes, you can view activities as per their status. The possible status of task can be: Open, Scheduled, Completed and Canceled.

Can holidays be shown in calendar?

Yes, you can display the holidays in the calendar based on country specified by the admin under default configurations.

How can I generate Google API Key for displaying Holidays?

To generate Google API Key for displaying Holidays in the Calendar, refer to https://console.developers.google.com/apis..

Does it provide a reminder of the activity?

Yes, the plugin provides the reminder of the activity through a notification.

Does it allow Activity Details viewing from the calendar?

Yes, you can view the activity details by hovering the mouse on the activity from the calendar.

Does it allow customizing the appearance of the activities to be displayed in the calendar?

Yes, the Admin user can customize the appearance of the activities to be displayed in the calendar as per the requirements.

Is it possible to display default user working hours in the calendar?

Yes, you can either display default working hours of users in the calendar or use our custom-made resource scheduling feature to display scheduled working hours of users.

Can i embed calendar 365 in my dashboard or in any other sitemap?

Yes, you can do the that. You can checkout this Blog to understand the functionality of the same.

Is it possible to configure and display activities based on owners color configuration?

Yes,You can configure color of every owner in calendar 365 and can display activities based on owner color.

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Change Log

Version: 7.1 : March 28, 2024

  • Create booking links for Group, Global and Round-robin meetings with ease
  • Customize and add "View Selection" in your Customer Calendar
  • Hassle-free schedule syncing with Outlook and Google Calendar integration
  • Seamlessly schedule unscheduled work orders in the calendar

Version: 7.0 : September 7, 2022

  • Create working hours for every calendar
  • Added meeting link feature to share meeting links with customers
  • Create multiple calendars for the same entity with different filters like an owner, customer, or any custom field
  • Color code entity data for different fields
  • Create, update, delete, drag-drop, and resize entity records timeline directly from the calendar
  • Create a calendar using different custom fields
  • View custom and Google Calendar holidays in Entity Calendar
  • Updated and simplified UI/UX for the calendar configuration
  • Improved email reminders for all the actions

Version: 6.0 : July 14, 2021

  • Added entity calendar feature to create calendar over different entities
  • Send email to required/optional attendees while creating appointments

Version: 5.5 : February 24, 2021

  • Added View Activities In Resource Scheduler View Feature
  • Added Withdraw available slot in Resource Scheduler View Feature
  • Added Conflict And Resource Availability management with details Feature
  • UI/UX Update

Version: 5.3 : May 20, 2020

  • Added Resource Scheduling/Working Hours Feature
  • Added Dynamic Date & Time Format Feature
  • Added Multiple language calendar and datetime picker labels feature

Version: 5.1 : November 27, 2019

  • Added custom entity
  • Two calendars will be there: Resource calendar and Customer calendar
  • Added functionality to display activity color by status or priority
  • Added functionality to search activity by Subject/Regarding/Description
  • Added Title format selection for Calendar
  • Added functionality to set Default Regarding entity for each user
  • Added Title Attribute selection for activities
  • Added functionality to set Default calendar
  • Added functionality to move Shared Calendar to Saved Calendar list

Version: 4.0 : November 27, 2018

  • The name changed from All in One Calendar to Calendar 365
  • Track/view & schedule customer activities related to Opportunity, Lead, Case, Quote, Sales Order & Invoice modules
  • Added Contacts & Accounts as resources to manage customer activities
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements

Version: 2.0 : September 11, 2017

  • View Holidays for the specified country
  • Receive reminders for the activities even through the Email Notifications
  • Easily view the activities as per their statuses in All In One Calendar

Version: 1.0 : July 21, 2017

  • All In One Calendar has been Released.

Version: 6.2 : April 28, 2022

  • Drag & drop, resize entity record in Entity Calendar
  • Create, edit and copy Entity Record feature
  • Add Auto Refresh functionality
  • First half and Second half holiday Feature
  • Status wise filter in Entity Calendar
  • Quick Create Entity Record feature in Entity Calendar
  • Holiday support in Entity Calendar
  • Configure Enable/Disable user level configuration
  • Manually create user level configuration
  • Auto Follow-Up appointment activity creation

Version: 6.1 : October 6, 2021

  • Added user level configurations for the calendar
  • Updated UI/UX of calendar configuration
  • Added multiple file upload for custom holidays feature
  • Added filter created leaves with multiple filters
  • Added saved calendar view feature in Entity Calendar
  • Added CRM quick create feature in calendar
  • Added multi-language file upload support
  • Added control for drag and drop operation and new activity creation

Version: 5.6 : June 16, 2021

  • Added work report feature to view number of activities for each user
  • Ability to assign default required/optional record for appointment
  • Dynamically manage calendar start date and end date
  • Configure time format in either 12 hr or 24 hr format
  • Leave request and approval from the calendar
  • Desktop notifications

Version: 5.4 : December 9, 2020

  • Owner wise colorize activity
  • Add Business Unit as Resource
  • Set time slot in Day/Week/N day view
  • All Day Event For appointment
  • Share calendar view with team
  • Select Owner for Create/Update/Copy Activity

Version: 5.2 : January 21, 2020

  • Add resource booking - scheduling board for field service & project service automation
  • Add notes to the any activity
  • Highlight expired activities (overdue activities)
  • Enable or Disable read only option for custom activities
  • Provided saved calendar view selection on calendar page
  • Minor UI/UX Changes

Version: 5.0 : June 25, 2019

  • Added Campaign activity and Recurring appointment support
  • Added facility/equipment as resources to manage customer activities
  • Added Slot Duration option for TOP-Down View
  • Added dynamic Tool tip and popup details Attributes selection for activities
  • Added dynamic Button Configuration/Selection for activities
  • Added Unscheduled Activities and Conflict Management
  • Added Location Suggestion
  • Added functionality to Edit and Copy activities from calendar
  • Added functionality to save public and private calendars
  • Added functionality to share and update saved calendars
  • Added Search activity by subject functionality
  • Added functionality to add regarding for multiple activities from calendars
  • Added Functionality to Complete or Cancel activities from calendar
  • Added Mobile Support using Unified User Interface
  • UI Enhancements

Version: 3.0 : July 04, 2018

  • Added activity grid
  • Added activity filtration
  • Added activity export options
  • Added service activity
  • Functionality to save calendar, view calendar
  • Functionality to convert all activities to opportunity
  • Functionality to convert all activities to case
  • Functionality to convert email activity to lead
  • Functionality to share event details in email
  • Functionality to re-assign event to user
  • Functionality to delete event
  • Multi Language Support
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements

Version: 1.1 : August 16, 2017

  • Create and Manage Custom Activities as per the need
  • See all the Calendar Views in Day Span View as well
  • Easily Share Activities like Appointments, Email, Fax, Letter, Phone Call and Custom Activities with related resources
  • Easily Manage Attachments with activities like Emails, Appointments and Custom Activities