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A Dynamics Calendar 365
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Managing all your customers, appointments, meetings, etc. in your Dynamics CRM while keeping a separate calendar? Not anymore! We have the perfect calendar plugin to go with Dynamics CRM. A calendar that gives you an overview of the scheduled, ongoing, and completed activities of the whole team with the support of PowerApps (CDS). Make your days more productive by starting with us today!

Why Use Calendar 365 For Microsoft CRM?

Activity Management

Create and manage your activities and tasks related to accounts, contacts, users, teams, and facility/equipment. Add custom activities such as birthdays and events effortlessly using our Dynamics CRM plugin.

Shareable Calendar

Now easily share your calendar or ask your team members to share their calendar with you or the entire team to manage all the day-to-day activities right from the CRM calendar. This enhances team productivity and efficiency.

Resource Management

Manage your facility/equipment, business management, contacts, users, teams, and accounts effortlessly from our Dynamics CRM calendar plugin. Easily create service activity and assign related resources, customers, and regarding accordingly. Let resources apply for leaves and approve the requests on the go right from within Calendar.

Entity Calendar

Our Dynamics CRM calendar plugin helps you create multiple calendars for different CRM entities. You can even configure the calendar attributes according to your requirements.

Fully Configurable

Have a quick overview of what’s going on by configuring the default dashboard. With Dynamics Calendar, you get to choose required activities, entities, modules, schedules, etc. and create your personalized dashboard.

Multiple Saved Calendars

Save different calendar settings as templates to create different calendar views. You can easily create, share, and access these saved calendar views as and when you require.

Customer Calendar

With our tool, you can create individual customer calendars as per their ongoing tasks or activities. Easily share these created calendars with assigned resources making it easier for them to prioritize their schedules accordingly.

Real-time Reminders

Keep up with your day using our Dynamics CRM calendar and get activity reminders according to your preference on your screen as well as email or desktop notifications in open tabs.

Multiple Language Support

Manage your activities and perform necessary actions in a language you prefer using our Calendar 365. Our extension supports multiple languages and lets you manage daily operations without any ambiguity.

Remarkable Features

Create & Manage Multiple Activities

Create & Manage Multiple Activities

Create & Manage Multiple Activities

No more managing multiple calendars and forgetting events, email follow-ups, etc. Create, edit and copy CRM activities as well as custom activities.

Quick Multiple Actions

Activity Filtration

Resource Scheduling

Productive Calendar Views

Drag & Drop to Reschedule

Work Report Feature

User-level Configuration

  • Create & Manage Multiple Activities

  • Quick Multiple Actions

  • Activity Filtration

  • Resource Scheduling

  • Productive Calendar Views

  • Drag & Drop to Reschedule

  • Work Report Feature

  • User-level Configuration

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Compatible with Mobile Devices

Manage your time and all tasks, activities, and appointments seamlessly from anywhere and everywhere with our mobile compatible Dynamics Calendar 365 plugin. You can access our plugin in model driven apps, unified user interface, web, mobile, and tablet.

Points to Note

  • While creating the activity in Calendar 365, the user should enter the Subject of the Activity along with the Start Date and End Date of the activity.
  • Calendar 365 will synchronize activities directly with the ‘Activities Module’ in CRM.
  • Enable popups from the CRM side.
  • Users must have rights to the activity entity.
  • Clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button from Calendar 365 will refresh all activities in the calendar.
  • Dynamics 365 Online and On-premise.
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Change Log

Version: 6.2 : April 28, 2022
  • Drag & drop, resize entity record in Entity Calendar
  • Create, edit and copy Entity Record feature
  • Add Auto Refresh functionality
  • First half and Second half holiday Feature
  • Status wise filter in Entity Calendar
  • Quick Create Entity Record feature in Entity Calendar
  • Holiday support in Entity Calendar
  • Configure Enable/Disable user level configuration
  • Manually create user level configuration
  • Auto Follow-Up appointment activity creation
Version: 6.1 : October 6, 2021
  • Added user level configurations for the calendar
  • Updated UI/UX of calendar configuration
  • Added multiple file upload for custom holidays feature
  • Added filter created leaves with multiple filters
  • Added saved calendar view feature in Entity Calendar
  • Added CRM quick create feature in calendar
  • Added multi-language file upload support
  • Added control for drag and drop operation and new activity creation
Version: 6.0 : July 14, 2021
  • Added entity calendar feature to create calendar over different entities
  • Send email to required/optional attendees while creating appointments
Version: 5.6 : June 16, 2021
  • Added work report feature to view number of activities for each user
  • Ability to assign default required/optional record for appointment
  • Dynamically manage calendar start date and end date
  • Configure time format in either 12 hr or 24 hr format
  • Leave request and approval from the calendar
  • Desktop notifications
Version: 5.5 : February 24, 2021
  • Added View Activities In Resource Scheduler View Feature
  • Added Withdraw available slot in Resource Scheduler View Feature
  • Added Conflict And Resource Availability management with details Feature
  • UI/UX Update
Version: 5.4 : December 9, 2020
  • Owner wise colorize activity
  • Add Business Unit as Resource
  • Set time slot in Day/Week/N day view
  • All Day Event For appointment
  • Share calendar view with team
  • Select Owner for Create/Update/Copy Activity
Version: 5.3 : May 20, 2020
  • Added Resource Scheduling/Working Hours Feature
  • Added Dynamic Date & Time Format Feature
  • Added Multiple language calendar and datetime picker labels feature
Version: 5.2 : January 21, 2020
  • Add resource booking - scheduling board for field service & project service automation
  • Add notes to the any activity
  • Highlight expired activities (overdue activities)
  • Enable or Disable read only option for custom activities
  • Provided saved calendar view selection on calendar page
  • Minor UI/UX Changes
Version: 5.1 : November 27, 2019
  • Added custom entity
  • Two calendars will be there: Resource calendar and Customer calendar
  • Added functionality to display activity color by status or priority
  • Added functionality to search activity by Subject/Regarding/Description
  • Added Title format selection for Calendar
  • Added functionality to set Default Regarding entity for each user
  • Added Title Attribute selection for activities
  • Added functionality to set Default calendar
  • Added functionality to move Shared Calendar to Saved Calendar list
Version: 5.0 : June 25, 2019
  • Added Campaign activity and Recurring appointment support
  • Added facility/equipment as resources to manage customer activities
  • Added Slot Duration option for TOP-Down View
  • Added dynamic Tool tip and popup details Attributes selection for activities
  • Added dynamic Button Configuration/Selection for activities
  • Added Unscheduled Activities and Conflict Management
  • Added Location Suggestion
  • Added functionality to Edit and Copy activities from calendar
  • Added functionality to save public and private calendars
  • Added functionality to share and update saved calendars
  • Added Search activity by subject functionality
  • Added functionality to add regarding for multiple activities from calendars
  • Added Functionality to Complete or Cancel activities from calendar
  • Added Mobile Support using Unified User Interface
  • UI Enhancements
Version: 4.0 : November 27, 2018
  • The name changed from All in One Calendar to Calendar 365
  • Track/view & schedule customer activities related to Opportunity, Lead, Case, Quote, Sales Order & Invoice modules
  • Added Contacts & Accounts as resources to manage customer activities
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version: 3.0 : July 04, 2018
  • Added activity grid
  • Added activity filtration
  • Added activity export options
  • Added service activity
  • Functionality to save calendar, view calendar
  • Functionality to convert all activities to opportunity
  • Functionality to convert all activities to case
  • Functionality to convert email activity to lead
  • Functionality to share event details in email
  • Functionality to re-assign event to user
  • Functionality to delete event
  • Multi Language Support
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version: 2.0 : September 11, 2017
  • View Holidays for the specified country
  • Receive reminders for the activities even through the Email Notifications
  • Easily view the activities as per their statuses in All In One Calendar
Version: 1.1 : August 16, 2017
  • Create and Manage Custom Activities as per the need
  • See all the Calendar Views in Day Span View as well
  • Easily Share Activities like Appointments, Email, Fax, Letter, Phone Call and Custom Activities with related resources
  • Easily Manage Attachments with activities like Emails, Appointments and Custom Activities
Version: 1.0 : July 21, 2017
  • All In One Calendar has been Released.


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