TapCRM New Version Upgrades: What is New with Our Mobile CRM App?

Maulik Shah
Feb 16,2018

    Desktops are a passé. Mobiles are the norm. Be it personal relationships or professional ones, we do not operate in a traditional way anymore! In today’s times, Customer Relationship Management Tools have enabled the business owners to communicate with their customers effectively. However, an ideal CRM should not keep confined to desktops and laptops.

    A mobile CRM is the need of the hour for salespersons and CRM users who need to communicate with their clients on the go. And thinking on the same lines, AppJetty launched TapCRM, a SuiteCRM mobile App. It also offers the same functionality for Sugar CRM users. The app enables your sales team to share data in real time and sync information while on the move. Yes, we brought in sales mobility for a lot of CRM users. But before acquainting you with the new features of TapCRM, we will also acquaint you with the major functionalities that the app provides.

    Here we go:

    Role Based Accessibility

    CRM is full of crucial information. And if you are the owner of your CRM, you might not want all the users to get an access to all the information. Because if you do, you might run the risk of leaking crucial information from your CRM to others. TapCRM enables you Provide role based accessibility to app users. With the help of it, you can load different modules in the app based on the role that you have assigned to your users.

    Not just that, it also enables you to assign functionalities based on roles from your Suite CRM Mobile App. For eg, Edit, view, delete etc.

    Follow Up on Time

    If you are lazy at following up; you can bid goodbye to your habits. TapCRM helps you to keep in touch with your customers. It enables you to follow up through calls, texts, and emails on time. Not just that, it also helps you to locate your prospects through the maps by offering a single platform for all communications. You can get a glimpse of related modules and analyze them as and when you want.

    You can create custom filters, filter your records, and view your records offline.

    Work Offline

    The good news is, the app works offline too. So, you can work offline and whenever you reconnect online, all your offline data syncs with your CRM. Offline support also enables the CRM users to fetch data by enabling them to create drafts in Suite/Sugarcrm modules. Also, there is no need to visit each module in your app to find a record. You will be able to do it from the dashboard itself with the help of Global Search functionality.

    Very few companies offer the offline working feature for SugarCRM Mobile App. So, make the most out of it!

    Get an Access to Exclusive Functionalities

    You can finally let go of the limitations of using Sugar and SuiteCRM based functionalities by using TapCRM. It enables you to import contacts and convert leads based on your choice. You can import your phone contacts and create new contacts in no time. Once your leads mature, you can convert them into contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

    Activity stream, which is one of the exclusive functionalities, provides you with real-time updates on the new changes made in the records. It also informs you about new comments, posts, and previews on the post.

    TapCRM Suite/SugarCRM Mobile App: What is New?

    Oh, a lot of features and functionalities! These functionalities have made it easier for the CRM users to work around TapCRM. Here are some of the fantastic updates we have come up with:

    Check in-Check out: A great way to let your fellow sales team members know about your meeting schedules. Whenever you attend a meeting, you can check in your status and check out once the meeting is over. By knowing your availability status, your peers know when to get in touch with you. In case, you forget to check in, you can also do it later so that the information remains in the records.

    Project & Employee Module Support: Initially, TapCRM did not support the Project & Employee Module from Sugar and SuiteCRM. But after the latest updates, CRM users will be able to access different projects in their CRM. However, it will be possible for the employees to get an access only to those modules and roles assigned to them.

    Lead Conversion: In the earlier version of TapCRM, users were able to convert leads into contacts, accounts, and opportunities. But the new update enables them to convert leads into these entities and more. They include “Convert to Meeting,” “Convert to Task” and “Convert to Note.” These features have brought in more convenience for the SugarCRM Mobile App users.

    Attachment in Activity Stream: Activity logs include posts, comments, and updates and keeps all users on the same page. However, there are times when the CRM users need to share documents, pictures and more with the fellow team members. The Attachment feature enables them to be able to do so easily. This feature is available only for Sugar 7 version.

    If you want to work with your CRM on the go and in a glitch-free way, TapCRM can prove to be a valuable addition. Check out more features of the app here or write to us on [email protected].

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