The Importance of Skip Logic in Conducting Surveys

Maulik Shah
Sep 04,2017

    When you own and run a business, you would want that every penny you spend on it yields you positive results. One of the best ways to find out about the areas of growth in your business is – conducting surveys. After all, the data received from survey helps you to predict future outcomes of your business. But while creating Surveys, you need to maintain accuracy, ensure completeness and create defined paths for respondents.

    In this article, we will acquaint you with Skip Logic, one of the most important aspects of a well developed survey; and make you understand its significance.

    What is Skip Logic?

    Skip logic, also known as “branch logic” is a feature that decides which question the survey respondent will see based on the answer they provide for a previous question. You can define rules in the survey based on which a custom path and skip pattern will be created for the respondent.

    The Role of Skip Logic in Strengthening Your Surveys

    There are times when you want to reveal certain questions based on the answers given by respondents. This is when it becomes important to tailor your surveys. Be it an advertising campaign, launch of a new product or asking people’s opinions on a particular product, skip logic saves a lot of time without overwhelming the respondents.

    Survey Rocket is a survey plugin for Sugar and SuiteCRM which makes it easier for you to add conditional branching. So no matter what the survey is, you can change the question that your respondents will see depending on the answers they give.

    Steps to Skip Logic Creation

    Here’s how you can go about creating Skip Logic in Survey Rocket.

    Step 1: CRM admin creates a survey.

    Step 2: As soon as the survey is created, admin can create Skip Logic of following types:

    • Redirect the respondent to any page of the survey
    • Hide upcoming questions of a particular page according to the response given
    • Redirect respondents to an external URL
    • Divert respondent to the end of the survey
    • Step 3: Admin saves the survey and sends the link to customers through emails

      Step 4: Respondents open the survey link and attempt it

      Step 5: Skip logic is applied based on the path decided by admin

      Usage of Skip Logic

      Skip logic can be used for different types of projects. Whether it is the CRM Admin of a product based company who wants to find out the potential of his product as a bestseller; or an HR of a huge corporate firm who wants to change the organizational policies based on the answers given by their employees, Skip logic can come of great help.

      Product based companies can use skip logic to find out what kind of audience is likely to buy the new product and what are their thoughts about the brand. HR professionals can use skip logic to know the opinions of employees about the workshops or events conducted for boosting their morale and whether or not they found it useful.

      Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, it can also be used by event managers to know about the participant expectations from the event pertaining food and games.

      Organizational Benefits of Skip Logic

      Ask relevant questions

      When a respondent doesn’t know an answer to a particular question, he might give random answers making it difficult for you to figure out what they are trying to say. So instead of asking irrelevant questions and getting random answers, you can use skip logic and display only those questions that are applicable to your respondents.

      Make surveys short and crisp

      Nobody likes to fill long and endless surveys. Moreover, they might not be willing to give out too much of information. Shorter surveys provide you higher completion rates and prompt answers. As the respondents will get only relevant questions, it will save a lot of their time and your data quality.

      Keep participants involved

      You do not want the survey participants to be overwhelmed with questions and leave your survey half way. Surveys should be just like interesting conversations that keep the respondents involved and lead them to answer in the right way. Skip logic will help you to keep unnecessary questions at bay and see to it that your respondents give apt answers to all the questions.

      Make sure you integrate Survey Rocket plugin with your Suite/SugarCRM system and take better and informed decisions for your business.

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