How to Implant Business Intelligence with Mobile CRM Applications

Maulik Shah
Jun 13,2018

    Mobile Apps have made human life convenient and easy. It is doing the same with businesses. Today, leading brands of the business community are opting for the “smartphone approach - work anywhere, anytime” as their organizational workflow. Moreover, employees and users also find the smartphone approach more useful than old school methods. And why shouldn’t they? After all, nothing makes their jobs easier than managing tasks on their fingertips.

    The optimum utility of smartphones is giving rise to Mobile CRM Applications. And you cannot confine CRM applications to reducing operational costs and enhancing employee productivity. They also bring business intelligence to organizations. They provide you with the tangible data of customer interactions, so that, you can analyze them and adapt the best practice of all.

    In this blog, we will discuss this synergy of smartphones and CRM solutions. And how it is helping different businesses. So, let us dive in.

    How it Works as Business Intelligence

    A well-thought and a well-designed app can drive a well-defined process with complete efficiency. Small to midsize businesses often spend more time and resources to track their operations. It slows down their customer relationships management process. Mobile CRM apps empower customers to send their requests and queries right through the app. Even when they want any specific information about your business services, app makes all the information available for them. Such quick information sharing helps your business to resolve customer complexities, improvise your services and plan future sales operations.

    A CRM app is enabled with numerous useful features that are accessible anywhere, all the time. This way, it helps you to reduce your workload. Such real-time information sharing gives you an instant idea about your customers' complaints and requests. Here, app allows you to respond to these requests and queries at earliest. It not only makes your business efficient, and convenient but also lead it in the right direction.

    Mobile CRM Apps: Offering Convenience All the Way

    Mobile CRM applications offer a lot more than just convenience to customers and organizations. It empowers decision making as well. For small businesses, CRM apps render a new life to their data. This data is more insightful as well as easy to understand. It eliminates the need for human intervention to refresh the task sheets, assign a new task, team leader briefings and numerous others. Mobile CRM apps enrich your business operations at 2 most crucial but beneficial levels.

    Level 1: Act Promptly on Leads and Opportunities

    The most chaotic part of SMEs business processing is inter-departmental communication. Though CRM software also deals with this issue and makes the interaction hassle free. But when it comes to sharing knowledge with sales team when they are in the field, situations often become confusing. Marketing team gets a new lead, they share it with another department. This information crawls to all the departments until the time sales representative comes and collects it. Now, what if, another organization approaches the customer and closes the deal until the time you forward the information with your sales team? The situation can get quite precarious.

    With Mobile CRM Applications, information sharing becomes instant, transparent, and comprehensive. It operates completely on the drills of your taps and clicks. Whenever a customer sends their queries, CRM Mobile App makes this information available to your salesman on the go. Sooner they act, more the chances they have to close the customer deal. The app allows users to act instantly, upload the work log and enable other departments to work on it. No delays, no confusions!

    Level 2: Empower Decision Making

    A single decision can build or destroy your business. CRM Mobile Applications helps you to better your enterprise decision making in 2 different ways. One of them is quick information sharing. A mobile application makes information available anytime and anywhere to all the selected people. This way, when your sales team gets new leads in real time, it enables them to put together their resource and act upon it in the most effective manner. Moreover, when they share their work log to another department, it is accessible 24*7 by them. It enables them to take quick actions with proper strategy.

    To empower these quick decisions, CRM apps render complete insight into your operation. Through real-time analytics reports, you can get all the information you might need. These reports play a crucial role to comprehend the organization’s progress in real time. You can check your daily, monthly, and quarterly reports and make changes to your strategy and track the changes. Furthermore, you can compare these reports to track the effectiveness of your changes. This way better insights of your business operations help you to strategize and plan your business.

    Which Mobile CRM App Works Best for You?

    There are numerous solutions available that offer Mobile CRM apps. One of the most trending and useful out of these is TapCRM. It is an AppJetty powered Sugar/SuiteCRM Mobile Application solution that drives business intelligence for your enterprises. TapCRM offers a wide array of functionalities. To create an interactive engagement with your customers, it provides flexible features that can work according to your business needs. Some of the features that TapCRM offers are:

    • Role-Based Accessibility
    • Follow Up Time Scheduling
    • Offline Working
    • Get an Access to Exclusive Functionalities
    • Meetings Check in-Check out
    • Project & Employee Module Support
    • Track Lead Conversion
    • Attach Files in Activity Stream

    These were a few features that TapCRM brings to your business intelligence. To know more, click on the button below.

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