How to Leverage the Power of Surveys through Your CRM?

Devvratt Singh Charan
Nov 17,2018

When it comes to building relationships with customers, CRMs are a to-go software. They offer several insights for nurturing leads, personalizing campaigns, and establishing a dialogue between your customers and you. After all, your success as a business depends a lot on how you deal with the customers in your database. Going further, you also might seek feedbacks in terms of quality of your services. This is when shooting surveys using from your CRM may help.

If you are CRM owner, you would easily be able to find CRM survey tool that would help you shoot surveys directly from your CRM. In fact, CRM and Survey are like companions who bring out the best in each other. By bringing the automated capabilities of CRM and marketing research potential of Surveys together, you would be able to craft better sales strategies. So, what are the ways in which you can leverage the power of Surveys to enhance customer loyalty and sales funnel? Let’s find out:

Get Feedbacks throughout Customer Lifecycle

“The chocolate has too much caramel!” “The design is not as user-friendly as I expected it to be.” It is not possible for you to have individual feedbacks like these about your products/services unless you conduct a survey. Also, it is important to find out what dissatisfies your customers before it gets too late.

When you integrate a Survey plugin to your CRM, you would be able to automate the surveys every time there is a major event, like launch of a new product or modifications in an old product. And not just that, you would be able to receive all the feedbacks and responses on time. Supposing you want to cover service-based responses. You can consider the following instances:

  • While obtaining the services
  • After a customer support call
  • During renewal
  • Upon Cancellation

By including the above-mentioned touchpoints; you can find out more about the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Moreover, you can bring about major variations in sales plans, marketing strategies and measure customer satisfaction effectively.

Serve Your Customers Better

Nowadays, it is not just about what services you provide. It is about the value you add to them. You will never be in loss if you get to know more about the personalities of your customers and what brings them to your brand. Through surveys, you can get added information about your customers’ areas of interest and matters that acquaint you with their choices.

Added information from your customers will help you to keep the data fresh while you segregate them into different categories for target-oriented marketing. You can obtain this kind through the “help us serve you better” surveys sent through emails. Wouldn’t it be amazing to gather information while permeating the data from surveys into your sales records?

Follow up through Automated Triggers

Automated pop ups like “Thank you for answering the survey.” Could go a long way when it comes to customer care. In case if a customer provides you with negative ratings, messages like “We’re Sorry” could also save a lot of time of your customer care executives and make your customers feel like you care about them. You can also customize the Survey plugin with the kind of responses you wish to send your customers. The responses you receive will be a great proof of the support you render to your customers.

How to Make the Most Out of Your CRM?

The needs and objectives of every company are different. And hence, you might have to amalgamate your survey and CRM initiatives. Let’s say you have a SugarCRM survey module. Now, you can get the plugin customized based on your business objectives and send surveys accordingly.

Survey Rocket: A Smart Sugar and Suite Based Survey Plugin

If you make use of Sugar/SuiteCRM based systems and are looking forward to conduct automated and glitch free online surveys, Survey Rocket would be the best choice to go for. Using it, you would be able to send surveys to the right people at the right time and get responses in real time. We believe that it is the best way to utilize your data. Moreover, as we have created the plugin exclusively for Sugar and SuiteCRM, you will not have to invest into buying third party integrations.

Why not go through our demo and find out more about the features and functionalities of Survey Rocket? It’s time to spruce up your CRM and send the most impeccable surveys to your customers!

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