Learn How to Pick the Right Survey Tool for Your Business

Roma Amarnani
Jul 08,2019

You all know what a survey is and chances are you already might’ve conducted one. A feedback survey, a customer satisfaction survey, a market research survey, etc.

The old school surveys required pen, paper, and huge personnel. Whereas in today’s technologically advanced world you can reach out to thousands of people with just one click. There are various survey tools available in the market - Web-based/online survey tools and CRM survey tools.

And that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. A differentiation between web-based surveys and CRM survey tools.

Basic Flow:

It goes like this: You choose a survey tool, design survey, craft questions, and add a list of recipients and click on the send button.

Not as easy as it sounds.

The tough part is to pick the right survey tool and whether to go with an online survey tool or a web-based survey tool.

Online Survey Tools:

Online survey tools are basically SaaS products which enable you to create, conduct and collect surveys. This is a great way to engage your audience and get valuable feedback from them.

CRM Survey Tools:

CRM survey tools are similar to online survey tools but the added advantage is that you can conduct these surveys right from your CRM. Usually, CRMs work like a database for companies and gathering survey data in the CRM itself would save a lot of time and resources.

And that’s not the only point of difference between these survey tools.

Let’s explore which survey tools are better than the other.

3 Points of Difference:


The major difference between these tools is the hosting or integration platforms.

You can conduct online or web-based surveys easily by navigating to the tool’s link. Whereas you have to integrate and install CRM survey tool with your CRM and then you will be able to conduct surveys right from your CRM.

Now, if you want to know which kind of survey tool is the right one then dive deep in your business requirements and most importantly the kind of data representation you require. CRM survey tool will give you more detailed reports and organized statistical data whereas only a few pricey online survey solutions can provide you with such reports.

So, before picking the right tool, you will require to understand your business needs and evaluate multiple tools to get to the right one. Data-centric firms might benefit from the CRM survey tools whereas small business enterprises can start small with web-based survey tools.

Data Source:

When it comes to surveys, the gathered data plays a major role as the collected feedbacks can help business owners build strategies. Additionally, customer data also plays an equally important role.

With an online survey tool, you will have to download your customer data first from your CRM and then export the same in the software. And then again you have to download the survey responses and organize them to understand the data.

In CRM survey tool, you can use the advanced feature of data piping and send pre-filled surveys to your customers which enhances the experience and gets better results. Here you don’t have to download or export any data from one software to another. Moreover, your customers will have the freedom to edit their personal details from the survey itself providing you up-to-date data.

Survey Automation:

Survey automation is something you won’t get in most of the tools out there.

What survey automation does is streamline your survey conducting workflow enabling you to utilize your time doing important activities.

In CRM survey tool, you can set certain conditions which will trigger predefined actions such as sending out a certain type of survey to a particular customer.

For instance, you’ve set a condition to send a feedback survey as soon as your customer closes an inquiry ticket. Such surveys will help you understand the performance of your sales and support team enabling you to guide them in the right direction.

Some of the web-based survey tools can provide you with limited survey automation features. And if you want to create a full-fledged survey workflow then we would suggest you go with a CRM survey tool.

A Quick Feature Comparison:

Quick Comparison

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