CRM Mobile Apps: Transforming the Ways in Which We Do Business!

Maulik Shah
Apr 10,2018

    Take a walk downtown during the office hours and you will find several corporate heads immersed into their mobile oblivious of their surroundings. Just as you might think that they are busy communicating, educating, and entertaining themselves; they would be accessing their marketing collaterals and resolving customer issues. Thanks to smartphone accessibility, the concept of customer relationship management has reached another level.

    According to a research study by Gartner, the businesses of today spend around $12 billion every year on Mobile CRM Apps. Although this is a reality, there are several businesses that have not leveraged the power of mobile application for CRM. Through this article, we intend to acquaint you with multiple ways in which CRM mobile apps are transforming businesses worldwide. So, here we go!

    Keep Ahead with Real Time Updates

    “Congratulations! You have cracked the deal with so and so company.” Right from forecasts like this one to activity updates and performance reports, CRMs provide with real-time information to the users. Search for “SugarCRM Mobile App” and you will come across several applications that provide such facilities. The best part? Admins can also obtain hourly, monthly, and quarterly updates. These updates on the go can help CRM users in many ways can ever imagine. Things can happen faster and transactions get quicker.

    CRM With GPS Advantage

    The GPS Advantage

    The whereabouts of sales executives and CRM operators are mostly uncertain. The first meeting might be at one place and the follow-ups somewhere else. But, would it be feasible to waste the fuel and revisit the places you have already been to to meet different clients? The answer certainly, is “No.” A well-designed SuiteCRM Mobile App provides location-based access to CRM users and gives them a list of leads, present and potential customers along with their locations. This facility saves a lot of time, efforts and of course, fuel.

    Team Collaborations and Access

    There are chances that more than one person handles a customer and different aspects related to them. Now, as the CRM is a centralized system, it keeps all the team-mates aware and updated about meetings, follow-ups, deal status, progress reports and more. Moreover, these mobile CRM apps render privileges to the owner as a part of which they can provide role-based accessibility to the users. This keeps the CRM data safe and secure and provides the needed information as and when the users need it. You can also obtain a customized Mobile Application For CRM.

    Enhanced Customer Service

    Enhanced Customer Service

    “Thank you for placing your query. We will get back to you shortly.” Responses like these do not work anymore! Customers need answers to their queries on immediate basis. And they are anxious too. Now, if you so not respond in time, they will not think twice before quoting you as “slow in responding” on social media platforms. You can keep such a scenario at bay by responding on time through your mobile regardless of time. Finding information about the status of customer queries also gets easy with the presence of CRM on fingertips. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?!

    Increased Productivity

    Gone are the days when your desk was full of sticky notes and you had to peep into your diaries to find out what needs to be done. With the help of CRM apps on your fingertips, you can manage customers accounts, provide responses to customers and address leads in no time. Also, with the help of your app, you can keep your customers informed about your availability on a specific day/date/time. In case you are away or occupied with meetings, you can let your customers know about it in real time through active and inactive modes.

    With accurate and tangible data, real time updates and enhanced productivity, mobile CRM apps are proving to be a bliss for CRM users that are on the move. And, if you make customer relationship management tasks efficient, you must think about investing into one of these apps for yourself.

    Is There Anything Out There for Sugar/SuiteCRM Users?

    Fortunately, there is! And, it is available at the most cost-effective rate. TapCRM – is a Suite and Sugar CRM is a great way to provide on the go access of CRM data to your teams. It helps the users to conduct efficient operations and works on both Android and iOS platforms. And the best part is, you can get working with it in 3 easy steps given below:

    • Install TapCRM package at CRM side for SuiteCRM/Sugar instance
    • Thereafter, you need to configure your CRM instance into TapCRM and login with your CRM credentials
    • And Get Going!

    You can read about the functionality and features of TapCRM Here. Everyone right from enterprise owners to consultants and end clients, everyone can use this mobile CRM App. You can also obtain a White Label Solution of the App with your company’s brand name and logo. Need to know more about TapCRM? Write to us on [email protected]!

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