Advantages of Mobile CRM for Sales Professionals

Maulik Shah
Nov 28,2016

    The proliferation of smartphones and apps have made customers more demanding. Now that they can be easily online from their mobile phones and rarely need a laptop or desktop for basic necessities, there is no reason why your CRM shouldn’t be mobile. That is, if you do want to keep up with your customers, want to provide stellar service and close more sales. Having a CRM system that you can only access when in office, or when logged into a computer or laptop, isn’t enough for our fast moving world. With everything getting portable, you need a Mobile CRM too. In this blog, we will discuss what makes us say that, i.e. what exactly are the advantages of Mobile CRM for Sales professionals?’

    1. Increased Sales

    Anything that increases your firm’s sales is something worth trying. If your sales professionals have CRM access from a mobile app, they can have immediate access to sales history, product details, price details, and promotional activities. They can provide offers to the customer without waiting to be at their work desks. Instant replies to consumer queries and access to their shopping trends and previous communication leads to increased sales. A typical mobile CRM can be accessed by anyone with permission from anywhere in the world, so having all the information at fingertips definitely helps them to sell more on the go.

    2. Shorter Sales Cycle

    Yes, mobile CRM can help you sell a product at a much faster pace. Not only this, when your sales professionals are able to sell a product with fewer interactions, they are capable of exploring more opportunities in the saved time. It increases their earning prospective and the potential of your business. But, how do the interactions become fewer with the help of mobile CRM? A good mobile CRM system provides you every required information on the spot - be it the availability of inventory, current prices, and other information required to deal with customers or clients - hence making the sales cycle shorter.

    3. Customer Satisfaction

    The use of mobile CRM enhances the quality of customer service and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. A happy customer is the one who doesn’t have to wait for long time for responses from the other end and feel to be a part of an organized system. As your sales professionals are able to solve customer issues swiftly with the help of mobile CRM, your customers remain loyal and keep coming back. Disconnected systems, outdated software, and delay in responses are not acceptable to the customer when he knows he can get better service in the market. Therefore, mobile CRM definitely promises you satisfied customers if implemented efficiently and is central for the branding of your business.

    4. Time Management

    Mobile CRM is a really efficient tool to manage your salesperson's time and efficiency. For example, if your sales executive is out for a meeting which gets over ahead of time, they can use their CRM app to track more clients around where they can utilize this time. Your mobile CRM keeps a track of the visits taken by your sales professionals in a day, week, or month and thus helps you keep a tab on productivity.

    5. Call Management

    While on a call with your potential customer, you can simultaneously note and edit things in your mobile CRM app. If they are explaining their order to you, you can quickly calculate how much revenue that can generate for your business. You can act accordingly to provide offers to win over that customer. Moreover, you can calculate the outstanding amount from the client, schedule meetings, edit contact details, and take important notes while on the call.

    6. Systematize Information Insight

    CRM is not just about the customer seller relationship. It also holds within it loads of information that is important for your business. CRM is no longer optional; it acts as a valuable tool for business development. While earlier, you had to wait for the month to end before getting the monthly report, it’s not affordable anymore. The information has to keep on flowing throughout the month. Sales managers can access data fed by different executives and use that for further development of the business. If any deal or offer is closed, the one managing things on premises can send an alert to the sales professional about the same. It systematizes everything smoothly.

    7. Faster Planning and Production

    When a sales professional is active on Mobile CRM, he doesn’t have to wait anymore to go back to office premises, confirm the order, and inform the production team about it. It’s on the go now. The CRM can be the very platform where they can submit orders and the production team can take lead to get the product ready and ship it to the customer. Your business processes get much faster with the addition of mobile CRM into the chain.


    You are missing out on opportunities if you haven't adopted mobile CRM yet. Mobile CRM is not an option now. It is mandatory in today’s world of mobile apps. Research shows that more than 60% of sales reps who use mobile CRM achieve their sales targets as compared to only about 20 % of those who don’t. In such a scenario sitting on the fence and not adopting mobile CRM can become a serious handicap for your sales performance.

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