The Future of CRM: 8 Trends To Watch Out [Infographic]

Maulik Shah
Jun 09,2016

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is really an age old business practice of take care of your customer's requirements for a mutually beneficial relationship. However in the modern business, just like everything else, CRM also has evolved from being just a business strategy to a software dependent business strategy. So the future of CRM is also a glimpse of the future of technology. In the infographic below, we have covered 8 such trends that are as much about the future of CRM as they are about the Future of technology itself.

    • Rise of Mobile CRM - Mobile CRM is witnessing exponential growth and it is not going to stop anytime soon. Growth of mobile CRM is also enouraging startups and SMEs to adopt CRM.
    • Rise of Social CRM - Most of the CRM systems in 2016 and in the near future will see integration of social networking sites with CRM.
    • Marketing Automation to Drive CRM - Marketing automation is driving the growth or CRM and as both get more and more integrated, marketing automation will drive further benefits for CRM users. Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing CRM categories.
    • Dominance of Cloud CRM - Earlier, custom CRM installations on client's servers used to be the norm. However since the rise and dominance of Salesforce, cloud based CRM has become the norm and the trend is going to continue in future too.
    • Rise of Integrated CRM - Integration of CRM with other areas of business like your ecommerce platform or marketing automation software or business analytics software or accounting software will be one of the most desired features of CRM in the future.
    • Verticalization of CRM - Since CRM requirements are very industry specific (a medical insurance salesperson would have different needs than a real estate salesperson), industry vertical specific will see a growth in Future.
    • CRM of Things - Customers interact with hundreds of devices (online and offline) and every device can be a source of valuable customer data that can give unique insights into customers behavior and buying habits. This is why CRM will benefit immensely from Internet-of-Things (IoT).
    • Wearable CRM - Integration of wearable computing devices with CRM can give salespersons real-time access to their customers and can engage more effectively with them.

    The Future of CRM: 8 Trends To Watch Out

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