Store Pickup and Locator for Magento 2


Store Pickup and Locator for Magento 2

AppJetty Magento 2 Store Locator extension is a one stop solution for your business which lets your customers locate a store and pick up their products easily.


  • Configure N number of stores in Store Locator
  • Curbside pickup option on product page and check out page
  • Search for stores within your radius on map
  • Select preferred date and time during checkout
  • Set business hours from backend with easy time slider
  • Show available stores on the product page
  • Compatible with MSI Support in v2.4 and above.
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Magento 2 Store Pickup and Locator Extension


Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup brings with it the ease for your customers to locate stores and pick up their products. With the help of Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup extension you can allow your customers to select the store, date, and time of their choice.

As a business owner you can show your working days and hours to your customers. Your website admin can make all the necessary changes from the backend easily. Without any hassle, configure multiple stores and provide locations of multiple stores and pick up to your customers.

Why Should You Use AppJetty’s Magento 2 Store Pickup and Locator extension?


Backend Control

Once you integrate our Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup with your website’s backend you will have full control over it. Add, edit, delete multiple stores regardless of their location easily. Going further, show them on the map and make it easy for your customers to locate it.


Nearby Store Search

From the backend, admin can enable a nearby search option on the basis of a defined radius. This will allow customers to search you on a map in a defined radius, locate you, get direction to the location and pick up their product. Everything with just a few clicks!


Instore Pickup

Provide your customers the ease to place an order online via your website and choose in-store pickup. They can select their particular location, date, and time. Once it's done they can come at the dedicated date and time and pick up their products from the store.

Remarkable Features

Curbside Pickup
Give your customers more ease with the curbside pickup option. Provide this option on the checkout page, once they select it along with date and time, you can easily deliver them products near their truck/car. Make pick up faster without the hassle of parking.
Assign Products to Store
Integrate Store Locator and Pickup with your website and create multiple stores in it easily. Additionally, you can assign multiple products in these stores. Along with this, on the checkout page, all your stores will be available so customers can check whichever is convenient to them.
Manage Business Hours
Configure your working hours from the backend. Show your working time and day with easy swipe options. Show your vacation dates, non working hours, closing times, and more to better communicate your availability.
Configure Store and Map Settings
Once the extension is integrated, the admin can easily configure multiple stores in it and show them to your users on the checkout page along with date and time. Configure them on a map, let your customers view you, get directions, and easily pick up their product.
Allow map clustering
With this feature customers can locate multiple stores on a map using a clustering method. Upon clicking on it, the map will zoom in and provide users with a detailed option of the clustered stores. This provides ease of selecting the nearest store while placing an order.
Manage Holidays
Configure your off days in the backend so it is clear to your customers when they are checking out. You can mark holidays for your week off or even special occasions or festivals.


General FAQs

How to get Google map API key?

To get an API Key you can use these quick start steps from
To use the google maps, enable the JavaScript API and to enable nearby suggestions, enable Places API.

Is Places API mandatory?

Places API is for getting location based suggestions, you can disable it from our extension if not needed and also you can choose not to enable Places API from google console itself.

Is the Google map API free of cost?

Not completely, but it provides $200 credit free for monthly usage. Get more information on pricing from here:

Technical FAQs

Can we enable store pickup date selection based on each store?

Yes, you can enable / disable store pickup date or time selection based on the store.

Can I enable a pickup store for for specific website or storeview?

Yes. you can enable a pickup store for a specific website or storeview as well.


Points to Note

  • Module uses Google Maps and it requires you to have a Google Maps API key.
  • Google Places API services are optional in our module if you want to use you can enable/disable this as per your preferences.
  • Store Pickup and Locator extension is compatible with 2.3 and 2.4 versions.
  • For Magneto 2.4 you can use the native source as a pickup location and use the default magento pickup flow.
  • You can enable/disable pickup date or time slot based on each store availability.

Change Log

Version 1.0.2 : April 01, 2021
  • Minor Bug Fix
Version 1.0.1 : March 08, 2021
  • Added Compatibility with the Magento 2.4.2
Version 1.0.0 : December 23, 2020
  • Magento 2 Store Pickup and Locator is released
2.1.* to 2.4.4*
2.3.* to 2.4.*

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