Delivery Date Scheduler For Magento 2

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magento 2 delivery date scheduler extension
magento 2 delivery date scheduler extension

Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler

Delivery Date Scheduler for Magento 2 enables your customers to provide with the date and time on which they want their orders to be delivered to a particular address. Magento 2 Delivery Date extension helps you to take uncertainty out of the entire order delivery process. With the help of Delivery Date extension for Magento 2, the store admin can display dates based on shipping provision and availability of products. You can also send reminder emails related to product delivery and offer your customers with an option to track their dispatched products. If you are an ecommerce owner wanting to retain your customer base and boost sales, Magento 2 Delivery Schedule Extension is a perfect solution for you!

Why Makes Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler Useful?

Liberty to decide delivery time

Magento 2 Estimated Delivery Date extension enables your customers to specify their preferred date and time for the order delivery before checking out.

Specify delivery time intervals

Store owners can define minimum and maximum delivery time intervals and also display the available delivery dates to the customers.

User-friendly interface

Make it extremely easy for your customers to navigate on your store and offer an unmatchable UI experience! It is extremely easy to install and configure Magento 2 Delivery Schedule extension.

Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler - Feature Highlights

Choose available delivery dates, time and display them on the pages you want for your customers

  • Magento 2 Order Delivery Date extension enables you to choose the order delivery dates you are willing to display to your customers from the backend of your store. These dates can be decided based on the availability of products and convenient shipping slots
  • Decide the delivery date format - either "Timeslot View" or "Calendar View" in single checkout page from backend
  • Provide option for adding multiple addresses in the checkout page and make entering the delivery date compulsory

Add calendar view and format of arrival date & time

  • Select the format of shipping arrival date &time – i.e. dd-mm-yy or mm-dd-yy to be displayed to your customers
  • Add time slots in the calendar view for your customers to select

Specify the Span of Days between Order and Delivery Date

  • Through Product Delivery Date Extension for Magento 2, you can aware your customers about the minimum span of days between placing order and receiving product delivery. This difference can be configured from the backend
  • Choose to receive notifications of upcoming delivery dates by email
  • It will alert you about the necessary steps to be taken for the future

Let Your Customers View Available Delivery Dates through Magento 2 Delivery Date Module

  • Knock out the weekly off days like weekends i.e. Saturdays & Sundays
  • Keep out the single off days like national holidays and festivals to avoid creating confusions amongst your customers about your working days
  • Additionally, you can also eliminate multiple days in a row if you are not working during routine days

Update Your Customers about Your Work Timeslots

  • Specify the "Start Time" and "End Time" of multiple time slots during which you are supposed to deliver products
  • View the charges for particular timeslot deliveries to your customers
  • You can also keep out the time slots of specified days and dates on which you do not deliver products

Set up Orders On behalf of Your Customers and Display Delivery Date Information from Backend

  • You can view the delivery date information whenever you create an order on behalf of your customers from the backend
  • View the data of delivery date in the pre-defined format from the backend, in Timeslot view while generating the new orders
  • Additionally, can provide shipping date, time and comments while placing the orders from the admin panel

Track and Monitor Today's Delivery Orders

  • You can comfortably add a tab on the dashboard providing latest delivery orders to track and monitor the latest delivery orders
  • Export orders according to dates in graphical form to any other format for future reference effortlessly
  • Get updated about latest delivery orders and maintain a repository/history of order data

Allow customers to select date and time for product delivery while checking out

  • Facilitate your customers with an option to choose date and time of delivery based on their convenience
  • Help them to add comments while checking out
  • Disable the option of selecting current and past date & time to eliminate errors

Enable your customers to view Delivery Schedule and Additional Charges

  • Display the schedule of delivery details and charges along with the breakup costs of each service on single/multiple checkout pages for your customers
  • Customers can view the prescheduled delivery date in the parallel progress bar of shipping method page
  • Make the transactional process transparent by providing information about every penny spent

Let Customers View Shipping Date, Time and Comments

  • Show details like shipping date and time in a calendar format. Enable customers to modify or reschedule delivery date or time in case they are occupied during a specific time slot
  • Send a confirmation email to customers mentioning the shipping date, time and related comments related to a specific purchase
  • Help them to select different dates and shipping addresses through calendar view when ordering multiple products

Points to Note

  • You need to add the extension folder to the custom Magento theme. Follow this path:
    app/design/frontend/custom_package/custom_theme/template/extension folder.
  • Display at feature will work only for one page checkout.
  • Module is developed with magento's default theme only.
  • The Magento 2 Extension is compatible with various Magento 2 versions; it is 100% bug free and optimized for best performance.
  • Currenlty our module is not compatible with multi-checkout.
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  • Efficient

    Efficient management of deliveries is one of the key functions of an ecommerce store. The order delivery date and time extension is a level up and exactly what one required to keep up with the competition in the online market.

    Sharon Meyer (Posted on February 5, 2018)
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  • Happy Customers

    The order delivery schedule extension is important for your site keeping in view customer trends. As customers are not always home to take deliveries this features acts as a boon. A happy customer is a returning customer after all!

    Rebecca Jones (Posted on December 2, 2017)
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  • Recommended

    I ordered Magento 2 date schedule extension on recommendation of a good friend and I am not disappointed. My customers seem to love the added feature on the site which lets them choose a delivery slot and even timings, if customized.

    Joseph (Posted on October 26, 2017)
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  • It’s really good

    Deciding order delivery date & time is a facility my customers always asked for. I am glad I purchased this extension

    Emma Wright (Posted on August 9, 2017)
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  • Saves time

    What could be better than an extension which saves time of both customers and store owners? Delivery Date Scheduler is a real stitch in time!

    Greg Allen (Posted on June 13, 2017)
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  • Makes my customers happy

    Thanks to Delivery Date Scheduler,my customers can now easily check the available dates and set the delivery date accordingly. This Magento 2 extension truly brings a lot of convenience.

    Joel Bulger (Posted on April 26, 2017)
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Release Notes

Version 1.0.0 : February 7, 2017
  • Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler has been Released.