Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect


Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect

Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect extension enhances customers’ experience by redirecting them to specific storeviews as per their geolocation.


  • Automatic geolocation/Geolocation based redirection
  • Easily switch store view and currency
  • Display and customize redirect popup message and style
  • Set up redirection rules based on individual countries
  • Add countries or IP for exceptions
  • Restrict site access to visitors from certain country or IPs
  • Allow manual store and currency switching
  • Analyze redirection data
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Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect


Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect is a powerful, feature-rich extension that lets you expand your reach to customers by redirecting them to language-specific domains through geolocation to connect with your brand better. You can set the redirection priority by defining certain conditions and redirect your customers to a particular store view out of multiple store views.

You can stay on top of your store security by blocking malicious traffic from certain IPs or visitors from restricted countries with the geolocation auto-detect feature. By allowing for manual switching of store view and currency for customers, and customizing Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect popup messages, you can easily enhance your customers' experience. You can also restrict certain IPs or countries from getting redirected by configuring it into the store backend. Analyze redirection analytics to get better insights into customers’ behavior and make sales plans accordingly.

Why Should You Use Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect?


Geolocation-Based Redirection

Localize your store content for customers from various countries through redirection to language-specific domains with Magento 2 Geolocation Store Switcher. Allow for manual switching between currencies and store views in real time for better customer experience.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Tap into customers’ localized experience by customizing Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect popup message and picking an engaging popup design from the available pre-defined popup styles for enhanced experience.


Enhanced Store Security

Block malicious traffic by blacklisting certain IPs or visitors from certain countries from your store backend and keep your store security intact. Set a default page (or HTTP 403 error page) to display to the visitors blocked by their IPs or countries.

Remarkable Features

Manage Multiple Domains
Create a language-specific domain and specify the countries for the same to redirect customers from all those countries to it using our Magento 2 Geolocation Store Switcher. Improve your customers’ experience by providing them localized experience. Set the priority of redirection of customers to a particular store-view in case of multiple domestic store-views by setting several redirection conditions from the backend through multi-store support that our Magento Geolocation Redirect offers.
Flexible Redirection
Choose between auto-redirect based on geolocation or popup-based redirection to let customers manually pick a store view as per their choice for redirection.
Store Switcher Popup
Display Magento Geolocation Store Switcher popup for your customers to prompt them to switch to a particular store view as per their geolocation.
Restrict Redirects by IPs or URLs
Keep URLs for certain pages (like FAQs) the same for all store views and apply redirects to only a few selected store pages (like Product Page or Checkout Page) through Magento Geolocation Store Switcher. You can also restrict your site redirection for certain visitors (for example - your employees working remotely) to let them view your original site irrespective of their geolocations by configuring those visitors’ IP addresses into the store backend.
Redirection Analytics
Keep a tab on the total number of redirects, details of visitors to your store, visitors’ country IPs, block statuses, redirection action with a date stamp, etc. Through Magento Geolocation Store Switcher, you can also find out where the storeviews’ customers are redirected to and which countries are showing more interest in your store and offerings. With all this data at your disposal, you can design your marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly for better traction from those countries.
Interactive and User-Friendly Redirect
By letting customers switch to a certain store view or currency in real time by disabling auto-redirect and enabling a popup to pick the store they want, you can make the site redirection highly user-friendly and interactive. You can also appeal to customers by choosing one from our Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect predefined popup designs and customizing the message, to boost your conversions with enhanced customer experience.


General FAQs

Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we do provide the installation service. You can tick the installation service checkbox while purchasing the product or you can navigate to your Account and purchase the Installation Service from there.

Do you have refund policy?

Yes, you can refer our refund policy. We stand behind the quality of our extensions with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can you customize the extension and app as our store needs?

Yes, we do customize the extensions and apps as per your needs. For any kind of customization, get in touch with us at [email protected].

With what magento versions is the extension compatible with?

Extension is compatible with the following editions: Magento Community: 2.1.* to 2.4.2* & Enterprise Editions: 2.2.* to 2.4.*

Technical FAQs

How to switch the language and the currency based on the visitor’s location?

You would require creating a rule with the store view, it will redirect users to the store view based on the country they are from. Store views are configured with country specific currency and the language.

Does it allow auto redirect customers to specific stores based on their country on first visit directly?

Yes, you can do this by disabling the option under admin configurations.


Points to Note

  • Magento GeoIP Redirect is compatible with Magento Language Translator Extension.
  • Extension works in integration with Maxmind for location accuracy.

Change Log

Version 1.0.8 : September 11, 2023


  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.4.7-beta1 and php 8.2
Version 1.0.7 : May 03, 2023


  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.4.6 and php 8.2
Version 1.0.6 : January 19, 2023


  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.4.5 and php 8.1
Version 1.0.5 : July 29, 2022


  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.4.4
  • Website redirection for multi-websites.
Version 1.0.4 : April 01, 2021


  • Minor Bug Fix
Version 1.0.3 : March 08, 2021


  • Added Compatibility with the Magento 2.4.2
Version 1.0.2 : October 22, 2020


  • Added Multiple GeoIP redirect popup and dynamic popup message
  • Added block IP and country feature to restrict access
  • Manual Store/currency switch
  • Automatically download/delete MaxMind Database
  • Added exception IP/URL in rule to exclude redirection
  • Analyze redirected and blocked user details
  • Other Minor Bug fixes
Version 1.0.1 : September 30, 2020


  • Added Compatibility with the 2.4 Magento.
  • Other Minor Bug fixes
Version: 1.0.0 : May 27, 2020
  • GeoIP Redirect Magento 2 is Release.

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