Order - Extra Fees For Magento 1

Order - Extra Fees For Magento 1
Magento Order - Extra Fees lets you include any nature of additional fees/charges you need to add in specific products offering like insurance, installation charges etc and offer your customers those bells and whistles they would love to enjoy.

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Order - Extra Fees For Magento 1

Community Editions : 1.5.0.*, 1.5.1.*, 1.6.0.*, 1.6.1.*, 1.6.2.*, 1.7.0.*, 1.8.*.*, 1.9.*.*
Magento Order - Extra Fees lets you include any nature of additional fees/charges you need to add in specific products offering like insurance, installation charges etc and offer your customers those bells and whistles they would love to enjoy.
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    Magento Order - Extra Fees Extension

    You often need to add insurance charges, delivery charges, gift wrap charges and several other fees to some specific products that are there for sale in your online store.

    Now it’s quite easy to add any type of extra fees into any of the products available online for sale! Yes, this can now be done through Order – Extra Fees Magento Extension – especially meant to offer this functionality to your e-store.

    Now you can add at any level, anytime and on any product that extra fees, to magento-powered ecommerce sites.

    Product Features

    • Admin Settings

      Admin can configure this extension by selecting desired fields like extra fees to be displayed on what condition in the order total and whether it is displayed automatically or not.

    • Order Frontend

      To display extra fees in the checkout page the box for extra fees has to be checked by the customer to avail the desired extra facility.

    • Order Details Page

      The admin can view the order detail page of the customer which will also have the extra fees charged along with other details.

    • Order Email

      An email will be sent to the customer stating the details of their order information including the extra fees being charged on availing any specific extra facility for their personal records.

    • Multiple Shipping Checkout

      The extra fees charges will be displayed in both the shipping orders if the customer has opted for multiple shipping options for the selected order.

    • Admin Order Page

      The extra fees option will also be displayed in the Admin order page when the admin will place any order on behalf of the customer.

    • Manage Extra Charge from Backend

      This extension manages the pre-defined extra charges by the admin from backend and only the amount is displayed in the frontend.

    • Manage Extra Charge Label from Backend

      Specific labels (specifications) given to particular extra charge is aptly managed from the backend.

    • Option to Add Extra Charge Automatically or by Customers

      There is option to either manage the extra charges by default (automatically) to specific product or it can be handled by the customers in the frontend while checking out.

    • Store Wise Manage Extra Charge

      This provision can be enabled for multiple stores, in case the merchant has various stores.

    Do you think this extension is answer to your extra charge incorporation requirement?

    • Happy Customer

      My gifting store just got revamped with options like gift wrapping, premium packing, add a card, etc. An easy to use extension which increases the value of your orders!

      Levi Hansen (Posted on March 6, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Value For Money

      It’s one of the many products by AppJetty that lets you cover the costs of your investment within no time. Additional charges on orders are a great way to earn some extra revenue per conversion. A recommended extension for all Magento stores.

      Christine Siebels (Posted on January 3, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Works for Multiple Stores

      I have multiple stores and the extension can be enables for them at one go. These extensions are super useful as managing extensions for every store separately can be a taxing job.

      Jonathan Pollard (Posted on November 27, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Multiple Displays

      The additional costs are reflected on all packages that make a part of the order, even if multiple shipping is selected. Helpful for stores providing gifting options as many of the orders are selected to be shipped with different options.

      Katherine Is (Posted on September 28, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Smart Customization

      The product lets you offer various charges but the best thing is you can control what options to be provided on what products. It makes it easier to avoid confusion for stores selling multiple range of products. A very well-thought off product development by AppJetty.

      Graham Plaster (Posted on July 14, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Finally Got it

      After struggling with additional charges for an year, I finally invested in the extension after a friend’s recommendation. The extension makes it very easy and convenient to add extra charges for additional services. A very useful product overall.

      Johannsen Quinio (Posted on May 11, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice Product

      To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the product but anyway installed it for it provides 15 days money back policy. But it didn’t come to it. Loving the product and already recommended it to industry friends.

      Jane Connell (Posted on March 9, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Always Updated

      I opted for an unlimited upgrade and do not regret it as I have known from previous experiences with AppJetty that the upgrades are really useful in keeping your product up to date with industry additions. Will recommend the same to all buyers.

      Kathy A (Posted on January 3, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nominal Price

      Nice and useful product at a very nominal price. Moreover, you will recover the costs in no time. Definitely recommended for all ecommerce store owners providing additional services to customers.

      Kyle J (Posted on November 21, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Simplified

      It eliminates the confusion over additional charges both for the seller and the buyer. A product that’s equally useful for both parties. I will rate it 9/10 for I have used better products by AppJetty.

      Jacob D (Posted on September 19, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Remarkable

      Another remarkable extension by AppJetty. I am satisfied with the product and customer services provided by the AppJetty staff to install the extension.

      Tim Wilson (Posted on July 11, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice Product

      It lets you add optional services to invoices and increases your earning per sale. A nice product which works well for almost all businesses as I am using it for two varied stores and it works great for both of them.

      Sergey K (Posted on May 9, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Works great

      I don’t know why I didn’t come across this earlier. Makes it extremely easy to provide additional services like gift wrapping, premium shipping, etc. A happy customer!

      Kirk G (Posted on March 7, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Great for Appliance stores

      I have an electronic appliance store and the extension is such a relief, to say the least. It was difficult to provide free installation with already competitive prices of appliances and hidden costs affected brand name. With the extension, I can now add an option for installation charges. So, definitely works great for me.

      Marko M (Posted on January 4, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Smart Extension

      Extra Fees for Magento is a smart extension as it allows my store to display primary rates without reflecting additional charges. The additional charges can be offered as optional later at checkout. The lower rates attracted customers and conversion rates improved significantly.

      Clyde S (Posted on November 2, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Works for me

      I have a Magento site providing travel services across the globe. This extension lets me add insurance charges as an option without forcing it on my customers. A must have extension for similar business models.

      Sergiy K (Posted on September 1, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Impressive

      Fast, reliable and scalable Magento extension I have ever used for my eCommerce store. Happy to go with this.

      Hunter Hayes (Posted on July 18, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Really nice

      It is an excellent extension solution. By its installation I can charge extra fees for additional services like gift wrapping or for any other category.

      Phil Powell (Posted on May 22, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Fantastic

      I was quite impressed with this Magento extension solution as it solved all of my requirement at once. I can now charge and manage extra fees with keeping the calculations in the invoice clear. Excellent work done.

      Carlito Reyes (Posted on May 7, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Marvelous

      I fell in love with this extension when it started functioning after installation. I didn’t expected it would make my job so damn easy. Charging and managing extra fees, also reflected in the invoice generated, has become a simple task. It is marvelous, it offers the features exactly described in its description.

      Luke Abney (Posted on April 2, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Perfect Extension

      Managing additionally charged fees is so simple with this extension. Additional charges are displayed on the webpage that provides a clear view of invoice generated with product price and additional fees.

      Chet Butler (Posted on February 26, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Truly helpful!

      This extension is perfect for my multiple online stores. Implementing and managing the additional fees like insurance fees, gift wrap charges and more is now easy. The extra fee is displayed in the frontend, so my customers can easily know what will be the actual price of the product along with the additional fees.

      Anna Mortimer (Posted on January 10, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • I recommend

      I own an online store offering great products and services. My customers were charged for using extra services like installation, deployment, maintenance etc. But charging them for products and services attached to it was quite difficult. This extension simplified all my work. Now I can easily manage the extra fees from the backend of my store. Even my customers can select paying additional fees in the checkout process. I recommend this extension as it has been a great help!

      Jean Sauli (Posted on November 15, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend This

    Release Notes

    Version: 0.1.2 : July 1, 2016


    • Compatible with "Delivery Date Scheduler" and "Gift Promition on Cart".
    Version: 0.1.1 : November 26, 2015


    • Compatible with patch Supee 6788
    Version: 0.1.0 : September 29, 2014
    • Order - Extra Fees is Release.