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Quick Maps For Dynamics CRM

Quick Maps For Dynamics CRM

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with Dynamics CRM map visualization, Quick Maps plugin is exactly what you need. Quick Maps Dynamics CRM not only helps you to visualize your Dynamics CRM data on map but also helps you to plot records. This plugin will give you a better understanding of market geography through the spot pattern feature like heat map.

Why Use Quick Maps?

Recognize Sales Regions

Know about your sales territories, analyze and manage prospects present at different locations and map your sale regions in detail.

Save Time & Efforts

Get detailed and organized routes to reach your prospects through route optimization. Save time, finances and efforts spent after meeting customers and prospects.

Analyze Sales Market

Spot the market geography patterns and know about the location of your sales prospects as well as ongoing trends through Heat Maps.

Quick Maps – Feature Highlights


    Configure & View


    Filter Data


    Action Buttons


    Customer Routing


    Map Definitions and Locations


    Data Grid

  •  Entity to Map
  •  Set Legend & Plot records
  •  Summary Card
  •  Heat Maps

This feature helps you to geocode records that are added into the CRM. All you need to do is to select the entity you want to be mapped. You can also select the address fields with latitude/longitude for which you want to generate the geocode. It is possible to manually geo code the records that are not new or update the latitude/longitude for that record.

ms crm maps plugin

Once you add legend with its view, all records get plotted on the map. Users have the facility to add different pins for different entities so that they can differentiate one record from another.

quick maps for dynamics crm

With the Summary Card feature to your rescue, you will not have to refer to the plotted pins time and again to see the plotted number of records. Users can get summarized information related to number of records that are plotted on the map.

microsoft dynamics maps plugin

Generate heat maps through pins. Based on color bifurcation, Heat Map highlights areas where more number of records are located. Identifying your clients and prospects – region wise is now extremely easy!

microsoft dynamics heat maps

  •  Region
  •  Drawing
  •  Territory
  •  Proximity
  •  Point of Interest Location (POI)

This option lets you search and plot records on map based on region of your choice. Also, users can select and view records on various different region-based criteria including City, State, Country, and Postal Code.

microsoft dynamics crm maps plugin

Quick Maps provides users with a drawing tool. With the help of it, the users can plot records based on different free hand shapes. This makes it easier for them to trace through different records without any restrictions.

dynamics crm map visualization

Dynamics CRM’s inbuilt feature already offers the territory feature. Using the Territory option, user can plot and search records based on sale territories as defined in their Dynamics CRM system.

maps dynamics crm

Let’s say you want to see prospects or clients in a particular area. Through the Proximity feature, you can view nearby records in proximity from current record’s location based on time or distance. You can also define the proximity on the basis of distance or time.

microsoft crm maps

Find the places of your interest including Airport, Restaurants, Cafe, Gas Station etc from your current location or from the location of your choice. Make the most out of these facilities while you’re on the move for sales related activities.

dynamics crm quick maps poi

  •  Send Email
  •  Assign to User or Team
  •  Add to Marketing List
  •  Add Tasks or Appointment
  •  Plot Related Records

No need to go through the exhausting task of finding customer details and sending emails. Through this feature, sales representative can send mail to particular customer right from the maps. As recipient details get entered automatically, it saves your time and efforts.

dynamics crm quick maps plugin

You can assign a customer to a specific user or team so that they can coordinate amongst themselves and figure out their roles and responsibilities for each customer. This brings a lot of clarity amongst team members and keeps conflicts at bay.

quick maps for dynamics crm user

Add customer to the marketing list. You can add customer to the current market list or create a new one. This feature enables you to ensure that no customer is left out of the marketing activities that your company conducts.

quick maps marketing

Schedule tasks and appointments for day/week/month directly from the map for particular record. This saves lot of time as you don’t have to navigate to particular record in CRM to add task or appointment.

microsoft dynamics maps plugin

There are multiple contacts associated with one account. Using plot related records feature of Quick Maps, all related records to a particular record gets plotted on map. This brings a lot of clarity and better association between parent groups and the hierarchy within.

quick maps for dynamics crm visualization

  •  Set route
  •  Get optimized route
  •  Share route
  •  Access existing route
  •  Reverse Directions

You can add addresses of records to the route and add more than two waypoints at a time. Get three different options to add waypoints like Set as Origin, Set as Destination, and Add in between route. Using Add in between route option, you get to place waypoint based on your route preference.

microsoft dynamics crm route map

It becomes important to optimize route so that more locations can be covered in a shortest time span. Quick Maps provides multiple options like ‘Avoid Highways’, ‘Avoid Traffic’ and ‘Avoid Toll Roads’ to get an optimized route, so that sales representative can reach their customers easily.

quick map route optimization

Sales people using Dynamics CRM might want to share generated route among themselves for ease of access. Share route feature helps them to share route with their fellow teammates via email. It brings much convenience as they do not need to communicate for the same each time.

quick map route share

Quick Maps allows you to save routes for future access. Hence salespersons don’t have to generate the same route repeatedly. They can access the existing saved route as and when required. This brings a lot of convenience.

quick maps for access route

Directions that you get for waypoints can also be reversed whenever you want using reverse directions functionality. Whenever you reverse, the starting point and destination automatically inverse along with the in-between point.

quick maps for reverse direction

  •  Access map definitions and locations
  •  Get Current Location
  •  Add New Location
  •  Update existing definitions or location
  •  Remove unwanted locations

Save definitions and location in Quick Maps, so you do not have to waste time in finding them at a later stage. You can also easily navigate to definition or location and manipulate them according to your requirement.

microsoft dynamics crm maps plugin

You might require current location for performing proximity search or knowing nearby Point of Interest places. At that time, you can use the use the current location feature and know your current location.

dynamics crm map visualization

You can save map’s current centre according to the latitude/longitude and set the zoom level. Once saved, you can easily return to it later. Using the Add New Location feature, the defined new location gets added into the maps and can be accessed when required.

microsoft crm maps locations

Locations do not remain static. They keep on changing based on the needs. Hence there might arise a need to change location. Using Quick Maps, definitions or locations that are already present can be modified based on the user’s need.

maps location for dynamics crm

Get rid of the unwanted location-based clutter in your data. You can remove saved definitions or locations that are not required any further from Quick Maps. No more getting overwhelmed with too much information.

remove quick map locations

  •  Filter Data Grid
  •  Export Data or Generate PDF
  •  Change owner
  •  Print Ready
  •  Manage Territory

In Quick Maps, all records you have plotted on map can be viewed in tabular format in form of data grid. In data grid, all plotted records are accessible. These records can be filtered based on concept of string manipulation if all records are not required.

ms crm maps plugin

Get an access to your data in the format of your choice. You can export all or selected records present in data as an excel file or in the PDF file format. You can download these Excel or Pdf files automatically.

dynamics crm quick maps plugin

In Dynamics CRM, every user has specific roles. Hence if there arises a need to change the owner of a particular record or give them an access to certain functionalities, you can do it using change owner functionality.

data visualization

There are times when you might want the data to be printed. Using the print option in Data grid, all or selected records in data grid can be printed for on paper reference of the records. You can carry the hard copy along wherever you want.

quick maps print

Territory management can lead to easy assignment of records to a particular territory. With Quick Maps, you can assign records to a particular territory right from the maps itself.

data visualization

How to install


Purchase the Plugin and Upload the Zip File

Login into your DynamicsCRM and upload the zip file into solutions.


Install the Plugin in your CRM

Install Quick Maps in Your DynamicsCRM


Configure the Plugin

Go to your DynamicsCRM and Validate your License and other module configurations.

Points to Note

  • You need to generate the Google Geocoding API Key from to view Get manually geocode in QuickMaps.
  • AppJetty License authentication is required for the Plugin.
  • From web-browser pop-up should not be blocked.
  • Works with Dynamics CRM 2016(version 8.0) and upper version.
  • Dynamics CRM :

    Dynamics CRM 2016(v8.0) and above

Secure & Stable



Lifetime Updates


Lifetime Support

Starts at $49/ Year

Change Log

Version 2.2 : November 27, 2018


  • Upgrade code standard as per Microsoft guidelines
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version 2.1 : August 02, 2018


  • Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes
Version: 2.0 : May 02, 2018
  • Added record filtration
  • Added data grid
  • Added data export options
  • Added summary card
  • Added option to find Point of Interests
  • Functionality to share locations
  • Functionality to create tasks and appointments from map
  • Functionality to save, view locations
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version 1.0 : February 23, 2018
  • Quick Maps is Released.
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General FAQs

  • What versions of Dynamics CRM does the plugin support?

    The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016(v8.0) and above (online and on-premises).

  • Can you customize the plugin as per my requirement?

    Definitely. You can share your customization request at

  • Do you provide demo?

    Yes, we do. You can view the demo by clicking on "Free Trial"

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. You can refer to our refund policy by clicking on the following URL

Technical FAQ

  • Does it provide the facility to get geocode(latitude and longitude) from the address?

    Yes, you need to click on 'Get Geocode' button in particular records.

  • Who can set default configuration settings?

    Only System Administrator can set default configuration settings.

  • Can I view entity records based on their views from the QuickMaps?

    Yes, you can view all the records as per their view.

  • Does it provide a way to generate geocode automatically for new records of a particular entity?

    Yes, it does. You need to mark the checkbox in Entity To Map dialogbox.

  • Does it provide a way to generate geocode for all records?

    Yes, it does. You can set cron and days. Cron will run and generate geocode for all mapped entities.