Appjetty Partner Program

Become an AppJetty Partner

Play an important role in helping merchants start, sell, market, and manage their business. Offer your expertise to eCommerce store owners and earn profits in return with our AppJetty Partnership Program.

Partnership We Offer

Reseller Network

Whether you’re an elite partner, reseller, or solopreneur, you can earn recurring revenue using your marketing or industry-specific skills.

Refer Network

Let’s grow together. Refer your audience to us and earn revenue in return. Get incentives on every successful deal.

Benefits for Partners

  • Earn More Revenue

    There are different rewards to earn as an AppJetty Partner. Depending on the partnership program, it can include cashback, commission, and discount on program renewals.

  • Access Exclusive Resources

    We offer access to various resources, including documentation, live articles, and video tutorials, along with product training and partnership support.

  • Leverage Brand Exposure

    Our partners are provided with the authorization badge for promotional activities. We also list all our partners’ details on our website and allow the same.

  • Scale Your Business

    Partnership with us means you get heavy discounts, on-demand tech support, and technology-specific advice whenever required. Customer and client satisfaction is our forte, and we stand by it.

Our Products

MappyField 365 for Dynamics CRM

MappyField 365 is a Dynamics 365 CRM Map plugin that assists sales and marketing teams to manage their team’s day-to-day activities with features like a heat map, territory management, live user tracking, route optimization, auto-scheduling, interactive dashboards, and more.

MappyField 365 for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics 365 Calendar

A smart calendar extension that lets you manage customers, appointments, and activities from one place. Create multiple calendars and share it with your team. Get an overview of scheduled activities and stay updated with notifications and reminders.

Dynamics 365 Calendar

CommerceXpand for Shopify

CommerceXpand - a collection of 25+ standalone apps that help Shopify store owners expand their stores’ efficiency. From reducing cart abandonment rates to improving customer experience, increasing revenue, and protecting the store, you can do it all using one app, i.e., CommerceXpand.

CommerceXpand for Shopify

Our Existing Partners

Strategy 365

Strategy 365 is a hub of innovative Dynamics 365 products from around the world.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder Inc. is a managed technology solution provider and consultancy firm located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

All My Systems

All My Systems, located in the UK, provides all the systems a business requires to operate smoothly.

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