How Survey Reporting Can Accelerate Your Organization Growth

How Survey Reporting Can Accelerate Your Organization Growth

Sulabh Chauhan

January 8th, 2021

Data is the new oil. No matter how big or small your brand is, intensive market research to collect data is crucial. All the leading brands are already well into collecting data to drive their business actions and decisions.

Take Starbucks, for example, in 2008, Starbucks felt the need to go beyond traditional surveys and suggestion boxes to collect customers’ inputs. Thus, they came up with My Starbucks Idea to collect customers’ views on what they want the brand to be like. Since then, Starubucks has been tracking all the inputs and ideas and using them effectively to hit the right chord with the customers.

Out of a number of modern ways to collect data, a survey is a “traditional” method that still stands its ground. There are survey plugins like a SuiteCRM/SugarCRM survey plugin or others that have simplified survey creation and data collection for businesses.

There is one more thing to consider here. Your unique ideas of data collection may work wonders but raw data isn’t enough by itself. Unless you understand the data, analyze it, and use it effectively; it is of no avail.

If you talk of survey data, how accurately you analyze the data matters. This is where survey reporting comes into the picture. Be it a SugarCRM survey, SuiteCRM survey, survey for Salesforce CRM, or any other; survey reports help visualize data better to enhance decision-making.

Here is a list of benefits survey reporting can provide:

– Helps understand customers better

– Helps market research before a launch

– Helps reinforce branding with content

– Helps gauge customer satisfaction

Thus, survey reports get you full visibility of your customers’ expectations and the gaps you should fill to be their first choice.

Helps Understand Your Customers Better

When creating the buyer’s persona, you may need to know the current demands and expectations of your target audience. Without a Buyer’s Persona, you may fail to gather small details like your target audience’s daily habits, pain points, lifestyle choices, beliefs, and decision-making criteria.

If you are able to collect all this info via surveys and compile a detailed report on it; it can help create a big difference to your brand. With demographic data of your target audience at your disposal via accurate survey reports, you can use it for various business aspects.

You can improve your current product(s)/service(s), enhance your content, tweak your sales funnel, etc. This way, you can use survey reports to upgrade your overall business processes and increase profitability.

Helps Enhance Pre-Launch Market Research

To picture anyone asking for a 3G sim in the era of 5G technology is not going to help. Also, Today the concept of E-sim is becoming so popular that you can not go for old technology. Similarly, every product you develop should meet your target audience’s current needs and expectations. And without stepping into your customers’ shoes, you won’t understand what exactly your customers want.

If you launch anything without getting insights into current trends and demands; it is sure to fall flat. So, it is better to test the waters before you launch something new. By gathering survey reports and analyzing them thoroughly, you can sync your upcoming product with customers’ expectations and make it an ideal fit.

Helps Reinforce Branding via Content

An exhaustive survey results report with data about your target audience’s preferences, perceptions, traits, etc. is like the goose that lays golden eggs. Survey reporting is thus indispensable for marketing purposes.

Through collected survey data, understanding the possible hurdles in the market and customers’ perception about your industry, becomes easy. You can use this data to create content that can be more targeted by refining the language and tapping into your target audience’s priorities.

Further, you can use this data to optimize your landing pages for lead conversion. You can also enhance the content of your product FAQ pages and run targeted email campaigns to drive more engagement and conversions.

Helps Gauge Customer Satisfaction

Survey reports also give you an idea of how satisfied your customers are. Despite being a very common use of surveys, it is one of the most important as well.

Survey reports like status reports, question-wise reports, cross-tab reports, etc. can give insights into customers’ current likings.

For instance, if you send two customer surveys in a month; you can compare their responses. This comparison will help you understand whether your response rate has gone up or down. Also, it may help understand whether the customers are happier than before or not. Accordingly, you can collect insights into technical faults, checkout issues, support issues, etc. and make your products and services better.

Once you are on top of customers’ satisfaction levels, it will automatically bring you more customers and sales.

Over to You

Understanding your customers better is the key to success. A simple SugarCRM survey with a few on-point questions can give you valuable data. All you need is to collect that data and analyze it through proper survey reports. There are various SugarCRM survey plugins that you can use to generate surveys and detailed reports.

Our SurveyRocket is a perfect fit for all the SugarCRM users looking for a next-gen survey plugin. Besides featuring survey reporting, it has got a number of advanced features including skip logic, data piping, NPS score, survey templates, and more.

On top of that, our company prides itself on experience of over 14 years in a variety of tech integrations for CRM, Shopify, Magento, and other leading technologies. So, you can stay assured of your success with our SugarCRM survey plugin. To know how it works, you can avail of a free-trial period we provide.


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