A Guide to Email Survey Templates: Basics, Benefits, and Types

A Guide to Email Survey Templates: Basics, Benefits, and Types

Sulabh Chauhan

February 1st, 2021

The number of emails sent and received across the globe is forecast to reach 361.6 bn by 2024.

It indicates that emails are an important means of communication. When it comes to businesses, they are even more valuable.

Among all types of emails for commercial or business purposes, survey emails are crucial. They are more personal and engaging and help collect high-quality responses and leads. However, crafting an email survey may not be an easy task – even for marketing veterans at times. Email survey templates can be of great help in situations where you are not sure of what or what not to include.

This post is going to walk you through all you need to learn about email survey templates.

What are Email Survey Templates?

Before understanding email survey templates, you should first understand the meaning of an email template. An email template is basically a reusable HTML file that you can use to create email campaigns..

Similarly, email survey templates are pre-built customizable files that have ready-to-use survey questionnaires. They let you add items like images or links to an email. You can also personalize the email design with CSS they provide to reflect your brand theme in a better way.

The best part is that these email survey templates are reusable and fully customizable. You can use them across multiple marketing campaigns and customize them as per your requirements.

You can pick the email survey templates that fit your purpose and launch your email survey campaigns. This helps you save the hassle of having to think of questions every time to include in your email surveys.

Benefits of Email Survey Templates

  • Save Time

    Deciding on the content and design of every email can be tedious and time-consuming. In complex campaigns where you need to contact multiple sources, it can become overwhelming. If you have pre-built ready-to-use email survey templates, you can reuse them in your email survey campaigns.

    Templates help in two ways. First, they save you the time to create emails from scratch. Second, they help you spare more time to focus on the actual content (questions) than just design. You can also add or remove some questions of your email survey template to make it fit for the next drip email campaign.

  • Help Maintain Branding Consistency

    Consistency is a must in your branding. It not only helps enhance the overall experience of recipients but also engages them more for participation. Email survey templates enable you to maintain consistency in your branding throughout.

    You can customize colors, logo, and design your survey emails to appeal to recipients and attract more responses. Using survey templates also helps avoid code errors that can result in broken survey links and poor customer experience.

  • Help Personalize Experience

    Reusable email survey templates can help personalize customers’ experience. You can personalize your survey emails by addressing your subscriber by their first name. You can also personalize surveys based on your customers’ locations and preferences and drive high response rates and completion rates.

    You can easily add or remove one or more survey questions in email survey templates based on your customers. This way, you can get a perfect email survey in no time for every type of customer.

  • Increase Efficiency

    With email survey templates, you can create email campaigns faster and better. You no longer need to create the code from scratch for every new email campaign. You can thus add and copy images or links faster, change the questions you want, and get your emails ready for the next campaign. To ensure that email campaigns and your message reach the right audience, you can set up DMARC and ensure that your domain is secure from attacks.

    This way, the overall efficiency of your email survey camping goes higher.

It is easy to explore how Survey Rocket works best for your use-cases with a little hands-on experience. We recommend you start with a trial today.

What Should You Include in Email Survey Templates?

  • Email Subject – Attractive and Action-Driven

    Ensure that the subject line is attractive and attention-grabbing. It should be relevant, comprehensive, and concise. The subject line should be able to drive recipients’ curiosity and encourage them to open the email.

  • To-the-Point and Engaging Content

    Your email content should be straightforward and engaging. Don’t beat around the bush and keep your content crisp and relevant to the purpose. Let your respondents know about the survey in a creative manner.

    Also tell them how you will use the information they provide through surveys. For instance, in customer satisfaction survey templates, you can say, “Your feedback will help us improve our product(s)/service(s).

    When you empower customers to think that their responses can bring a change, they are more likely to participate in surveys.

  • Time to Take the Survey

    Respect your respondents’ time. Include the time it would take them to fill the survey in your customer satisfaction survey templates or other survey templates. It would give them a better idea of the length of the survey and help plan the time to take the survey accordingly.

  • Visually Appealing Email Surveys

    Create aesthetically appealing email surveys to grab your respondents’ attention and motivate them to fill the survey. Use an elegant design and include a simple yet elegant button that contains the survey link.

  • Unsubscribe Button

    If you think using an “Unsubscribe” button may backfire, you should think again. Providing the option to unsubscribe helps convey that you respect subscribers and their preferences. Respondents love that and don’t feel “forced”.

  • Thank Respondents

    In the end, don’t forget to thank your respondents for their time and efforts they give to complete the survey.

Types of Email Survey Templates

There are a number of email survey templates available depending on the types of surveys and industries.

Here are a few common survey templates you can use.

  • Product Market Research Template

    This template helps create a survey to know customers’ current preferences before a new product launch. It helps customize your product to make it the ideal fit for your customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

    Using this template, you can create customer satisfaction surveys to know their viewpoints better and improve your products/services according to their feedback.

  • Healthcare-Stress Survey Template

    This template can help create a survey to learn about the patients’ basic health issues and decide on the treatments accordingly.

  • Patient Feedback Survey

    This template helps you evaluate your medical services through patients’ feedback. You can learn what is good and what needs to improve in your system easily.

  • Sales-Product Testing Survey Template

    This template helps get insights into your products and services and know the scope of improvements. You can also rethink marketing strategies for better sales.

  • Event Feedback Template

    With this survey template, you can collect the experience of attendees of an event. You can measure attendee satisfaction levels and improve your future events.

  • Business-Onboarding Survey Template

    This template helps enhance your onboarding new clients’ onboarding experience. You can find out if the project fulfills their requirements or not.

  • Post-Purchase Survey

    This template helps find out how customers find your product after purchase. You can send this survey after a fortnight or month to engage them and collect feedback.

How Can AppJetty Help

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