Why Do You Need A Mobile CRM App For Your Organization?

Maulik Shah
Apr 15,2016

    The growth of mobile usage in recent years has increased to a great level. As adoption of mobile continues to grow and organizations become more compromising in work arrangements to their employees, conventional desktop applications such as CRM are moving into the mobile arena. With the rapid growth in Mobile usage, the sales teams around the globe are out in the field meeting potential customers. Mobile usage is rapidly growing and sales teams around the world are out in the field meeting their prospects. Implementing a mobile oriented strategy is no longer optional and is rapidly becoming an essential requirement.

    Why Mobile CRM Is Booming These Days?

    Customer Relationship Management system apps based on industries are powerful tools, but the user is completely detached from the source of information afforded by the CRM once outside a computer environment. As competition increases, it is crucial and essential for your sales force to be on top of its game.

    The whole sales process, from initial contact to after-sale service, benefits from mobile CRM. Representatives can access customer information, upsell, obtain customer data and produce an invoice with a few clicks and swipes of the touch screen interface. As this occurs, automated CRM functions updates customer data and other important post-sale tasks. Having your sales team equipped with a mobile not only offers a point of stability for the individual sales representatives, but it is also a tested & proven way to increase productivity, boost sales and company revenue.

    CRM Mobile Adoption Rate

    • In 2008, Forrester Research found that 50% of Enterprises and more than 40% of SMBs were navigating, rolling out or currently utilizing mobile applications for sales automation.
    • Forbes reported at the end of 2012, that there were 47 CRM applications in the Android App and 110 in the Store Apple App Store.
    • The Gartner Group predicted an extraordinary growth rate of 500% by 2014 for mobile CRM. Increase in mobile usage between December 2010 and November 2012 was 225%.
    • Research in Europe found that less than 34% companies have implemented a mobile CRM.

    SugarMob Pro is a tool designed for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. By connecting through SugarMob, you can allow your sales team’s access to customer data through SugarCRM. A key benefit of using SugarMob is to allow your employees & sales force to access real time data while out in the fields meeting customers. Sales, data processing and customer communication are merged into a single CRM mobile application with the help of mobile technology. CRM accessibility on the go is not just a worthy tool for those involved in Business Development and for Sales Development team. Support teams, Customer service agents and even senior management can all benefit from using this prolific tool.

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