Tips to Effectively Manage Your Dynamics CRM Calendar

Amit Shah
Nov 26,2019


Time is money. And it shouldn’t be wasted.

Especially in the business world, dealing on time makes a huge difference because every second may cost you a million dollars. However, with so many things on our plate, it becomes a little overwhelming to manage everything. Though you have calendar tools to manage your schedule, it consumes most of the time in adding and updating details of various events in the CRM.

For example, if it takes 15 mins to update 1 of the events’ details into your Dynamics CRM, and you have 15 other events like this, it consumes up to 3 hours of the day to just fill the details with accuracy.

With CRM calendar, it becomes easy as you can update details right from the calendar. Apart from this, here are some other tips to manage your schedule effectively and be more productive:

Dynamics CRM integrated Calendar to Track Events

When it comes to business events, planning and scheduling play an important role as businesses attend events for multiple purposes. These include webinars, training for customers, board meetings, monthly team meetings, product launches, press conferences, etc. And if you note them manually, there is no way of you making to any of these events on time. With CRM integrated calendar, you can keep track of all of it in one place. It gives you an idea about what is pending for the current day and therefore an overview of your week is going to be.

Get Rid of Repetitive Data Entry

It becomes a headache to update data into Dynamics CRM after completing a particular event or task. You may have got a lot of details to fill in. And it can be a little difficult to do it promptly. By integrating Dynamics CRM Calendar, you get the functionality to edit all the details from the calendar itself. 

Never Forget a Meeting

In case you have CRM integrated calendar tool, you can set reminders to make sure you never miss any meeting. It allows you to set up reminders for a particular task. One major plus point you get here is that you get these reminders with meeting details in your email as well. It helps because when you have these details, you can be prepared for the meeting.

Track Wasted Time

It is important to use such a tool effectively. Once you are done with a particular schedule, you can count your total wasted time in a number of tasks. List all your tasks and an average spent time beside them. It will provide you with an accurate number of total hours spent. After bifurcating them into priority tasks, you can count the total hours spent which were not productive. This helps you make your schedule accurately and to eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Assign Resources Effectively

While assigning activities to your employees, having a Dynamics CRM calendar lets you track your employees’ schedules. This means you can assess performance individually, and assign tasks according to that. It reduces redundant efforts and helps you manage your time and your team accordingly.

Create Customizable Calendar Views

With customized calendar views, your employees can manage it according to their schedule. For example, if they work nine to five, then they can display only weekdays. With available tooltip and pop-ups, it becomes easier as they only see necessary details on the calendar. With their constantly changing schedule, they can choose also to display the whole month in the calendar.

Schedule Recurring Meetings

Many of us have scheduled meetings on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. Now if every time you had to send everyone an invite, it consumes a lot of time and energy. With CRM Calendar you can schedule and send invites for recurring meetings. All you will need to do is add the details and select the email addresses. After choosing daily, weekly or any custom time and date, it will show up on the recipient's calendar as a scheduled meeting.

Still Thinking About it?

Today most of the software is moving towards cloud-based integration. And not using CRM and calendar integration will not let you make optimum use of your time, business and resources. With available Dynamics CRM Calendar plugins, you can perform almost every activity on a calendar and save yourself and your team from making unnecessary efforts and utilize more time effectively.

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