Survey Automation: The Most Significant Feature in Survey Tools!

Maulik Shah
Feb 23,2018

    Manual surveys are boring. There is a phase of few hours or maybe a few days - when the memory of your service or the product is still oozing pheromones. You need to hit the hammer when the Iron is hot. And there is only one way you can make your online survey tool to throw surveys in real-time. You automate them!

    There are three main use cases for triggering online surveys. First to get the feedback for your service or your product. Second is to get feedback on your site experience. And, the most important is to make your customer feel valued. Unfortunately, nobody pays attention to the time gap sending the survey to your customer. We believe it is the key element to increase your response rate.

    If you make use of Sugar CRM / SuiteCRM, we have just the right Sugar/SuiteCRM Survey Plugin for you. Instead, needing to share feedback surveys on an ad-hoc basis, set a workflow. Automate the survey mechanism to ensure that your system triggers surveys on its own.

    How Does Survey Automation Work?

    Survey Automation is a feature available in Sugar CRM Survey Plugin / SuiteCRM Survey Plugin that enables the survey creator to set up a survey workflow using specific conditions and actions. The conditions trigger the survey event and the actions determine which survey should you should send to whom. When both these conditions meet, you can send a survey to chosen respondents.

    Ways in Which Survey Automation Helps

    From the definition of Survey Automation, you must have understood that it can help automatize surveys in various ways. Let us understand these functionalities in detail.

    Helps Define Conditions

    Before you send surveys to your audience, you need to create a questionnaire. Now, there might be a possibility that you do not want all the customers to see all the questions. You might want to show or hide certain questions based on their answers. Survey Automation feature in the tool enables you to click on a specific page or a question. Thereafter, you get an access to a menu that enables you to define conditions.

    Supposing your question is “Do you like pizza?” For this question, if the participant answers “yes,” the next question pops up. If they answer “no,” the page redirects them to the next question. You can also use an online survey tool that displays advanced conditions for you to choose from.

    Helps Design a Flow

    Every survey has a flow and you need to maintain it thoroughly. And for that, the admin has to select when exactly he wants to execute certain actions. It is possible to do that from the backend of a superior quality Sugar CRM survey plugin. The admin can also select a targeted module of the workflow and choose the type of records on which he wants the automation to trigger. Here is what the admin can do:

    • Define the survey automation workflow
    • Save the automation workflow
    • Create condition for triggering the automation
    • Choose parameters to set the conditions
    • Fix actions to decide to whom you need to send the survey
    • Select recipients related to the target or associated module
    • Choose the related field for the selected recipient type
    • Selects the survey you want to send

    Above given is a systematized and defined way in which you can design the survey workflow using the backend of your plugin.

    Role Based Survey Creation

    There are several steps involved in survey creation. And if you are a huge organization, there are chances that you might want different professionals handle different aspects of survey creation. A SuiteCRM Survey Plugin enables you to allocate specific responsibility to a specific person and helps you maintain the workflow right from the creation of the survey to sending it to the participants.

    For example, your designer creates the survey template. Thereafter, your sales executive receives a prompt to create the questionnaire. Once he finishes designing the questionnaire, the marketing manager edits, reviews and send. You can design this workflow from the backend and it works exactly according to the way you have designed it. At any point in time, you can also make changes to the user based responsibilities and workflow.

    However, you must create the email template and survey before creating the workflow.

    The best part? You can get an access to all the above survey automation functionalities and more through Survey Rocket – AppJetty’s Sugar and SuiteCRM based plugin. It is an intuitive solution for the entrepreneurs willing to conduct online surveys through their Sugar and SuiteCRM system. Why not enable your customers to fill their own survey and update you with the results in real time?

    Know in what other ways does Survey Rocket help. Write to us on

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