Receiving Low Response Rates while Surveying Customers - Know Why!

Maulik Shah
Nov 26,2015

    Most of the time, customers avoid to answer surveys thinking it would eat up their valuable time. Are the organizations sending questionnaires and considering responses on the serious note? When it’s all about the big data, ignorance has no room. Survey can be a game changer if done correctly. Manage the contact list to build the strategies and decisions creating win-win situation!

    We have analyzed the market scenario and listed some of the reasons responsible for low response rates of any survey.

    Questions that Lets you Think on your Surveys Strategy

    Have you built your Target Market Efficiently?

    In several cases, the ultimate reason of receiving low response rate is, the target market built is either inappropriate or holding incorrect contacts. It is imperative to select the contacts to target and imply effectual marketing strategies for desired outcomes. Send customer feedback survey to helpful contacts by shrinking down the contact list for obtaining accurate survey results. If you are including customer centric questions in the survey, exclude the non-customer contacts like CEOs, managers, secretaries etc. This will allow organizations to avail definite results, helpful for analysing the scenario.

    Have you involved your Customers in your Findings?

    Involve your customers in the business specific surveys is #rule1 to make any marketing campaign successful. They are the important aspect of your sales cycle. Integrating them in the survey by letting them know your business plans and forthcoming strategies will ultimately help you offer them better customer satisfaction. Serve your customers with comprehensive user experience by involving them in the survey of your business processes.

    Let your customers know you care about them and your ultimate goal is to make them feel satisfied and happy with your business and customer services. Integrating customers will boost sales of the organizations seeking extensive growth and better business future.

    Have you Chosen Correct Questions?

    Have you included the right and helpful questions in your questionnaire? Proper market research will let you prepare effectual survey questionnaire. It will get you the best and effective response from valuable customers. Keep the questions short and easy to understand. Long questions might affect the response rate of the survey and you might end up getting inappropriate results. Thus, your efforts might fail to generate the desired survey finding!

    Have your Sent the Survey at the Right Time?

    You need to send the survey at the right time as it is important to know your customers when they are at their best. Inappropriate time may get you either wrong or non-desirable results. Considering the target market, set the time to send the survey questionnaire. For instance if you own an eCommerce store and you are planning to conduct a sale on your website, you can involve your customers by asking them several question that lets you decide which product are liked more and which products are trending to get extensive sales and better profits.

    Prevent poor survey results affecting the business decision. Avoid making common mistakes to boost your sales with inaccurate customer feedbacks. Identify the reasons that spoil your customer surveys before it increases the count of unhappy customers.

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