Online Surveys Help Educational Institutions Provide Better Education

Maulik Shah
Mar 30,2016

    Today’s students are studying in a competitive higher education environment. Colleges and universities increasingly recognize that this environment requires beginning a dialog with prospective students early in the search process. However, many educational institutions do not have adequate infrastructure to reach and engage with prospective students. Establishing a communication plan that incorporates CRM based surveys’ is an important step that institutions can implement to initiate and maintain relationships with students during the early stages of the search process.

    Moreover, education research consistently shows that positive teacher-student relationships are an important dimension of effective teaching and contribute to students’ success in school and life. Education institutions all over the world are going through fundamental changes in how they interact with their students, faculties and parents. Analyzing survey responses will help understand the factors that form faculty satisfaction or feedback from students on various programs, an online survey can reveal data that will improve processes, programs and overall achievement. Parents, students, faculties, staffs and admins can reap benefits from education survey software. Asking staff and teachers for their feedback on critical school-level topics, including relationships, professional learning, resource, and climate, can help institutions strengthen and develop their practice.

    Survey Rocket for SugarCRM is such a Plugin which helps Educational Institutes learn more about their staff and teachers’ experiences in their school and with school leadership. Survey Rocket will be helpful in gathering feedback in each of the areas listed above, plus many others, to provide institutions with a prolific understanding of teacher and staff perceptions and experiences at school. It is designed in line with the most cutting-edge thinking in survey design.

    Here are few ideas on how educational institutions will benefit by implementing Survey Rocket. They can gather information regarding following aspects:

    • Students & Faculty satisfaction
    • Resources and working conditions
    • Assessment of Parents/school relationships
    • Relationships between staff and Administration
    • Overall school climate & performances
    • Performance Evaluation and feedback
    • Curriculum planning

    From faculty satisfaction to extracurricular activities, there are many ways teachers, faculty, and administrators can use such online surveys to understand how your educational system measures up.

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