Looking for New Customers? We've Discovered the Best Way

Roma Amarnani
May 10,2019

Business growth is directly proportional to the number of qualified leads you get on a daily & monthly basis. Every department works towards attaining this goal.

Especially, Marketing and Sales team. They are always optimizing websites, onboarding processes, pre and post sales operations, and what not, to attract better and quality leads.

But their job is getting harder and harder with each passing innovation. And the competition is on the rise, steadily.

So, in this hungry-for-success world, how do you get new leads? Because adhering to traditional ways is not going to cut it anymore. Email marketing, SEO, Social Media, Inbound, Outbound, etc. whatever practices you follow, needs upgradation every now and then.

And it can’t hurt to have a new source of leads, can it?

We know that going after a new lead costs twice as much as retaining an existing one. But you are going to need new customers to keep your growth sustainable.

So, in this blog, we are going to talk about a new way to capture leads and convert them into valuable customers.

The New Way to Capture & Nurture Leads:

We’ve tried Emails, Calls, Messages, Support tickets and every possible way to get leads. And then we tried something new. Which was to target customers using Surveys.

Surveys are basically forms which you can send to your employees, customers, and targeted audience asking for feedback, research questions, etc. which varies according to your end goal.

So, imagine if you are doing market research using a survey which contains 15+ questions and anyone who answers “Yes” to at least 8 of those questions becomes your ideal customer.

And when conducting a market survey, you are sending surveys to 1000s of people at once. And even if 10% of people fell under your “ideal customer” category, you will have new leads in great numbers.

But before going out and trying this new way, here are some of the pointers to choose the right survey plugin for your business.

Must-have features in a Survey Plugin:

- CRM Integration: To successfully implement the above-mentioned strategy, you will need a survey plugin which has a CRM module or in simple language integrates with your CRM. You should be able to conduct surveys right from your CRM.

Data Piping: If you manage to find the right CRM survey tool, then make sure it has the Data Piping feature. This feature will feed the collected data from Surveys to CRM. And create customers or leads in your CRM. Imagine, one survey reply can possibly end up being your hot lead.

- Survey Automation: This feature is necessary in order to nurture the new leads as well as eliminate some of the tedious tasks of conducting surveys. What to expect from this feature? So, ideally, such a feature should come with conditions and actions triggers. You set a condition in order to trigger one action. Basically, help you set up a workflow for conducting surveys.

- Net Promoter Score: This can be an additional feature to look for as once you convert your customers you will need to check their loyalty with your brand. For that, net promoter score surveys are a must. You will get to understand your customers’ point of view of your product/service.

- Open Shareable Surveys: The main feature that will help you capture more leads is Open Shareable surveys. You will need software that lets you create shareable survey links in order to share it across multiple platforms. Then only you will be able to get new leads from surveys.

Now, every CRM will have different survey plugins as such plugins are specific to certain CRM modules.

For instance, you have the Zoho Survey to integrate with Zoho CRM, Survey Rocket that integrates with SuiteCRM as well as SugarCRM.

So, before you set out to experiment with this strategy, research and then decide on the CRM survey tool first.

And once you are all set with your CRM and Survey software, it’s time to capture new leads!

Pro Tip: If you are currently using any web-based survey tool like Survey Monkey, then this process will seem a bit long and less productive. You will have to go back and forth between your CRM and survey software which will wear you down sooner or later. So, we wouldn’t recommend web-based survey software.

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