Mobile CRM: The Logistical Helping Hand In A Hospital

Kanchi Vasavada
May 04,2020

COVID-19 is a storm that has hit every possible industry there is. Be it manufacturing, automobile, agriculture, service, IT, and more. Some it has hit hard, and some a little less. The industry that is working the hardest and has the most difficult job is the medical industry.

Hospitals are understaffed and have less equipment in comparison to the number of patients that they are dealing with. While the doctors and nurses are less in number, the administrative staff is also less and at risk. The more people that come into contact with the virus, the more people are likely to get infected. And the more people are likely to get infected, the more the chances are for the virus to spread.

This is when one of the solutions is to let technology do the heavy lifting. While there are contact tracing apps that are working to figure out if one has been exposed, tech also needs to be implemented inside hospitals. And it needs to go beyond the administrative desks.

Large hospitals have entire wings, and buildings dedicated to COVID-19 patients but only two or three administrative offices managing this abundance of patients. So what is the solution?
A mobile CRM!

TapCRM is a SuiteCRM mobile app that can be set and the entire staff can have the CRM in their pocket. Let’s see how this would benefit:

On boarding:

When new patients get admitted to the hospital and added to the CRM, the data is immediately available to the whole staff. So everyone with the right to access that information, can access their files, know the severity of their symptoms, and take care of them accordingly.

Ongoing care:

Once a patient is diagnosed positive for COVID-19, the treatment begins. They are not declared cured until they test negative for it. Since a number of nurses and volunteers are taking care of them, all of them can have updated information for each patient in their pocket. They don’t have to check on patient specific allergies, or the last dosage of medicine before treating them. One glance at the mobile CRM app and they will get all they need in order to take care of the patient correctly. It limits the pressure on them to remember details while also reducing the chance of mistakes.

Dashboard view:

An intuitive dashboard can dynamically update the live, new, cured, and deceased cases. It can also give everyone a quick glance of which doctors are available at a moment of emergency. This makes the logistical part of things easier so everyone can give more attention to attending the patients.

At home care:

If there are patients who are quarantined at home, the CRM can have a portal integrated with it, through which they can update the changes in their health, medicine doses they have consumed, and even keep track of the number of days they have been sick and apply to get hospitalized if their condition worsens, or if they need to test their changes.

Appointment management:

Administration can put in a schedule for the whole staff, and in case there are changes or leave applications to be made, the staff can do so from their own CRM access. For the nursing staff, being able to see the doctors that are on call when their patient needs them can be helpful. They don’t have to wonder which doctor is available for a particular patient.

Path Lab integration:

The inhouse path lab should also have access to the CRM so they can upload results of patients directly into the CRM without delay. The faster the results get to everyone, the faster an action can take place.

The most significant benefit of having the whole staff have access to the CRM on the go around the hospital is, it frees up more people to actually attend to the patients rather than being tied to a desk or running between desks to help coordinate the paperwork.

TapCRM is a featured mobile CRM app for SuiteCRM and we will customize it for your hospital, maintaining proper access filters, adding unique modules that you may need, in record time. With TapCRM, we want to help you, as a hospital, get the upper hand in the battle against COVID-19.

Please reach out to us here for more information. You can also go through the product page to get a deeper look at the features of the app.

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