How Language Translation Can Help a Business during COVID-19

How Language Translation Can Help a Business during COVID-19

Sulabh Chauhan

April 29th, 2020

Proper and effective exchange of information is the key to stay informed and updated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And businesses are no exception. Exchange of information requires effective communication between all the parties involved – vendors/suppliers, merchants, and end-customers. Communication needs a language and the language needs localization for better outreach.

Let’s dig deeper into the importance of website language translation using a language translator plugin like Magento 2 language switcher or any other as per your ecommerce platform.

  • Better Performance

To mitigate the spread of the novel Coronavirus, most of the companies have either shut down their on-site operations or barred customers’ entry completely. It has greatly reduced the communication between company owners and customers and revenue too. As a result, almost all customers across the globe have no option but to go online to purchase items.

Therefore, unless you tap into localized customer experience, you can’t engage your customers online and perform well.

And website translation with a Magento 2 language pack or any other plugin as per your ecommerce platform is the first step towards localization; given you have a website of your own. With language translation, you can keep your business relevant and competent in the present-day pandemic scenario.

  • Retention of Customers’ Trust 

With more and more people around the world turning to online sites, a number of scammers are using several phishing techniques to break into customers’ confidential info from the ‘log-in page’ or the ‘payment gateway’ page. 

In such a scenario of rising security concerns, language translation is inevitable to provide a seamless shopping experience to all customers irrespective of their native languages. 

Giving them multilingual support, especially on highly sensitive pages like the log-in page or checkout page using a Magento 2 Language pack or any other plugin as per your e-store platform is of vital importance to assure them of your credibility and security. 

And conveying that your payment gateway is secured and complies with all standard security measures like two-step authentication, SSL certification, etc. in their native language(s) drives instant sales.

  • Continued and Smooth Business Operations

Though customers’ enhanced experience and satisfaction is your ultimate goal, you can’t achieve it without streamlined business operations. 

With supply chains, production and other operations facing a setback in the wake of the Corona pandemic, proper exchange of information between you and your suppliers/vendors is pivotal. At the same time, keeping your customers updated about the possible delays or obstructions they may face is also a must.

Several companies have resorted to microsites for COVID-19 updates. These microsites are essential as they let you pass on full information of the ongoing pandemic’s possible impact on your business with full transparency to your partners, vendors, and clients/customers. 

However, these sites are of little to no avail as long as they don’t have multilingual support as they won’t be able to serve the purpose without proper translation into your suppliers’, partners’ or customers’ native languages. 

  • Enhanced Customer Support and Brand Visibility

The prevailing period of uncertainty has made customers across the globe anxious and led to a spike in customer support calls due to their ever-growing concerns. With reduced customer support staff, handling a high volume of such calls from different nationalities is an overwhelming task. 

Thus, localizing self-support material like FAQs, knowledge bases, or self-service options won’t only help reduce that increased volume of calls but also enhance your customers’ support experience. You can even localize your common “saved email replies” to your customers’ common questions to reduce your workload and enhance your support service. 

Moreover, localizing your major announcements on your site, news about your charitable work for COVID-19, discounted prices, health-related precautions in the form of slogans, stickies, etc. can help increase your brand visibility. People will start acknowledging your company as the one that prioritizes its customers’ concerns and commits itself to mitigating them. You can also localize the language of your auto-triggered emails, SMSs, or even surveys for better customer engagement and experience.

These steps will lead to an increase in your brand visibility and recognition. And help you win customers’ trust and loyalty forever and ever.

In a Nutshell

Language translation for your business is crucial amidst the prevailing clouds of uncertainty. It not only helps you upkeep your business productivity but also increases your brand visibility amidst these distressing times. So, have you geared up for your site translation? 

How can AppJetty Help You Translate Your Website?

At AppJetty, we have the language translator plugins for the two most popular ecommerce platforms – Magento 2 Language Switcher plugin for Magento and AppJetty Language Translator for Shopify with cutting-edge features like mass translation, WYSIWYG feature and more.

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